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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just Another Nice Week Of Summer


The weather has been soo nice , warm sun and cool breezes and the nights have been cool and dampish as have the mornings . Miggs and I have been busy walking and playing in the yard well she plays whilst I weed and such lol . I have also been busy trying to capture as much as I can on camera as this time of year the flowers are in full bloom lush and flowing as are all the bees and butterfly's  as they busily  gather as much nectar as they can over the next few weeks .

AUGUST 2015 (6 of 25)

This pretty little guy a Spicebush swallowtail came for a visit and was getting so close to me I thought a few times he was going to land on my lens as he gently fluttered about me  in the breeze . !

AUGUST 2015 (13 of 25)

                 Cor  blimey me bleeding heart. my mum would say  yes for all you Brits out there that know this phrase lol ! Me mum was  a cracker and always made us laugh !

AUGUST 2015 (11 of 25) 

Candy stripe Petunias ,  funny thing is they were all solid  velvet red in the beginning   now some are changing to this lovely two tone !

AUGUST 2015 (10 of 25)

AUGUST 2015 (21 of 25)

My  camera buddy who loves to be with me and keep me company whilst I am outside taking photos and gardening . and cutting the grass and , and  ok you get the picture lol !

AUGUST 2015 (14 of 25)

AUGUST 2015 (15 of 25)

  On the top of the greenery you can  just see a tiny spider not really in focus as I was concentration on the yellow flower  , seems every time  I get out there to photograph flowers bugs or butterfly's the wind picks up and that makes it for a challenge even more so lol !

AUGUST 2015 (17 of 25)

                                         I just love these dainty little wild daisies that are every where .

AUGUST 2015 (18 of 25)

And million's of Queen Ann's lace everywhere as well so pretty mixed in with all the other wild flowers and grasses !

AUGUST 2015 (20 of 25)

Love the Sumac trees so  peace full looking with their tropical type leaves and big seed heads  , these trees seed and grow like wild fire  but in the fall oh they are even more pretty as the leaves turn a striking brilliant orange or deep red !

AUGUST 2015 (25 of 25)

Bachelor buttons strange looking flowers but interesting at the same time they look like they could be under the sea with their feathery petals floating in the waters  !.

I also walked the field beside us the other day and was mesmerized by the beauty of all the wild flowers, bees , moths and butterfly's fluttering around me !

AUGUST 2015 (17 of 57)

AUGUST 2015 (23 of 57)

I am happy to report that this year I have counted and seen more Monarchs then last year hopefully they are not on the decline anymore as Ontario is beginning to keep and even plant  more and more Milkweed about as that is their main food source !

AUGUST 2015 (42 of 57)

AUGUST 2015 (38 of 57)

AUGUST 2015 (51 of 57)

AUGUST 2015 (53 of 57)

Yellow Cabbage moth was happy to pose for me to but his cousin the White cabbage moth just wouldn’t stay still !

AUGUST 2015 (1 of 40)

Over the week we took down the green chain link fencing here as it was originally a kennel for Miss Miggs but she never used it so it is now used as a second patio ! Looks a lot better though then having a big green fence there lol !

AUGUST 2015 (5 of 40)

Clear winged humming bird moth came to feast on the butterfly bush  this is the first one I have seen this summer so far !

AUGUST 2015 (17 of 40)

Well that is enough for now I could go on for ever and share our part of the world with you all  but  like Miggs here I can imagine your getting quite bored by now so I will bid you a fare well for now . The rains are a coming for tomorrow so that's good for the gardens and land . 

                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                                Country Gal


The Furry Gnome said...

That black butterfly is really beautiful; never seen one like that. Nice Monarchs too.

Deb said...

Your photos are amazing. Honestly Elaine you should be publishing these in a magazine. Wild daisies always stop me in my tracks. I love them more than any wild flower. We have a lot of Queen Anne's Lace here at our property. It's so pretty. I had a new visitor today...the Northern Flicker. Very interesting-looking bird. Give Miggs a hug for me.

Margaret Adamson said...

A gorgeous post with lootsin it. Loved Migg'sshots of course and the butterflies adn flowers especially the bleeding heart which if turned upside down is called 'lady in the bath'

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, beautiful post filled with lovely flowers and butterflies. And of course Miggs is a cutie too! I like your new patio area! Have a happy weekend!

Linda Kay said...

Such wonderful color in your pictures today. Love the flowers and butterflies, but most of all Miggs.

William Kendall said...

Your garden shots are amazing. The monarchs need as much help as they can get.

Michelle said...

Such beautiful shots! I always love to watch those hummingbird moths.

Amy at love made my home said...

Beautiful summer moments, especially the butterflies. Hope you are having a great weekend in the garden! xx