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Monday, August 17, 2015

Beating The Heat & Humidity



Yup we are in our hottest most humid time now  . We always get a teaser of cooler temps for a week then  BANG !! a wall of muggy, sticky heavy humid air  ,YUK !!  I don't mind heat just not the humidity that comes with it for us . The AC has been pumping cool air for us and the drapes and blinds have been drawn to help keep the house cool as well  but I don't like it I like day light and sunshine coming in and the windows wide open with fresh breezes and air flowing through the house I cant stand being all closed up but that will be soon enough for the windows to be opened and the air to be cooler ! . Having our big old trees canapé  that  reaches out over the back of the house really helps in the heat of the late afternoon sun to.  The mornings have been foggy and muggy but it has  made it all for wonderful sightings for taking photos . The Cicada's and Crickets have been chirping and buzzing like mad in this humid  weather . I find it fascinating the stages of the weather bring out different types of nature . Am I fascinated by nature ? you betchya I am !

AUGUST 2015 (10 of 27)

                          The valley has disappeared behind all the fog  as the sun try's it’s best to burn through it all !

AUGUST 2015 (2 of 27)

Even nature keeps up in the world wide web lol !  There has been so many of these webs made all over the place since the humid weather arrived. I find them fascinating and pretty  in their structure .

AUGUST 2015 (4 of 27)

                                            Work in progress still , I think  lol !

AUGUST 2015 (11 of 27)

                                                 Oh the webs we weave lol ok I had to  ha ha !

AUGUST 2015 (18 of 27)

                                                                                     Red Tailed Hawk

This time of year also brings lots of prey birds out here as they soar over the valley looking for a tasty meal ! They just don't fly over close enough  but I try to take their photos anyways ,  HM  !  you think they notice me down here with my camera pointing at them and that could be why ? I think so   never thought prey birds cared whether to have their photo taken maybe they are worried they will be recognized lol !

AUGUST 2015 (19 of 27)

This Bald Eagle really kept his  distance from me as he was busy searching for food . Once they catch air boy can they move fast !

AUGUST 2015 (20 of 27)

This Sparrow hawk was eyeing our little birdies in the hedges  as they snooze in the shade from the hot sun and humid air , there’s the odd few that pop out  onto the feeders but he never got to them as I standing there taking his photo poses a threat for him so I helped save our birdies this time .

Another humid one here this morning , Papa went off to work early this morning and said it was very foggy from the humidity as all the lands moister and marshy  waters  in  the fields and ditches  rose to the sky .  Miggs and I walk early in the morns when it is a bit cooler and the sun isn’t so strong but come 10am FEW !  it is sticky  , heavy muggy air for the rest of the day . Thankfully we have a nice covered patio porch to help keep us cool so we can still be out side and a small fan blowing on us helps keep the air moving  on us to so all is good  in  beating the humidity and heat .

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                             Stay cool and have a good day !

                     Country Gal


eileeninmd said...

Good morning, awesome images and post. Neat shots of the web! I love the eagle and hawks flight captures. Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

Gail said...

The webs! The webs are my favorite! What a capture.

Margaret Adamson said...

Fabulous images of the cobwebs and great bird shot.

Janneke said...

Beautiful, I love your pictures of the sparrow hawk and the wonderful spider web. I am also fascinated by the weather and nature, especially early in the morning, the best part of the day.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Your web photos are amazing Elaine, they would make gorgeous cards.
Blistering hot here too, spend most of the afternoon inside doing some cleaning jobs and finishing odds and ends.

William Kendall said...

The humidity drives me nuts. It feels so oppressive and overwhelming at times.

Amy at love made my home said...

Amazing spiders webs!! xx

Anonymous said...

Those spider webs are gorgeous!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's the same weather here in New England this week, Elaine. However, we had these temps most summer weeks living in VA especially the humidity levels. Glad you have a cool patio place.

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine.. Oh I hear you when it comes to the weather. It sounds just like mine. I hate being cooped up too!

Love those cobweb shoots though. Always beauty to be captured no matter the weather.

Take care

Anvilcloud said...

It is pretty stifling. We came home on Monday to a broken AC but it was fixed by 10PM, so we survived. We are pretty much hiding out for the time being.