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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Some Of This & That

WOW ! it is now the last day of February that went fast , which I am glad of as March is the month that starts a whole new season of wonderful things . For instance  the time change for us we jump one hour ahead as of March 11th and get even more day light from then on , it is the month of Springs return and things start to grow in the gardens , trees, bushes and shrubs  bud .

So far all of this is already happening for us early here as our Spring birds have already returned , well most of them just waiting for the Song sparrow and the temps have been warm up to 13C or 55F this morning at 9 am the temps were already at 10C or 50F    the suns warmth has been getting stronger and stronger  and the days so far have been sunny and quite pleasant .

 The morning sunrises over the valley from my kitchen window have been so welcoming and pretty  and the sun has slowly shifted its location farther along the east each week  and sets farther along the west now  to  .

                        The sky's have been so clear and blue with the odd puffy cloud in them . 

 My favorite bird of them all  the Robin we have tons around this year again and it is so wonderful to see and hear them serenade us again with their beautiful song chatter and funny giggling sound  absolute music to my ears as it echos through out our yard and valley .

 Miggs is doing wonderfully . She had her second check up at the vet yesterday and the vet was very pleased with her progress and how strong her leg as gotten and how well she walks on it now and can sit properly all though she has always been what we call a sloppy sitter lol  like the photo below    . We are able to go a bit farther on our walks each day , she can climb the stairs better now at bed time with just a helping hand to steady her ,  she still needs to be on leash in the yard but not for long probably only till the end of March then she can be off leash in the yard and get back to being Miggs again  .

                          The  lilacs are all full of buds already as are all of our trees .

 Over the past week or so we have also have had lots of moister and that's when these fascinating bits of nature come out .

            Fungi one of my favorite and weird parts of nature I love to see and photograph .

                    Each and every one has a different texture, shape, colour and  markings to them .

                                                            Moss , I like moss to !

 The birds have been feasting,  chasing , squawking,  fighting around and at the feeders but it is nice to see them all gather there !

 Our Red wing black birds are also enjoying the seed and yes the bully Grackles to but they all sort each other out in the pecking order and then all end up sharing in the long run . I still haven't seen any of our chipmunks about I hope they all made it through the winter  they probably have just to comfy and cozy in their hiddy holes lol !

 I say goodbye to February and hello and welcome to March now . March can be a tricky month weather wise for us but for the most part it is the month that starts one of my favorite seasons ,
                                                        SPRING ! 😍    
                                                         Until next time .

                                                                     Country Gal 🌼                                        

Friday, February 23, 2018

Spring Is In The Air

At least it is down here in southwestern Ontario near lake Erie .
The birds are singing and chirping happily gobbling up the seed at their feeders chasing each other about and the squirrels have been busy back and forth with nesting in their mouth . I haven't seen our Chipmunks yet maybe they are to cozy in their hiddy holes to come out yet .
 My gardens are slowly sprouting Spring  flowers and the snow has all gone and there is green grass everywhere  now .

The temps are warmer during the day and well above freezing, most days have been + 3C to 10C or 37F to 50F , that's balmy for us here this time of year and we are loving it .
  Our bully bird Grackles are back and I have heard a Robin and a Red winged Black bird in the valley but none in our yard as of yet .

              As are the Starlings back in droves as they gather to peck  the ground .

                                     I like the Starlings song and chatter to .

 The male Cardinals have been singing their mating song for a week now  .We have lots about so when they all get singing and serenading  the ladies as to who has the best song it can get quite noisy here lol ! but it is  lovely to hear them  .

We have lots of Finch this year at the feeders , Gold finch , Pine Siskins galore , Purple and house finch to and they to chat and chirp like crazy and scuffle at the feeders . I like the sounds of the finch to  so pretty .

Miggs I and have been able to get out a bit more and take our little walks up the road and enjoy the yard more , her leg is getting stronger each day and developing the muscle back , soon she will be able to be off leash in the yard and our walks will get farther . πŸ•

 I am happy to report  our neighbors and friends  have recovered from the flooding of our Otter river and are all now back in their homes as the water has quickly receded  back to the banks and into the river .  We have dried out now in our valley as the ground has thawed and all the water has also sunk into ground  . We have light rain here today but it wont be enough to add to any more flooding thank goodness . Over the weekend and all next week we are to have warm temps and lots of sunshine , things are looking up in form of Spring already . 😊

                                                            Until next time . Have a good weekend !

