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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Bit Of This & That


Well the temps have heated up and it is very humid hot , sticky and YUK ! out there  .  That’s normal for us here in Ontario Canada to be fooled by fall like temps then WHAM ! humid and hot returns . Oh well . I still enjoy getting out in the mornings when it  is cooler .

It was as foggy as heck this morning due to the humidity and I saw this wonderful view of the sun trying it’s best to burn through the cloud and fog over the valley  so of course I had to photograph it lol !

AUGUST 2015 (22 of 51)

              It was amazing to see the actual sun with out hurting my eyes  as it was mostly covered by the fog .

AUGUST 2015 (28 of 51)

                    Then I spotted these sticking out from the hedges . Kind of looks like Christmas decor berries lol !

AUGUST 2015 (34 of 51)

                               Oh wild Asters and Golden rod I love both as they sway in the warm breeze !

AUGUST 2015 (36 of 51)

                                                                                           Pre Warning 

                 For those who  don't like spiders brace your self for this photo  can pass by it if you would prefer

                                                                                I understand .

AUGUST 2015 (48 of 51)

They may look scary to some and may be feared but as a photographer and nature nut I find them fascinating  . yes I will admit not to fascinating if in doors but outside  a definite yes ! See all the meals he has in his web ? !

AUGUST 2015 (10 of 51)

Praying Mantis are also a fascinating  creature  of nature ! They can be green like this one or brown and they blend in well with either branches , leaves or grasses  good way of camouflaging   for picking off their prey !.

AUGUST 2015 (43 of 51)

Papa’s grasses by his work shop are doing well this year . I love their feathery look as they blow in the breeze !

AUGUST 2015 (45 of 51)

AUGUST 2015 (46 of 51)

AUGUST 2015 (13 of 51)

I am pleased to see the many Monarchs stopping by for a feast on our butterfly bush in our  new this year butterfly garden . As I see  them  come to the yard I tell them to make a pit stop over that garden and thanks fully it seems to work as they end up there in the end lol !

AUGUST 2015 (15 of 51)

                                             The bees seem to be very happy with our gardens as well !

AUGUST 2015 (11 of 51)

         Miggs is taking a break in the shade on our side patio as she watches the squirrels over at the big tree !

I didn’t get any photos of the moon last night as I was on the phone with one of our boys who are all doing good . But did you know that  last nights moon was the supermoon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon. It is the first of three consecutive “supermoons” occurring this year. The full moon for August is called by the Natives a Sturgeon Moon because of the large number of fish that can be easily found in the lakes in North America. Other names for this full moon include Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon.

                     Next full moon for us here in Canada  is September 27th –28th called the Harvest Moon .

             Well that’s it for me , staying cool inside for the afternoon  and have lots of photos to go through and get done arranging them lol !

                             “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~Albert Einstein      

                                                                                   Until next time .

                                                                        Country Gal

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Smart Phone Sunday Photos


I am not used to using my smart phone still for a quick photo or video even though I have lots on it lol . I know, takes me some time  to kick in with modern technology lol . Miggs and I have been doing our long walks every day and I take and use my smart phone for the step app and I also like to take the odd photo if I see something I want to snap a shot of , mined you the phone camera to me isn't the same as having my big camera in my hands doesn't seem to feel the same if  yeah know what I mean which I am sure all you photographer's out there do lol  . 


                                                                   The camera phone is  handy though !


             On our walk we pass by a huge field full of lovely corn , this corn must be at least 7 feet tall !


The view from this road at the top of our valley is amazing on a clear day . Can you see the wind turbines down there in the distance ? well there are a lot of  wind turbine farms down here near the north shores of lake Erie .


Then on the other side of the  corn farm there is a huge apple orchard that travels the entire road side  I think I have heard that this apple orchard covers about 300 or more archers .


                     This is our favourite route to walk out on the country roads up here at the top of part of the valley .


There is so much wild vegetation in the ditches and a forest right at the edge of  each  side of  the road to  , it is amazing and soo peaceful  with  the amazing sounds of crickets , frogs and grasshoppers this time of year and the odd bird calling out .


                                                        The wild flowers and vines are in full bloom right now !


