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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Feels Like Summer


Here our weather has been so wonderfully warm and sun with cool breezes . The mornings have been perfect  and have been reminding me of  mornings we used to go camping , fresh breezes blowing gently through the rustling leaves  with the smell of wood smoke  floating through the air , birds singing as it echo's through the valley  forest and our yard and  the calmness that comes with it all as I sit on my back porch early every morning with my cuppa tea drinking it all in . Watching the hummers play around their feeders  I have close to the porch  chasing each other .  I have been enjoying the gardens watching them slowly flourish and the smell of the Lilacs in the air is amazing this year  , Miggs and I have been going for nice long walks in the mornings , then I have been puttering and taking photos . 

May 2014 (3 of 22)-2

                                           A Swallowtail butterfly was enjoying my flowers in the front garden !

May 2014 (8 of 22)-2

May 2014 (16 of 22)-2

          Our friendly Barn swallow I named Barney who fly's around our yard chit chatting then rests on the hydro wire in front of the house and chats his head off , I love the sound of them when they get  chatting .

May 2014 (13 of 22)-2

                                                          Mrs Dovey  fanning her tail catching some rays !

May 2014 (17 of 22)-2

This is the tiniest butterfly I have ever seen I could barely see him amongst the grass and the grass was short as Papa just mowed it the day before !

May 2014 (9 of 22)-2

Dark clouds were rolling in threating our lovely sunny day but thankfully they drifted off to the east !

May 2014 (19 of 22)-2

                                                           Caught Mr Robins photos as he was in mid song !

May 2014 (22 of 22)-2

              Papa and his trimmer were getting ready for all the trimming of the heavy duty stuff I did around the gardens with the electric trimmer !

May 2014 (12 of 22)-2

                                                          And Miggs … well Miggs is being Miggs !

                     The weather this morning is again gorgeous , doing laundry and hanging  it up out on the line then Papa and I are to tackle more of the  logs from trees that have been taken down , get them all cut up and stacked in the wood sheds ! Then enjoy the rest of this lovely summer like weather .

                                                                                  Until next time my friends !

                                                                                            Country Gal

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Out side


I have been out side every day enjoying my gardens , the weather and all the nature we have here with camera in hand  , this time of year is amazing for photography . 

                                               May 2014 (3 of 24)

                                                                              Ok and my goofy Miggs !

May 2014 (8 of 24)

               Snoozing in the shade as the cool breeze blows oh and always has her tongue sticking out  when she sleeps !!

May 2014 (9 of 24)

                                                         Hey hummy wrong feeder yours is  the red  one lol !

May 2014 (18 of 24)

                                                                            Busy gathering pollen !

May 2014 (23 of 24)

                                                                                  Lily of the valley .

                         They grow everywhere and spread fast but smell so wonderful and have perfect little flowers !

May 2014 (13 of 24)

                     Everything is in full bloom here from wild flowers to new little ones in the nests of birds and critters !

May 2014 (14 of 24)

                         I love getting up early and meeting the day as the sun rises and birds sing and land wakes up !

                                    Nature and my Miggs are my movie , My passion , my music , my laughter , my  tranquility !

                                                                              Until next time my friends !

                                                                                    Country Gal

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday



                                       May 2014 (6 of 22)


May 2014 (16 of 22)

May 2014 (18 of 22)

May 2014 (20 of 22)

May 2014 (27 of 58)

May 2014 (19 of 22)

May 2014 (2 of 22)

                                                              Country Gal

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Nice Weekend


   Warm sun shining temps were summer like and puttering in the yard and gardens .  Friday night we were out watching the meteor shower all though not much was happening but Papa took some nice photos !

Camelopardalids meteor shower (1)

                              The line you see in the photo is a meteor traveling through the night  sky .

Our House at Night (1)

                                                 These photos are of the star filled sky over our house !

Our House at Night (2)

Our House at Night (3)

                                    We often go out this time of year on a clear night and look up at the stars .

Saturday we went to town to get a few bits and pieces , we were in our Canadian Tire store and I spotted this little cutie .

May 2014 (1 of 10)

                    Citronella candle lantern ! First thing I said is how cute , then hey Papa can make these no prob . But for now I will take you home with me lol !


May 2014 (2 of 10)

                                                                         So it now sits on my patio table .

               Oh and I got some more wave Petunia's and planted them to help fill some gaps in my gardens !

   Saturday evening we sat out and had a nice roaring camp fire , the nights have been very damp and dewy !

Yesterday was Papa’s B-day so I did a post  wishing him a happy B-day  gave him a card I made we like making our own cards with our photos  , then we went to our horse club for a bit but didn’t take any photos this time well Papa didn’t I did a few but we didn't stay long just long enough for us to drop off some business cards for our horse photography and a photo album of horse and rider in action and for  Miggs to get a few horsey kisses in and cuddles from some kids  .

May 2014 (4 of 10)

                                 The club is held at the Aylmer fair grounds  in a  small farming town 20 min away !

May 2014 (7 of 10)

Then  we came home and  just puttered  , I cleaned out the fire pit , did some laundry and Papa built a new edging for his work shop garden .

                                                                     So all in all it was a nice weekend !

                            This morning is lovely and sunny  birds are singing and temps are already 15°C or 59°F

                                                                        and rising to  27  °C  or 81 °F

                                                                                            Perfect !!!

                                                                           Until next time my friends !

