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Thursday, November 13, 2014

This & That



The temps have dropped now from the other day when it was up to 17*C or 63*F   but that’s ok it is nice crisp and fresh really wakes you up I like that lol  and it brings the birdies out to feed more so I can watch them and get photos and that’s just what I did yesterday ! The sun was shining on and off through the clouds  whilst the winds were gently blowing . I huddled up against my potting shed  and the crab apple tree where some of their feeders are sneaking up on the birdies to get their photos lol !

NOVEMBER 2014 (9 of 15)

NOVEMBER 2014 (8 of 15)

                               Then Mr Blue Jay came down and all the birdies scattered into the cedar hedges !

NOVEMBER 2014 (12 of 15)

                                             Another Blue jay up in the crab apple tree waiting his turn !

NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 15)

Miggs sitting on the other side of the yard watching everything especially me taking birdie photos as the wind gently blows her fur around  her ears back as she was also listening to other dogs barking in the area  guess they had something good to say cause she got up and answered . Did you know that when one dog in the area barks others will answer  that’s their way of communicating  with each other .

NOVEMBER 2014 (13 of 15)

              What did the doggie say Miggs ? He or she must of been ok cause Miggs and they stopped after a few minuets !

NOVEMBER 2014 (15 of 15)

Well their back .. Tundra Swans take their flight to their feeding destinations in the area a sure sign of winter when we see these lovely birds fly over with their distinct sound that I can hear for miles away or for us Kilometers away lol  . A small flock but as Miggs and I were walking a huge flock flew over us . Every morning between 8am and 11 am they take flight ! 

Thousands of these magnificent birds use the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area an area of fields where the Alymer Wild live people spread special seed out for them to refuel on their migration to the high Arctic Region between Alaska and Baffin Island.

Each year it’s expected that 10-60 thousand birds will stopover here. Birdwatchers from all over the province come to Aylmer to see this beautiful bird, and wonder of nature that is right here in our backyard!

The  Aylmer Wildlife Management area have  trails, wildlife viewing stands, interpretative signs, brochures, and plenty of parking. It is an amazing sight and this year I am getting photos of this !

               So  that’s all for today of my This & That . It is cold out this morning -1°C Feels like –4 or 30°F Feels like 25 winds are calm for now and  the first  little sprinkle of snow is falling for us . I will layer up and off Miggs and I go for our walk  and explore the wilds of our valley. I love the first few snow falls   .

                                                                                      Until next time

                                                                                         Country Gal


Bethany Carson said...

Enjoyed the shots of the birds at the feeder! Have a great walk and keep warm!

Jane and Chris said...

I'm so glad that some of our birds stay with us all winter.
I saw a barred owl this morning!!
Jane x

Linda Kay said...

The jays are one of my favorite the colors. But adore that Miggs!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love to see the birdies at the feeders. Nice walk, dusting of snow and cold-16, brrrr.Blessings Francine.

Margaret Adamson said...

great to see the birds at your feeder and also the Jays. Miggs looks well.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see and hear the tundra swans flying over. It's cooler today, we went out to do a bit of Christmas shopping at a mall in Kingston ... same but different to what we see at our mall.

Topazshell said...

Hope you and Miggs enjoyed the walk.

William Kendall said...

I imagine Miggs is receiving intelligence reports from her fellow canines on any sightings of their evil arch nemesis the squirrel.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I love blue jays. They tend to visit a lot this time of year. They are such gorgeous birds. I hope you had a lovely walk!

Anvilcloud said...

I have never seen tundra swans although they used to stop somewhere near the pinery in spring. I think we tried to catch them once, but they had flown the coop.

Amy at love made my home said...

I love the idea of you sneaking around the garden trying to get pictures of the birds! I wonder if Miggs was telling the other dogs that was what you were doing!! xx

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those birds were sure happy for treats now that colder weather is setting in, although Miggs looked like she preferred to be indoors.