I have no idea what type of wild vine this is above  , but it sure is pretty with it’s bright orange dainty flowers !


                                          I just love the swampy look with the long grasses and the bulrushes .

          No adjusting to these smart phone photos I posted them just as they are I will admit it does do a pretty good job  though .


                                                 The leaves are slowly changing  on the  trees by the road sides now  .


         Miggs and I also like walking the banks of our Otter River as it flows and travels through our valley with a forest on the other side   , walking  on  some parts of it can be tricky with both sides with forest near the banks .


It is soo tranquil here I can sit here for hours and listen to the wild life and water as it moves down the river and over fallen trees in the water .


                                   It truly is such a lovely untouched habitat for so many birds and other critters !


                                                         Yes even a few selfies with the smart phone lol !


                                 Here are a few of Miggy’s smartphone photos for all of her blogging fans !


                                                             Miggs sitting pretty and speaking  for a treat !



                                        Doesn’t matter what camera I use Miggs is there to strike a pose lol !


The gardening season is coming to an end  and the cooler temps are creeping in here and there,  time to start splitting and chopping wood  to stack  for the indoor wood stove and also use in our chiminea  and camp fire pit . MMM I love the smell of wood smoke .


I am pleased to report that this year I have counted more Monarchs then last year either in our yard , passing through and stopping in the field beside us  , it was touch and go there for the Monarch a bit  for a few years but I think they are making a comeback and the more we leave the wild flowers and milk weed alone and the more we all try to plant butterfly friendly gardens  like we  did this year and am glad we did I am sure they will be fine .

           Any who  I just wanted to share as much as I could with you all from my end of the woods I know  I do get carried away at times  lol  .

                        Take time to enjoy your surrounding’s for you may find something that amazes you !

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                 Country Gal

Friday, August 28, 2015

Well That’s It !


The last Friday and last weekend of August is upon us already WOW ! that went fast ! It has been cool here,  fall like really  and quiet as things slowly begin to change and sense that the season is  also coming to an end . Sometimes the weather changes before the season does and sometimes it just fools us .  Some mornings it has been so cool I can see my breath   a bit  . I love hearing all the crickets this time of year .

AUGUST 2015 (6 of 14)-4

Pretty much what's been going on here  lately lol  the squirrels and chipmunks  seem to have disappeared for a day or two so Miggs is taking it easy , literally lol !

AUGUST 2015 (2 of 14)-4

Mr & Mrs Dove have been scrounging and strolling  in the gardens as all the other birds like the Grackles have disappeared  now . Our Blue Jays are about all though not at the feeders as of yet but they have been squawking in the trees  around the valley . Our Orioles have to gone now all though I have heard just two hanging about but not at the feeders any more I think they are deciding to migrate , always a few stragglers . Chickadees are back just a few and the hummers are supping it up at the feeders and will be for a few more weeks now .

AUGUST 2015 (8 of 14)-4

One of the many hummer feeders I have , this one is outside my kitchen window but hummy refuses to humour me and sit on it when I have my camera in hand so he sits on the tree we have in the front instead so I captured him through the window  , cheeky thing lol !

AUGUST 2015 (12 of 14)-4   Boy they are soo tiny it is hard to tell which is them and which are the tree leaves at times lol ! They have been zooming about  screeching at each other  over  the feeders  I have 4 of them about and well they are all hummy to me lol !

AUGUST 2015 (13 of 14)-4

                                And to think he can hide behind a tiny little twig and not be noticed easily !

AUGUST 2015 (14 of 14)-4

He likes to sit on my hanger for my plant just out side the kitchen window and watches me do the dishes as I chat to him through the window at times and he looks at me like I am nuts  lol yeah yeah ! lol !

AUGUST 2015 (60 of 75)

Some leaves are beginning to change already  and the sky's have sun shine but also with dark threatening  rain clouds rolling over but nothing yet  so far . 

Well that’s about it for me . Nothing much going on for Papa and I over the weekend just puttering , maybe some splitting and chopping  of wood  to stack   have a camp fire , cut the grass  , take some photos here and there  .  Papa will probably be in his wood shop over the weekend as well  finishing up some projects  or starting new ones lol !.

                                                  As for Miggs well she  probably will be doing some more snoozing lol !

