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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Smart Phone Sunday Photos


I am not used to using my smart phone still for a quick photo or video even though I have lots on it lol . I know, takes me some time  to kick in with modern technology lol . Miggs and I have been doing our long walks every day and I take and use my smart phone for the step app and I also like to take the odd photo if I see something I want to snap a shot of , mined you the phone camera to me isn't the same as having my big camera in my hands doesn't seem to feel the same if  yeah know what I mean which I am sure all you photographer's out there do lol  . 


                                                                   The camera phone is  handy though !


             On our walk we pass by a huge field full of lovely corn , this corn must be at least 7 feet tall !


The view from this road at the top of our valley is amazing on a clear day . Can you see the wind turbines down there in the distance ? well there are a lot of  wind turbine farms down here near the north shores of lake Erie .


Then on the other side of the  corn farm there is a huge apple orchard that travels the entire road side  I think I have heard that this apple orchard covers about 300 or more archers .


                     This is our favourite route to walk out on the country roads up here at the top of part of the valley .


There is so much wild vegetation in the ditches and a forest right at the edge of  each  side of  the road to  , it is amazing and soo peaceful  with  the amazing sounds of crickets , frogs and grasshoppers this time of year and the odd bird calling out .


                                                        The wild flowers and vines are in full bloom right now !


I have no idea what type of wild vine this is above  , but it sure is pretty with it’s bright orange dainty flowers !


                                          I just love the swampy look with the long grasses and the bulrushes .

          No adjusting to these smart phone photos I posted them just as they are I will admit it does do a pretty good job  though .


                                                 The leaves are slowly changing  on the  trees by the road sides now  .


         Miggs and I also like walking the banks of our Otter River as it flows and travels through our valley with a forest on the other side   , walking  on  some parts of it can be tricky with both sides with forest near the banks .


It is soo tranquil here I can sit here for hours and listen to the wild life and water as it moves down the river and over fallen trees in the water .


                                   It truly is such a lovely untouched habitat for so many birds and other critters !


                                                         Yes even a few selfies with the smart phone lol !


                                 Here are a few of Miggy’s smartphone photos for all of her blogging fans !


                                                             Miggs sitting pretty and speaking  for a treat !



                                        Doesn’t matter what camera I use Miggs is there to strike a pose lol !


The gardening season is coming to an end  and the cooler temps are creeping in here and there,  time to start splitting and chopping wood  to stack  for the indoor wood stove and also use in our chiminea  and camp fire pit . MMM I love the smell of wood smoke .


I am pleased to report that this year I have counted more Monarchs then last year either in our yard , passing through and stopping in the field beside us  , it was touch and go there for the Monarch a bit  for a few years but I think they are making a comeback and the more we leave the wild flowers and milk weed alone and the more we all try to plant butterfly friendly gardens  like we  did this year and am glad we did I am sure they will be fine .

           Any who  I just wanted to share as much as I could with you all from my end of the woods I know  I do get carried away at times  lol  .

                        Take time to enjoy your surrounding’s for you may find something that amazes you !

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                 Country Gal


Sandi said...


Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely pictures from your walk, and of Miggs and you too of course!! xx

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I've been playing with my smartphone too and quite surprised at how well the photos have been coming out! However, last night on my walk with Tia there were two hot air balloons in the distance and dust coming out from the back of the combines - again in the distance. Hmmm, wish I took my big camera for that... ho hum :-D Have a wonderful evening xx

Margaret Adamson said...

Good to hear about the increase in Monarchs. Yes Miggs alaways looks good in any shot.

Michelle said...

Nice photos!

Anvilcloud said...

Here's to the Monarchs! I just saw one on another blog.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I've been using my iPhone camera a lot lately and find the photos are pretty decent.
You and Miggs have some nice places to walk, no traffic to worry about and the sound of nature for music as you wander.
Good selfies, I haven't mastered this yet!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I "phone cameras" really do a pretty good job these days, and yours certainly show that! What a fun and scenic walk, with the best of company, your girl Miggs, who takes a pretty good selfie with your help!!

The Furry Gnome said...

I'm at the sMe point with my phone. Got it for the 'find my phone' app, so if my wife wonders where I am, she can just check her iPad. I've learned to carry it almost all the time, and sometimes it's handy for pictures, but that big camera still wins every time.

Janneke said...

Enjoyed the walk with Miggs and you and the selfies of you two. Miggs is such a fotogenic cute dog.

William Kendall said...

Miggs is such a good dog!