Woods Country Cove

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Taking It All Day By Day


Papa and I have been doing ok with these crazy times of the Covid-19  and all  thankfully all our family and friends are well  . Papa was off work for two weeks because of the restrictions of essential jobs but then was called back as they need him to ship some essential building materials so that's good for us  but whats been hard for us is each day with out our Miggs , it just hasn't been the same  at all, I find myself tearing up from time to time still especially when somethings I am doing and I look about for her as I always have done ,  and when Papa comes home from work she isn't there to greet him home with a tail wag and I find it very quiet and lonely about the house with out her here and all the little things we all did together  I go on our route for my walk that we used to take in honer of our precise girl and I can feel her presence with  and yes I talk to her to like I did when she was there in body and mind but now she is with me in spirit , we miss her dearly  ❤️.

I have been doing some garden clean up and take the odd photo here and there . Parts of our Provence have a provincial  no burn ban in the Fire Zone areas due to the Covid-19 to make sure firefighters are in areas where they are needed most during this pandemic and not all municipalities do  have a burn ban like ours ,most of the burn ban is in the north in cottage country, Southwestern Ontario does not have a burn ban and our municipality website has not posted any burn ban , so I had a campfire with all the garden clippings and clean up .

 It has been wonderful to get outside again in the yard with the warm sunshine  and get going with the gardens just seems each spring I find muscles I forgot I had when it comes to gardens and yard work lol !
 Our tree swallows , purple martins and Barn swallows have all returned and early this this year .

 My little woodpecker on our big old tree by our feeders seems to keep the birds occupied as they check it out every day to see if he is real lol  my mom in law brought it back from Florida for me .

 Our first Garter snake of the season decided to pay us a visit and take a few moments to warm himself in the sunshine .
             All of our spring flowers are in full force now and all look so pretty .

 I have my Humming bird and Oriole feeders up waiting their return which should be any day now .

The sun is shining and the temps are rising day by day and the times are getting a bit easier to cope with as the new norm hopefully not permanent we learn to deal with and take each  moment to enjoy more so then before . I am thankful for all things even more so now and am thankful for modern technology as we can still keep in contact with family and friends in many different ways and I hope this pandemic will be over soon and all can get back to the way it was before .

                                            Until next time  , Stay safe all  .

                                    Country Gal


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Our Broken Hearts

It has been heart breaking and such sad days for Papa and I as  our beautiful sweet girl Misty aka Miggs  passed away  on Sunday April 12th 2020 . Our lives , house and yard has changed and is soo quiet now with out her , I will miss having her by my side as I wander about taking photos  and her being there to supervise us as we do our yard work and gardens and all the things we loved to do as a family ,  her funny little quirks for her treats ,  all the cuddles and kisses .  I went  on our  walk today all by myself  and  it hurt so much not having her physically there with me but I knew and felt her spiritual presence with me the entire time. Miggs will always be in our hearts and memories for ever .

Goodbye to you our trusted friend , it's hard to die when all the birds are singing in the sky
Now that the spring is in the air  ,pretty flowers every where , We'll think of you and you'll  be there,
We had joy, We had fun  ,We had seasons in the sun ,You gave us love , You gave us joy , You gave us everything and more , Every time that we were down ,You would always come around be there to turn our frowns upside down and made us  feel like all was ok and showed us so much love every single day .
                                            You 'll be forever in our hearts .❤️❤️
                                                            Country Gal & Papa  xoxo