                                                             Country Gal 🌼

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WOW ! Flooding Everywhere !

We had tons and tons of rain and lots of snow still had to melt and the temps reached a record breaking 16C or 60F all in a day yesterday and the rivers are flooded and ice jams all over . Our river here the Otter river has also flooded , main street in our valley village is all flooded out as the river runs along it and are the houses that are on the river bank . Pics here are  courtesy of one of our neighbors .

 This above pic is our main highway 19 that goes through our little main part of the village it stems from the river at the back all the way up the road and all across the little parquet to the right of the pic.
And streams down over a block through all the houses and yards on the river banks  , the river is behind this house. Back in the 1800's a flood washed out this lower part of our valley village and it was evacuated for months . History seems to repeat its self I think .

                  We just had a few puddles all over our yard and our lawn was gushy and squishy.

                                          Things are starting to dry out in the yard now .

 We did get a small flood in our basement or rather the crawlspace , these old farm houses dont have basements per say lol ! from the over flow around the house as it was just so much snow melt and rain in a short period of time  but we are on much higher ground then our poor neighbors in these photos and Papa was able to get our little flood under control  and now we are drying our little crawlspace basement out thankfully our new  furnace and water heater are ok  , to top it off  we lost power for a while to so we had to do what we could till the power came back on which thankfully was only off for a few hours . Time to invest in a sump pump and weeping drainage so this never happens again .

On a happier note I heard a Robin and a Red winged  Black bird earlier today and Spring is  four weeks away WOOHOO ! and Miggs well Miggs is doing better and better each day getting stronger and able to walk better each day as well so  another WOOHOO ! 

We enjoy our little walks about the yard more now that she can walk better , still has to be on leash and we are going for our little walks up the road to the corner by the field about half a block that is  as much as we can get out there weather permitting  , after we get home Miggs rests and I massage her leg and shes good to go for the day .

Weather is to be sunny tomorrow and warm up a bit so all this wet will have time to dry out more but the temps are to drop over night tonight . I hope all this water around our valley village doesn't freeze. 

                                                                  Until next time 
                                                                              Country Gal 🌼



Sunday, February 18, 2018

Miggs First Walk Since Her Surgery

 It was nice to get back out there  on the open road for Miggs and I even if it was for a little brief stroll .

Miggs and I took our first walk since before her surgery  in December  today. We take it a bit at a time and each day walk a bit farther each time till we can get back to our regular walking distance and scheduled  . The weather is nice and mild + 3C or 35F and getting warmer , no winds and sunny with  cloudy periods , snow is melting fast 😊  by the middle of the week temps will be at balmy 13C or 55F 😊 The birds are singing happily as the feel and smell of Spring is in the air  already . Lots of warm temps heading our way and tons and tons of rain to ,  flood warnings and watches are in place for the week  from all the rain we are to be getting  so puddles will be everywhere in our yard .

 Well that's all for us for now we are just plodding along taking each day as it comes .

                                                                 Until next time .

                                                                 Country Gal πŸŒΌπŸ•



Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Miggs Is Doing Well .

We went to the vet yesterday for Miggs checkup of her leg and how she is coming along .  All good news . Our vet was very happy with her quick recovery  and how well she can move lift and step on her foot and how much weight she can already put on her  leg .  We have been doing a lot of physio therapy at home with  getting her back into shape . She still needs to be on leash to go out side but she now only needs her harness to go up the stairs at night to go to bed a flight of stairs will be a bit still on her own for now ,  Miggs and I are even more happy now  cause we got the OK to start going for our walks again WHOOHOO !  small walks to start then each week we can go a bit farther and farther . We figure by the end of March she will be back to going for our long walks and doing the stairs all on her own  and able to be out in the yard with no leash .  YIPPEE !  WOOF !

Miggs has also lost quite a bit of weight and will continue to do so and that will help with her legs and her Arthritis  , now if only Country Gal here can get a bit of slimming going on lol ! Once I get walking again with Miggs we will both be on the slimmer side again .

