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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gloomy Chilly Day


Today is a gloomy  damp chilly day , the kind of day were you just want to cuddle up with a good book, mag or movie . Papa is in his shop finishing up a project  and Miggy is sleeping on the mat outside the kitchen door under the porch , she loves being outside no matter what the weather and me, well I am doing laundry  and puttering . Thinking of getting a garden scrap book going as I have an empty one I bought months ago to keep track and photos of what I plant where and how it did and so on ! I also use the scrapbooks for my photography portfolios . I have all kinds of coloured papers I use in them to make it all look nice and the little photo corners for my photos of flowers , plants and gardens , all I need is some pretty writing paper to write down a few notes !

                I thought that if it is a gloomy day where you are I would post some sunny photos !


                              Mr Dovey doesn't seem to sure of Mr Squirrel !


                  A little  Chickadee  watching me as I take his photo !


                                Mr Nuthatch getting his lunch !


                                                 Miggy doing the rolly polly !


                                          And Pansies !        I love Pansies !

                                      Well that's it for me here  , thanks for popping in !

                              Until next time hope you have a good day no matter the weather !

                                                   Country Gal


Julie Marie said...

Gorgeous photos!... love the squirrel and the dove together!... xoxo Julie Marie

Lorilee said...

We had thunder storms yesterday evening. The skies are now clear and sunny. It is cool with a gusty north wind. Low sixties is cool in south Texas. We have already hit the 90's several times. I love the variety of birds that visit your yard.

Laura said...

Yesterday was just beautiful till later in the afternoon and then we got lots of rain. We needed the rain, but now it's chilly!
A good day to work on indoor projects and laundry...except I had to go pick my husband up on a jobsite and bring him home to get some things ready to take back and finish a job he's on. Just waiting to take him back. Hoping these will be my only outings of the day.
Enjoy your day!!

Sall's Country Life said...

Sorry it's a gloomy day, but a little scrap booking sounds like a fun project! I love the shot with the squirrel and the dove! Have fun inside today!

Lois Evensen said...

So very nice. I remember bringing home a pansy plant from church each Spring. A lovely memory.

Gone Country said...

I just love that first photo... great capture!

We had a lovely, overcast day for our church's Spring Picnic (which helped keep it cool) and after it was over we had a very nice rain shower. I do enjoy days like this!

Have a great weekend!

Faye Henry said...

Aren't those pansies awesome? Love all of your photos as always, Elaine.. We are having a bit of rain and I am so glad.. We need it ...
God bless..

Red said...

The squirrel and dove make an interesting combination. Squirrels on occasion take birds so birds are wary of squirrels.