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Friday, April 27, 2012

This & That At Country Cove


Yesterday was a  strange day weather wise , warm one minuet chilly the next then cloud and sun on and off all day . The sun has just risen and it is cold out the temps dropped down freezing last night . I have lost most of my Daffodils and my Hyacinths don't look to good either !

But on the plus side I got my camera batteries charged and am locked a loaded to take photos again and that I did !


                    Mrs Robins nest tucked deep in our cedar hedges by our driveway !

I tried to get a photo of her in the nest but she wasn't having any of that so I took photos of her as she was telling me off for being to close to her nest !DSC_6321

                                            Click on photos to enlarge if you please !


Then I snuck over by my potting shed peeking around the corner with just the lens sticking out and realized the Baltimore Oriole  was in the bowl on the stump !


            He seems to like the peanuts better then the nectar I have out for him !


                        He was watching me the entire time !


                             Then Baltimore flew off and Chippy got in the action !


                       Mr & Mrs Dovey out for a stroll to see what's going on !

DSC_6433   Miggy just after she treed a Squirrel  she has a funny look on her face as  if she is quietly blowing raspberries at the squirrel !


       Last but not least ground flock in our front garden I am glad some plants have survived the drop in temps at night ! Hopefully soon the temps will be warmer at night like they should be as we are approaching May !

                   Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                   Country Gal


Muffy's Marks said...

Cool pictures, glad you got your battery charged. I will try peanuts, expecting the hummers and orioles in the next few weeks.

Gone Country said...

Lovely photos! I enjoyed your Robin and Oriole photos. Those are two birds we don't have around here so it was nice to get a good look at them through your lens.

Have a great day!

Lois Evensen said...

What a beautiful garden. I enjoy seeing all the changes in your garden.

Nezzy said...

Beautiful pictures sweetie, somehow we missed the beautiful Baltimore Orioles this year...we usually have then a couple weeks before they move on.

Fantastic pictures but I'm smitten with that sweet little glutenous chippy!!! Precious!

Poor Pepper Nipper isn't chasin' anything today...she had a tubal ligation yesterday. The incision is much longer than I anticipated.
She's kinda sore!

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a beautiful weekend!!! :o)

Patsy said...

Mr. Oriole is one beautiful bird and Chippy is so cute but so is Miggy. Great photo's!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

We had cool stormy weather yesterday, too. The sky stayed very dark all day but today the sun is shunning and is a beautiful day. I enjoyed your photos of your sweet dog and the pretty birds. There is so much to enjoy outside in nature. Hope your plants are fine after the cold snap.-------Shannon

Sall's Country Life said...

Your pictures made me smile on this chilly day! I'm sitting inside with 2 layers of fleece on!! Glad I got to enjoy your outdoor visitors! They are all grand!!

Crystal said...

The color on the Oriole is so bright! And love Miggy's face, made me lol :)

Ellen said...

Those birds are beautiful. What wonderful colors.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Country gal, what wonderful photographs! It's so much fun to just get out and play with the camera, isn't it? You did great! Awesome birds and that doggy face, priceless!

Ang said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Alica said...

That Oriole is gorgeous!! I hardly ever see them here, just an hour north of Baltimore.