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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yesterdays Goings On


Miggs and I went for our walk then I filled the birdie feeders and we playing in the yard in the dusting of snow we got . The temp was mild and pleasant . Papa took a few photos of Miggs and I after we were done playing , This one is my favourite !

NOVEMBER 2014 (1 of 1)-3

             We then came in for lunch had lunch and Papa went out into his work shop  to do a few things , I then spent the best part of yesterday afternoon in the kitchen making our  dinner . Blueberry pie for desert and Shepherds pie for supper .

NOVEMBER 2014 (3 of 21)

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NOVEMBER 2014 (21 of 21)

Well…this is what goes on in my kitchen with the girls every time I cook something . It is funny as the smell of food cooking brings these two together and play !

Miggs & Harley Playing 2014PicMonkey Collage

Whilst  I was watching and waiting for stuff to get to a good boil  I had the time and chance to take these photos of Miggs and Harley playing in front of the sliding door of the kitchen . It was more like Miggs was laying snoozing and Harley wanted to play or more like bug her ! It is funny Harley will wash Miggs face , mouth her face , pat her with he paw but not once has she ever pulled the set of claws on her or bit her she just gently plays even when Miggs gets ruff with Harley . These two are best buds  and if Harley doesn’t know where Miggs is she meows for her and frantically looks around the house for her ! Two peas in a pod . We had Harley a few years before we got Miggs and they had a bit of a ruff start to it Harley didn’t want anything to do with Miggs  but now are the best of friend's .

Supper was Yummy as was desert lots left over . It was a nice day . Today there is threat of rain it is cloudy and very mild  the temps this morning at 7 am where already at 11°C or 52°F warm for this time of year and the dusting of snow we got yesterday is gone . So that was our day yesterday . Today ,  laundry and puttering .

                                                                                         Until next time

                                                                                    Country Gal

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Dusting Of Snow


Have ya ever had to go pee so bad that your in bed early in the morning and didn't want to get out of bed no matter how much ya wiggled around to avoid the chill of the house and getting out of a nice warm bed but that urge of having to pee gets worse and worse , well that’s what happened to me and so I was up early  , early for me for a Saturday  morning .  6am  I was up so I figured I would stay up . After  all that I looked out side and saw we had a dusting of snow  .  Miggs got up with me , had her breakfast then she went out to go pee  ,  good thing I don't have to go out for that lol  and then  we all know I popped out in my Jammies and took a few photos .

NOVEMBER 2014 (1 of 6)-2

Oh look Mum snow , I love to play in the snow and with my biscuit and  go rolly polly  WOOHOO !!!!

NOVEMBER 2014 (2 of 6)-2

I thought I would try my hand at a few different shots of different subjects with the dusting of snow on  instead of plants , trees and grasses all the time .

NOVEMBER 2014 (3 of 6)-2

NOVEMBER 2014 (5 of 6)-2

I was looking around for interesting sights with the dusting of snow on then  I saw these bunny tracks in my garden right in front of this green plant looks like he had a bit of an early breakfast .

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 6)-2

These were all taken before the sun rose and now the sun is rising as  I sit and type this , so here I go again I have to capture it from my computer !

NOVEMBER 2014 (1 of 2)-3

                    I think I need my camera permanently  attached to me as I see so much to be captured and see in images  . Still in my jammies here as it is 8 am as I type this  , So I am off to get dressed and start my day as I leave you with my morning of a dusting of snow our crazy Miggs and sunshine .

                                                                               Until next time

                                                                                 Country Gal

Friday, November 28, 2014

Bit Of This & That


        Or just plain babbling  on as I call it  lol !

Well the  clouds have been hanging around a lot but earlier the sun came out for a bit today and snow fell  ever so gently and melted by the time it hit the ground . The air is bitter and has that bite to it  and also a touch of dampness , This is the type of weather that hurts my body  but I just keep on moving by going for walks with my Miggs  getting out all bundled up and taking photos . I got a new winter coat that is very warm through Papa’s work they have reps come in selling these awesome hats & coats and what not made from warm material that people that work outdoors in the cold  wear and hunters  I got my awesome winter hat that I posted of a while ago from this company to  they are called Tough Duck a heavy duty warm  outdoor clothing  company !