Papa and I aren't much for this Valentines Day stuff we love each other every day , say it and show it through the little things  we do for one another    but we would like to wish you all a
                                                              Happy Valentines Day .πŸ’—

  The sun is shining 🌞 the temps are rising to well above 0 and snow is melting  😊 and we will be getting lots and lots of rain  over the next few days .
                                                                       Until next time
                                                                            Country Gal


Monday, February 12, 2018

A Bit Of This & That

Well the weather has been all over the place this past week , with lots more snow and cold temps and to top it off we had rain yesterday and it all froze so we now have a layer of ice on top of the snow but the good news is the sun is out  and will be shining  for the next few days and it sets later and later each day , also for the next few days temps will be rising so I am happy about that, I  hope it will melt some of this snow away .  Papa is off for the week as his work does a shut down as a early mid winter break , it is nice to have him home with us during the weekdays to .

 Papa snow blows lots of paths about the yard so we can take Miggs out to do her business and so we can get back and forth to our sheds . Miggs is doing well each day , we really miss our walks and outside time playing in the snow  but we have been able to enjoy a bit of time on the patio in the sunshine .

                                    The birds and critters have been very busy at the feeders .

                                           The critters have been getting very cheeky at to   .

        But they need to eat to lol ! Good thing I have lots of food for them as they eat a lot this time of year . Mr Squirrel here was happy when I refilled the suet's after lol !

Well not a lot going on here really  we are just taking what time outside we can get and enjoying the sun shine  and the warming of the temps for now .

                                               Spring is getting closer WOOHOO !

                                                                 Until next time .
                                                                Country Gal





Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Pop Of Colour & An Update

It is another sunny day  but not that cold here today , at least I don't find it that cold , either that or I am now used to it lol .

Here is a pic or two of the pop of red colour we get here around our feeders . It is nice to see some colour amongst all the white .

  Some times there are 3 or more male Cardinals about but they tend to scare one another off  , a territory thing so to get pics of more then one at the same time is a rarity here lol . I have had a total of 6 males and 4 females all at once in the same spot and did get photos of them all last year that was a treat  for me . The Juncos also get in and peck about , the feeders are very busy every day all day.  I enjoy watching them all . The male  Cardinals are beginning to sing their song more now  as the days of spring get closer and closer and it is nice to hear them.

Update on Miggs :
 She is doing well and getting stronger on her leg every day , we do our physio therapy every day and each day it is getting a bit easier for her .

             Resting and snoring after her Physio therapy and a little time outside also enjoying  a break from her harness  for a while  .

                                        Well that's about it for us here  for now .
                                                           Until next time .May your day be sunny !


Monday, February 5, 2018

This & That

Hello !

The air is cold and the snow is lots but at least the sun has been shining .  I find it a bit easier to take the cold winter days with lots of sunshine , don't you agree?!

The sunrises out my windows each morning has been lovely and so welcoming . The birds get busy at the feeders when the sun rises and sing their hearts out .

Early in the mornings as the sun rises there seems to be lots  of birdies  on and under the feeders as they all flutter about trying to get the best spot .

Miggs is doing well and her leg is getting stronger and stronger each day . Soon we will be able to go for short walks but we do enjoy our little wander about the yard for 10 minuets or so so she can do her business and we can both get some fresh air . With all the snow we have had and are still to get Papa snow blows paths all about the yard for us .

We just came in  from a stroll about the yard . We can take the back end of her harness off when she is in for the day or the entire thing to give her a break from it  but when we go out side or have to go upstairs to bed her harness is all on her it is pretty easy and quick to reattach and put on her . 

Sunshine and snow prints , some  of mine , Miggs , bunnies and cat prints mish mashed in the path of snow .

We have had more snow this year then we have had in the past 9 years where we thought this year was to be mild and snowless as it started out to be has been quite the typical Canadian winter for us . 
The sun is warming up and shining longer each day , this month of February is short and soon the time change will spring an hour forward  and we will have lots more day light   as will spring be here soon and I am soo looking forward to both for Miggs and I will be able to get out more and enjoy it and start our little walks  and I can get out more and take photos from outside of my windows  lol . 

                                   Until next time. May your days be filled with  sunshine