                                                                                Country Gal

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Today , Wishing


                                            My Hubs   (AKA)    Papa    

                                     A HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

May 2014 (1 of 2)


                            LRed heartve Ya :  Country Gal  xoxoxox

Papa is busy today building a new wood edging for his work shop garden !  It is a beautiful  summer like day today !

May 2014 (2 of 2)

                                                                       Until next time my friends !

                                                                         Have a good day !

                                Country Gal

Friday, May 23, 2014

This N That


The weather has been nice , all though yesterday was chilly but at least the sun has been shining .  I have been weeding after all the rain we had at the beginning of the week and over the nights it has been dewy  . I also have been busy moving things around in my gardens mainly wild ferns  as a lot of them would of shaded to many of my plants so I moved them and even potted some up , they are a  plant that spreads it’s seeds well  , then I was keeping my Lilly of the valley under control as they spread like crazy , other then this I have been just enjoying the sunny days , going for walks with my Miggs , taking photos and taking in all the nature and colour that has returned !

May 2014 (1 of 13)

  I like photographing fungi , with its many different forms and textures and how they can cascade  down a log or rock like a water fall , or stick out the side of a tree !

May 2014 (2 of 15)-2

                                                 Mr Bumble bee having a rest  on my geranium leaf !

May 2014 (6 of 13)

                                                   Mrs Squirrel building a nest up in our big old maple tree !

May 2014 (4 of 13)

                                             Mrs Oriole  who has been popping in and out of her nest she built !

May 2014 (10 of 13)

                                                            Charlie has been feasting more at the feeders .

May 2014 (12 of 13)

                              We have lots of colourful song birds hanging out here enjoying the weather and food !

May 2014 (4 of 15)-2

          Papa and I the other evening were busy putting up our solar  garden lamps that we forgot we had lol !

May 2014 (7 of 15)-2

                               Miggs watching the yard and relaxing in the cool grass after we had a game of ball !

May 2014 (15 of 15)-2

                                                           Beautiful cloud formations over the valley !

May 2014 (11 of 15)-2

                      So my week has been full of This N That  and  today, Miggs and I will go for our usual morning walk and then I will  be edge trimming as Papa cut the grass yesterday evening , it is already sunny and warming up out side and it is only 7am . I love getting up early  and watching the sun rise and hearing all the birdies singing  and watching them at the feeders as I have my morning tea out on the patio .


                                                                              Until next time my friends !

                                                                                       Country Gal

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Part 2 Busy, Beautiful Long weekend !


   As you  saw in part 1 of my post  , thanks for popping  in  ,  we had lots of fun flower planting over our long weekend . I just love it when all is done and then sit back and watch them grow … ok well not quite sit back , more like having to keep weeding , GEESH ! have ya ever noticed the weeds always grow faster then any plants  in the gardens , what's with that ? lol  any who , after we got all the flowers planted we gave them a good watering then it rained a bit and cleared up and  the sunshine came out again  .

Papa was puttering after the planting , he was finishing building our raised veggie garden , still don't know if that will be on the go this year or next year as we need to get a manure mix soil and figure out a lid system to keep the critters out and Papa wants to build a bench seating all around the  veggie garden so I can sit comfortably  to pick the veggies  ..oh and ya weed the veggie patch lol   .  Papa had a small errand to do at our friend and neighbours house Johns he is also our Mechanic so of he went  …… on his bike which he hasn’t  ridden for years lol !

May 2014 (55 of 58)

                                A bit of a long drawn out hill here ……. I think I can, I think I can  lol !!!!!!

May 2014 (57 of 58)

                              Hard to tell whether that half smile and look on his face is for the camera or Papa is in pain lol !

May 2014 (58 of 58)

When Papa got back Miggs was quite concerned as to what he was up to as she has never seen Papa on this contraption !

                 Also after we finished the planting of our flowers I did laundry and enjoyed the rest of the day  puttering  .

May 2014 (31 of 58)

Captured a new bird in the yard as well . He had a funny call  , sort of a mix sound of other birds but not quite a mimic . I was able to capture a few photos of him and look him up in my birdie book .

May 2014 (5 of 58)

                                                                                  Meet Mr Grey Catbird !

May 2014 (6 of 58)

                        He is grey with a black slightly tufted crown and black on his wings with a bit of reddish orange on the under part of his tail . Quit the handsome fellow !

                               Then  I went around and took photos of most of our flowers we planted  for my garden records . I keep records every year of our flowers as to what did best where so we can either get them again or try something else if they don't do well ! But I think this year we will have a nice full garden of pretties .  I love daisy type flowers  , like  African Daisies ,  Gerber Daises and so on , I love wave Petunias and the different colours and types of flowers they have and the different types of Impatiens , New Guinea’s , Double Impatiens  and so on .  This year the original impatiens  were  not being grown as for the last year or two they were all diseased  so none of the garden centers have them but that's ok I prefer the others .

Flowers 2014PicMonkey Collage

                                    Just a few of what we planted around the gardens the rest are in the planters !

                                                                     So all in all it was a great weekend .

It has been raining all night and thunderstorm  after  thunderstorm , not good for Miggs she didn’t get much sleep and neither did we , Miggs doesn't like thunder  but it has settled down now and she is snoozing  , still raining this morning  so all my flowers have been getting mother natures nectar from the sky’s to help them grow in their new home !

             A  Rainy, Relaxing Day  today , windows open as it is warm , listening to the birds sing as the rain is falling  , Oh I can smell wood smoke in the air  MMM wonderful !

                        Yup rain means weeds lots of weeds  so when the sun comes out guess what I will be doing lol !

                                                                       Until next time my friends !

                                                                              Country Gal