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Monday, April 16, 2012

After The Storms


Yesterday we had heavy rain and thunderstorms for the best part of the day . Papa and I didn't do much at all just puttered and  relaxed.

Around about 3pm the clouds and storms were gone and the sun found its way through , it  turned out to be a lovely evening . I looked out the window just to see the sky and make sure there weren't any rain clouds sneaking up , there were none all clear , as I was looking out the window I saw loads of these small butterfly's . So I had to go out and investigate.

Well  HOLLY MOLLY !!! there were hundreds of them flying around,flittering with each other like crazy and they were landing on the house and roof for the warmth of the sun . They must of had a nest some where and hatched during the storms and ventured out when the sun came out. It was amazing the atmosphere with the sun out  the smell of fresh rain and grasses the birds of every kind all singing and chirping at the same time and these little butterfly's quietly fluttering around getting used to their wings for the first time was  remarkable !


          They were flickering around so fast it was hard to get more then one at a time !


I found at times I was taking ones photo and I would have lots flittering all around me !


                           They would flitter around and then land for a bit  to resting on the roof !


        I had to take these photos through the screen as they were flittering all around the window  in the upstairs hall way  ! Harley was in the window meowing and trying to get them through the window.


              Then I saw this through that very same window and thought I would photograph the only sign of sun we had for the day before it sets !

                                         It ended up all being quite a magical sight !

                                     Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                                   Country Gal


Gone Country said...

Those are Red Admiral butterflies. I just posted some photos of them a couple of days ago.

Isn't it fun to look out a window or door and see something totally unexpected?!

I wish we could've gotten a bit of your rain. It's so dry here.

Have a great day!

Sarah Marie said...

Great post for me to read before I start my Monday! Pretty pics!

fernvalley01 said...

So pretty! how cool to have the butterflies all around

Ellen said...

I love butterflies, they always feel spiritual to me, I don't know why, they just do.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How cool is that?? It sounds like a great evening, and I hope your day has been a good one as well! :-)

Mamabug said...

Love those wonderful butterflies!