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Monday, November 17, 2014

It’s A Winter Wonderland


WOW !  It is soo pretty out there with all this fresh white snow ! It snowed all day yesterday and over night and is still snowing but lightly right now . So ya all know me out in my jammies taking photos  lol !

                                                                                   7am this morning !

NOVEMBER 2014 (2 of 9)

NOVEMBER 2014 (5 of 9)

NOVEMBER 2014 (4 of 9)

              Miggs loves the snow so much she likes to take her morning biscuit out with her to play and eat it in the snow  lol !

NOVEMBER 2014 (3 of 9)

NOVEMBER 2014 (9 of 9)

                                                        I just love the look of the snow stuck to everything !

NOVEMBER 2014 (8 of 9)

NOVEMBER 2014 (6 of 9)

The temps are quite mild and it is pleasant out . Papa left for work at 5:30 am it is a 20 min drive for him and he made it to work all safe  the roads he travels are country roads and he said they were ok .  He would of  used the snow blower for the driveway but that early in the morning he didn’t want to disturbed any one with a loud machine , so I will go out and shovel , I haven’t used the snow blower yet  but will get a quick training on how she runs lol

NOVEMBER 2014 (7 of 9)

                                     From our car port a piece of the valley all covered in snow ! Pretty eh?

Ok well off to shovel snow and feed birdies and clean off their feeders of snow and  if  the local guy who does our road happens to get it done soon Miggs and I will go for our walk !

                                                                                 Until next time

                                                                                 Country Gal


DeniseinVA said...

Pretty postcard pis Elaine. Papa is a considerate neighbor.

Linda Kay said...

Loved your pictures this morning. And Miggs seems to be really enjoying a romp in the snow. Probably has a nice warm coat on.

William Kendall said...

Just beautiful!

fernvalley01 said...

well done, you made me think it was pretty! and you know we both know better,lol

Gail said...

Very beautiful.

We have a little snow. I'm not celebrating.

Have a great evening.

Gail said...

Testing if I deleted or posted brain's too full. That's my story.

Jane and Chris said...

I've shoveled today...and shoveled a bit more...still more later.Think I'm maybe done with snow now!
Jane x

Amy at love made my home said...

It is beautiful, and of course, lovely to see Miggs in the snow! Stay warm on your walks. xx

Anvilcloud said...

It has arrived here too.

Cindy said...

Snow covered trees a favourite of mine in an early morning before anyone has woke, just me and coffee