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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fantastic !!!!


                  Weather I mean. !!!  


     It has been like summer here so far this week  and it all started on Sunday . I have been outside enjoying it soaking it all up in every way I can , from cleaning and tidying the gardens to going for walks and taking photos of all the new that pops up or stays with us . Like the birds , oh the birds , we have so many wonderful birds , song birds of all types and it is amazing  as they serenade us from sun rise to sunset and even in the rain .

May 2014 (5 of 58)

                         We have a lot of junk pieces of wood that will not do well in our wood stove so I like to burn them

                                                                                              in our camp fire .

May 2014 (12 of 58)

                                  Gardens are coming along , just need to re top soil them and get my flowers .

May 2014 (21 of 58)

Sammy our Chipmunk is busy as he scoots from the seed bowl back to his home a hundred times a day lol !

May 2014 (15 of 58)

                                          Same goes for Mr squirrel as he peeks around the stump !

May 2014 (27 of 58)

                                                Song birds galore all flocking at the feeders both seed and nectar !

May 2014 (53 of 58)

              The King birds have arrived now and are busy looking for their nesting places as they fly around collecting bugs in the air chatting and squeaking their funny sounds ! Barn swallows fly over chatting and making their funny sounds as they remind me of my days up on the farm  when I was a kid and they would nest under our front porch  and we always had to watch out for them as they would dive bomb us cause we would be to close coming and going .

May 2014 (36 of 58)

                                                                       This King bird was watching me !

May 2014 (38 of 58)

                                     May 2014 (9 of 58)

Papa whipped up another bird house over the weekend and put it on my shed now we are just waiting to see who moves in !

May 2014 (29 of 58)

                 Mama and baby waiting out their next move across the lawn as they know Miggs is around !

May 2014 (30 of 58)

                                                              Everything is growing and greening up !

May 2014 (43 of 58)

                                                     Wild flowers, grasses and  dandelions such a pretty mixture !


May 2014 (47 of 58)

                                             Lots of nest building going on here  in our Cedar hedges and trees !

May 2014 (56 of 58)

                                           Even the bunnies are out and about munching on the rich green grass !

May 2014 (54 of 58)

Hummy high up in our tree taking a break , they haven't been to the feeders much yet but are slowly seeking them out when it is quiet and no one is around , I find it takes them time to get used to us again !

May 2014 (44 of 58)

              Miggs is enjoying her squirrel chasing , rolly polly`s  on the grass , following me to see what I am up to , sleeping in the sun and shade and our long walks through the valley village !

Well this is what I have been doing taking in all the new , beauty and wonderful weather after a long cooped up I wont say that word of the other season that is cold and yucky lol ! I am soo glad to get out and have my windows open , hear all the birds , peepers and Geese as they fly about and nest on our river banks !  

We had rain and a bit of thunder last night  Miggs was in her safe place she doesn't  like thunder but it didn't last long .  The  fog is just beginning to lift from the valley this morning as the sun try's to come out and burn it all off  , the temps have been wonderful  anywhere from a cool fresh 18°C or 64°F in the mornings to a whopping   23 °C or 82ºF .

                             So if I don't post from time to time  or visit you as much as I used to this is all why !

          Oh and it is my 4 th  year blog anniversary  and I have enjoyed every second of it from day one , I have hooked up with so many wonderful bloggers and have been able to see what you all have been up to through your wonderful posts and photos . There is nothing like blogger friends , fun, funny, honest, supportive , caring , sharing, and down right awesome !

         Thank you to you, our friends, who visit and have stuck it out with us here over the years and we welcome all new  friends to Woods Country Cove   .

                                                                               Until next time my friends !


                                                                  Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

Nature and photo ops are all around you.

Primitive Stars said...

Happy 4th anniversary blogging, I love it two..... Spring has arrived at your place, everything looks so wonderful. I have never seen a King Bird, very nice... Enjoy, Francine.

Jane and Chris said...

The weather is fab....but not today. Everything is greening up so well...birds are singing and summer is on it's way!
Jane x

Willow said...

Oh yes ~ things are looking beautiful in your yard !

TexWisGirl said...

love all your critters and birds. it is a happy season (except for that dang storm thing...) :) said...

I agree with you the weather situation. Our family get together at my daughters was so beautiful the weather. I think we have Spring for us. Ya!

Nice happy picture takes.

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy 4th blogaversary!!! I expect that it has gone a lot faster than you imagined that it would, but I hope that it has been an enjoyable four years. So lovely to see what you have been up to and to see that all is coming to life and growing and looking lovely in your garden and world. It is far more important to be outside and living and loving life than worrying about your blog! xx

Leah said...

It looks beautiful there ~ here in Minnesota we are suppose to have lovely weather today through the weekend but other than a little sun that is about it for today. This morning we had 31 degrees F ~ too cold for May (I had to cover some plants)... Happy Blog Anniversary!

Pamela Gordon said...

Happy 4th year of blogging! That's wonderful. You sure have lots of great critters in your yard and it's fun to see them. I had my first hummer yesterday checking out the feeder. I hope he brings his friends back. It was cool and damp here today but your nice weather is coming tomorrow for the weekend. I am looking forward to it. Enjoy!

William Kendall said...

You've got so many little visitors about!

The warm weather's working wonders for the tulips here.

Jen Vandervoort said...

Your Hostas are larger then mine, lol.


Margaret Adamson said...

Lovely to see you have such lovely weather and the animals and birds are out and about. great shots and I love the mother and baby squirrel shot

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy 4th blog anniversary, Elaine, and so nice to see all your yard blooms, birds, and critters. I have never been good at capturing squirrels of chipmunks and enjiyed your photos.