                                                  I took a few photos earlier of the bit of sun we had !

NOVEMBER 2014 (1 of 10)-2

Look there's that thing that shines in the sky  and down on to the earth in the day time . I think the call it the sun lol ! after all the cloudy days this is how I feel when I see some sun shine !

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 10)-3

Some of my African Violets are in full bloom others are not , my 2 Christmas Cactus are done for now and some of my Geraniums are in between as well !

NOVEMBER 2014 (7 of 10)-3

                                   I do like having indoor blooms in the glooms of the colder weather !

NOVEMBER 2014 (5 of 10)-3

       Even Miggs  likes to take advantage of the little bit of sunshine ! I can believe this is from today looks like summer with the green grass all though behind her the garden would then be filled with flowers now it is just dirt and twigs lol !

NOVEMBER 2014 (10 of 10)-3

The birds and critters are taking advantage of the sun as they feast and fill up before we get snowed on which will be tonight and tomorrow don't know if there will accumulation but one never knows this time of year !

NOVEMBER 2014 (8 of 10)-3

So just post of a bit of this and that not to much excitement here , Oh My Gosh  really ? I wouldn’t know what to do if there was lol !

                                                                                  Until next time

                                                                                Country Gal

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Calm After The Storm


Well we made it through two days of really high damaging winds and loosing power for hours at a time ! It is all calm cool and collective out there now all though cold and cloudy  but heck that’s normal for this time of year !

Miggs and I went for our walk earlier this morning and when we got back I had a lot of branches and bits of trees to clean up after all that wild wind we had so I collected it all up and had a little camp fire !

NOVEMBER 2014 (2 of 7)

NOVEMBER 2014 (3 of 7)

                                Whilst that was burning, crackling  and smelling awesome , Miggs and I had play time !

NOVEMBER 2014 (5 of 7)

NOVEMBER 2014 (7 of 7)

                                                                    A small flock of geese flew over !

NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 7)

                                                    Fall 2013 November (30 of 62)

      I also filled up the feeders and the birdies were having a feast ! With the high winds we had they stayed undercover in the Cedars  so now they are hungry !

Fall 2013 November (20 of 62)

                              So all in all things are  back to normal for now till the next bout of crazy weather !

                                                              Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S buddies !                                      

                                                                                      Until next time

                                                                                       Country Gal

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Forced Off The Grid


The winds were so bad  last night we lost hydro from 5pm to  at least 4 am this morning . We had to tie and anchor all we could out side  earlier , the winds were gusting to 95 mph  .  So Papa and I band down the hatches  lit some hurricane lanterns  and put the wood stove on . I can cook in a hydro outage cause I have a gas stove  but really didn’t feel like it so we just had a sandwich and some potato ships with it  ,  kind of a picnic by candle light ! Then after that Papa had his  Android Tablet hooked up to our huge marine battery the we used to use when we had the big boat but it is useful for all kinds of things and we then were able to listen to audio story books  he has on his Tablet !  as we were listening to story’s  I went around and took a video and photos of us off the grid in a wind storm !

What We do in a hydro outage

                                The video was taken in night shot mode  it is hard to focus on things in the dark lol

                                                              Now photos of our evening in the dark lol !

NOVEMBER 2014 (2 of 8)                           NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 8)

                              We have a gas furnace  but it uses hydro to start up lol so the wood stove does well for heat !

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 8)

                   Good to have some survival things in hand and  we always find things to do in just about any situation  lol !

NOVEMBER 2014 (8 of 8)

                                                                            Time for a cuppa tea !!!!

