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Friday, February 23, 2018

Spring Is In The Air

At least it is down here in southwestern Ontario near lake Erie .
The birds are singing and chirping happily gobbling up the seed at their feeders chasing each other about and the squirrels have been busy back and forth with nesting in their mouth . I haven't seen our Chipmunks yet maybe they are to cozy in their hiddy holes to come out yet .
 My gardens are slowly sprouting Spring  flowers and the snow has all gone and there is green grass everywhere  now .

The temps are warmer during the day and well above freezing, most days have been + 3C to 10C or 37F to 50F , that's balmy for us here this time of year and we are loving it .
  Our bully bird Grackles are back and I have heard a Robin and a Red winged Black bird in the valley but none in our yard as of yet .

              As are the Starlings back in droves as they gather to peck  the ground .

                                     I like the Starlings song and chatter to .

 The male Cardinals have been singing their mating song for a week now  .We have lots about so when they all get singing and serenading  the ladies as to who has the best song it can get quite noisy here lol ! but it is  lovely to hear them  .

We have lots of Finch this year at the feeders , Gold finch , Pine Siskins galore , Purple and house finch to and they to chat and chirp like crazy and scuffle at the feeders . I like the sounds of the finch to  so pretty .

Miggs I and have been able to get out a bit more and take our little walks up the road and enjoy the yard more , her leg is getting stronger each day and developing the muscle back , soon she will be able to be off leash in the yard and our walks will get farther . 🐕

 I am happy to report  our neighbors and friends  have recovered from the flooding of our Otter river and are all now back in their homes as the water has quickly receded  back to the banks and into the river .  We have dried out now in our valley as the ground has thawed and all the water has also sunk into ground  . We have light rain here today but it wont be enough to add to any more flooding thank goodness . Over the weekend and all next week we are to have warm temps and lots of sunshine , things are looking up in form of Spring already . 😊

                                                            Until next time . Have a good weekend !

                                                             Country Gal 🌼


William Kendall said...

Your feeders are quite busy!

I don't think winter's done. We're getting some freezing rain here at the moment, and I imagine at some point that'll change over to snow.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Still patches of snow here, and we even had a little bit of ice rain this morning before the temperature rose and now it is just rain. It has been a dull day, but the birds are chirping, checking out the bird houses, and visiting the feeders. The flocks of starlings have been all over the lawn, don't mind them at this time of the year as they clean up all the droppings under the feeders. The rabbits are enjoying the patches of grass. Off to a Seedy Saturday tomorrow to make me dream of planting veggies and flowers. Have a good weekend.

Buttons Thoughts said...

I must admit I cannot wait. The cardinal is my favourite. Hope Miggs is well. B

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

To start, I'm glad that your neighbors and friends have recovered and are safe. Where I'm from in Kentucky is flooding, and we hope that friends are safe there as well.

But I love your signs of spring, we have a few here as well - But it needs to slow down, we both know that winter can be stubborn, so I'm sure it's not done yet.

Linda said...

Sounds good Elaine....
Linda :o)