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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

It's Suposed To Be Winter , Right ?!

Yes I have been wondering  and asking myself  it is winter isn't it?!
 So far our weather has been more spring like then winter since December , yes we have had the odd snow fall but  just a dusting  and it stays for only a few days a week at the most then poof its all gone and the temps bump up to a mild + 6C  to 10C or  42F to 50F which is quite warm for us this time of year .
We have had lots and lots of rain  on and off the past few weeks as well so going outside hasn't been much of an option other than the odd sunny morning where Miggs and I go for our walk and as I am looking after the in laws cats who live a few houses up the road  as they are basking in the sun in Florida Miggs and I haven't been up to much outdoors .

I did however get a chance a few days ago to see our Otter river that's a bit farther down the road from us  as it flows its waters way over the banks due to all the rain we have had and as it flows from up north down and through our valley out to lake Erie it gets a lot of the run off from other areas  up north so it cant keep up.

The actual river is behind the row of trees .

But to my surprise earlier today we have sun shining mild temps and Miggs and I were able to get out for a nice calm pleasant walk and all this water in the photos has now all soaked into the land and the river is now back to normal but it still feels and looks like spring down this way .

I have even spotted a few Grackles and Cow birds here and there at my feeders and they aren't to be back till just after Spring  but I am keeping my eye out for Robins and Red wing Black birds they have been known to pop up here this time of year  ,  Well this up coming weekend we are to have a bit of a winter storm so maybe it will look and feel more like winter after , oh don't get me wrong I am loving this weather and I have noticed that this is becoming quite the norm for us now every winter  .

 Well I haven't got much more  to add as it has been very quiet in my neck of the woods so far .
                                                              64 days till SPRING 😃

                                                              Until next time .


                                Country Gal

Monday, January 6, 2020

Some What , Back To Our Routine

Hello  . Its been a while , hope all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. It has been a busy few weeks for us here as it must of been for lots of you  with family, friends and the holiday goings on .

Now that things are back to normal and our usual routines things have quieted down and slowed down to . Our weather has been up and down one week its like the spring mild sunny and snowless then the next cold and snow laying on the ground to rain in between it all  , definitely not our usual winter but I'm good with that 😊

 Just a few photos from the past day  here as I haven't been out much to take photos in this first bit of the new year but I am sure I will more than make up for that later on lol !

 This is what our yard looked like yesterday late afternoon after the 3 hours of snow fall , prier to this we were green mild  and snowless .

 This mornings sunrise light shining on part of our valley treetops from my window .  Our snow is already starting to melt and green grass will be the ground colour once again as we are to be getting a warm up and rain .

My in-laws packed up their truck and trailer just after Christmas and headed off to Florida with their dog  they will be there till the end of March  and I am looking after their kitties , Tiggy and Lucky  and their house as they just live down the road from us , Miggs and I  go and  visit them every day after our walk  and spend some time with them  , they all get a long well and while I am getting them their food water and clean up Miggs keeps them company to .

We are in contact with my in laws via email  and all the different ways of video chatting and they are enjoying their trip . 

Any who that's about it for me for now I hope to get out more with camera in hand and get some more photos .
                                                        Until next time 
                                Country Gal

               P.S    My thoughts and  prayers go out to all  in the Australian fires .