                                                        Until next time  Have a good weekend !

                                                               Country Gal

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This & That


A few clouds

18°C Feels like 19  °C  or 64°F Feels like 66°F right now .

Yup that is our temps nice and cool with very low humidity .  It has been fall like here  just lovely . I cant believe  it is the last week of August already my goodness where do the days and time go ? !  It has been pretty low key here , Papa has been busy with work and Miggs and I have been puttering during the week , enjoying our long walks in this fresh cool air for sure !  With the comings and goings of birds  the yard has been busy as has the feeders ! The Grackles have left with their babies now but the Blue Jays have returned as has the sweet little Chickadees . The hummers have been fighting over who's nectar feeder is who's all though I have a total of 4 out there for them as well as the Oriole  feeders which they seem to have taken off to now !  The Eastern Blue birds are about but very skittish I think they are passing through though as they don't seem to stay in one place for long . Starlings are flying in huge flocks over the valley , Crows are active again . lots of pray birds soaring over the valley looking for food and the Monarch butterfly's have been hording the wild flowers in the field beside us more so now .  The crickets , Cicadas and grass hoppers have been very vocal to .   Over the weekend Papa put my tractors name on her for me  , he got a new paint sprayer and it works wonderful and no over spray at all he said !  He hook's it up to his air compressor and it works like a charm !

AUGUST 2015 (44 of 75)

                                                 I know ,  weird huh ?   I like it though good job Papa !

I have been taking photos of all kinds of things, as this time of year as the seasons start to change  the land and nature seems to as well so many different things  to photograph and well it is just what I do to pass the time when all is said and done chore wise lol  .

AUGUST 2015 (61 of 75)

There are hundreds of yellow Cabbage moths around and White ones but the yellow ones seem to stop and rest more lol

AUGUST 2015 (62 of 75)

     Golden rod galore in the ditches and fields . I love the look of it and how it flows in the breeze  they are all over

                                                                                     5 feet tall !

AUGUST 2015 (63 of 75)

Lots of milk weed in the field beside us to but no Monarchs are on them as they seem to prefer the other wild flowers this time .

AUGUST 2015 (66 of 75)

I love walking through this field with all the grasshoppers jumping in front of me the sound of them and all the crickets deep in the grasses as the field hums  whilst it also rustles in the breezes  and butterfly’s of all kinds and moths  flutter about .

AUGUST 2015 (69 of 75)

Huge wild Aster flowers all ready to bloom as they compete with the Golden rod for sunlight and are also over 5 feet tall !

AUGUST 2015 (75 of 75)

Back in the yard the squirrels have been collecting food and hiding it preparing the for changing season to come  and keeping Miggs busy lol !

AUGUST 2015 (46 of 75)

                      Most of the garden flowers are coming to an end whilst others still thrive any where they like !

AUGUST 2015 (51 of 75)

                              The Sparrows have been taking a lot of baths lately and gathering at the  fountain bath !

AUGUST 2015 (56 of 75)

AUGUST 2015 (23 of 75)

Hummy has been busy zooming from feeder to feeder and then rests in our crab apple tree  which is getting it’s berries growing again and the leaves are slowly changing on it already .

AUGUST 2015 (18 of 75)

                                            Our White paper Birch trees leave are also beginning to change !

AUGUST 2015 (19 of 75)

AUGUST 2015 (38 of 75)

The sun sets over the valley have been lovely to and I have noticed the sun sets earlier now at about  8pm  and it rises later at 6:45 am now .

AUGUST 2015 (33 of 75)

Well by the look of Miggs snoozing here that’s all I have for today , the long walks just tier  her out lol and chasing critters of course and playing ball lol ! Thank you to all who wished Miggs a happy birthday on my Sunday post Miggs was happy to have all the wishes and she got a lovely special  piece of cake  to lol !

              The air  and land is changing , nature is shifting about , harvesting has started on all the farms  , kids are back to  school here on the 8th of September  after our long weekend  coming up  and all are  preparing for our next season of Fall  starting  September 23rd !

                                        Any who  , I will be off now, don't want to bore you all to much lol  .

                                                                           Until next time  .

                                                                 Country Gal