The hydro must of come back on in the early morning maybe at about 4 am , At 5 am Papa got up to go to to work and is now on his way home as there is a lot of wind damage to hydro lines and poles all around the area and lots of people  and work places still with out hydro , So this was our excitement for the evening more then normal that’s for sure lol !

                                      The winds have dies down a bit more  and all is slowly becoming calmer again !

                                                                     Until next time , stay safe and have a good day !

                                                                                   Country Gal

Monday, November 24, 2014

Oh My ! What A Mixed Bag Of Weather


That’s what the talk of the news is these days  our weather and what a mess it has been . Snow storms  and bitter cold to rain and warm temps to flooding and now severely high winds with damaging  gusts up to 89 km/h with  possible thunderstorms then  rain sleet and snow , WOW ! crazy stuff !  This old farm house is just a creaking and a cracking away as the winds are just a roaring out there as I type here , trees are bending right over hydro wires are being tossed about to and fro  clouds are traveling at great speeds and the sun is taking a peek every now and then   !  But this morning it was pretty and calm with a peek of a sun rise in the east with light clouds around but  dark clouds to the west !

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 13)-2

NOVEMBER 2014 (8 of 13)-2

NOVEMBER 2014 (7 of 13)-2

                                      These are from the front of the house facing  southeast and south  !

NOVEMBER 2014 (1 of 13)-2

Because of the clouds in the east the west at the back of our house the sun was spot shining on the trees as there were big dark clouds to the west coming  in !

NOVEMBER 2014 (3 of 13)-2

                                                    I just love this look of the sky and sun rise on the trees !

NOVEMBER 2014 (10 of 13)-2

                                        Some of our trees don’t get completely bare and keep some leaves on .

NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 13)-2

NOVEMBER 2014 (12 of 13)-2

Not to many birdies at the feeders today as the winds keep them away . I can imagine how exhausted  they get flying in and against the winds ! So they sit in the Cedar hedges hanging on riding out the winds till all is calm again then they all come out and it is a feeding frenzy at the feeders and they  are covered with birdies as is the ground below them !

NOVEMBER 2014 (13 of 13)-2

Well hanging on to my hats today and goodness no umbrella's out there or I will end up like Mary Poppins !

                                                                               Flyinggggg awayyyyyy !!!!                     

                                    Until next time when the winds are calmer hopefully soon ,  be safe and have a good day ! !

                                                                               Country Gal

Sunday, November 23, 2014

How Fast The Weather Changes


We went from lots of snow and cold temps all week to heavy rains and mild yesterday and over night to today warm  12°C to clouds with sunny periods  to cloudy and over cast again  WOW ! amazing  how fast the weather changes .

                                                                                From Friday snow .

       NOVEMBER 2014 (10 of 10)-2


                                                                                         To this today !

NOVEMBER 2014 (2 of 6)

NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 6)

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 6)

                                                        Lonely snow patch slowly withering away !

NOVEMBER 2014 (5 of 6)

             Puddles on our concrete patio as it sweats in the mild temps ! I dread what weather will be next for us !

Oh look   the weather network says   rain    and  snow rain        oh goody !!! .. sarcasm here  lol ! .  Oh well that’s Ontario Canada’s weather  for ya , never a dull moment !

                                                                                              Until next time

                                                                                            Country Gal

Friday, November 21, 2014



                                                                           The promise of  sunshine .

NOVEMBER 2014 (3 of 10)-2

                                               I ventured out early this morning as I saw the sun rising !

NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 10)-2

                                       NOVEMBER 2014 (7 of 10)-2

                                                            Birds and critters were enjoying an early breakfast !

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 10)-2

NOVEMBER 2014 (1 of 1)-2

NOVEMBER 2014 (8 of 10)-2

             The air is cold but at least the snow has stopped falling and we have sunshine for the first time this week !

NOVEMBER 2014 (10 of 10)-2

As of Saturday we are to be getting lots of rain and warm temps , going to be a sloppy mucky mess  ! This time of year we get lots of different kinds of weather .

                                                                         Until next time

                                                                        Country Gal