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Monday, May 20, 2019

A Trying Week & A Little Change To My Photos

Well the beginning of last week started out well . Papa and I were on our way to the city  as I had a eye specialist appointment that I go to once a year to make sure the pressure in my right eye is good  I have cataracts and glaucoma in the family and my right  eye I have a bit of pressure in so they have to keep an eye on it no pun intended lol ! Any who we get half way there and then it all started... our van started to chug then go ok then chug almost like it was saying no I don't want to keep going .Well Papa had to turn around and get us back home drop me off and then take it to his mechanic and well we have had problems ever since and he has had part after part replaced and its still acting up  vehicles these days are just so much more complicated with all the electronics to them so we have been using one of Papa's nice truck drivers from his work lent us his other vehicle until we get our vehicle fixed we hope , really cant afford another one yet . Then Papa's parents were off on a road trip in their truck and trail over state side and were planning on going on this road trip for a month well that's a bust cause the weather where they were going is terrible all over  , tornadoes , flooding , forest fires  , snow in the mountains I do hope the people living there are all ok , we have been keeping in contact with his parents via email and face time through phones and they are ok and on their way back home having their trip cut short by a few weeks , just glad they are safe . Life is to try us at times isn't it ?!

On a happier note Miggs is doing well now and all back to her old silly self . Her incisions healed very well and she had her spa day which she loves and can  rolly polly again now in the grass and just be Miggs .

                      This was the full blue moon from Saturday night I quickly took .

 The weekend weather was amazing warm sunny with cool breezes and we had a chiminea fire every evening as we sat on the patio porch listening to the peepers and the other night creatures .

 I had a nice campfire on Sunday as Papa had lots of extra wood scraps from his wood shop to burn .

 I am thinking of doing a little change to my photos , nothing drastic at all  well mostly how I water mark my photos . Instead of water marking them with Woods Country Cove I have decided to water mark them with my photography water mark that I use for my Facebook and Facebook photography groups  as it is easier then having two types of water  marks one for this blog and then my other one so if you see this © Lillian Wood on my photos here this is my middle name I use lol !

I hope all my fellow Canadians have enjoyed this Victoria Long weekend and others from across the pond had a good weekend as well .

I will be in and out of blog land as this time of year keeps me outside more often with gardens and just enjoying the weather sights and sounds of our valley and yard .

                                                     So until next time .

                            Country Gal


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Wishing All Mum's

                        To All mum's here on earth and in heaven .


                                       Country Gal

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Miggs Is All Better & Spring Is Coming Along Nicely To

All is good now with our Miggs . Miggs got her stitches out last Friday and the vet said she healed up nicely and is ready to get back to her old self WOOHOO !

 We had a nice weekend . our youngest son  James and his partner came down and we celebrated his birthday , Today is actually his birthday ,

The past few days has been lovely and sunny out and Miggs and I were out just soaking it all up , I was puttering in the gardens and taking lots of photos as this time of year brings all kinds of fun things to photograph . Birds and more birds of course lol flowers , butterfly's and more .

 This little guy is a first for me I thought it was a new breed of Nuthatch but in fact it is a  black and white Warbler , we have never seen one in our yard and this is the first for seeing and capturing one . I am happy about this , One of the main reasons I love living in a valley that's on the migration path is that every spring and summer we get new birds to the area  makes me giddy every time lol .

Now this Yellow Warbler is a yard dweller every spring and summer and he is soo pretty and has a pretty song to but he doesn't like to pose for pictures as he hides from me here in our Japanese willows .
   Our birds are busy foraging for nestlings and the yard is very busy.

                        Mr Song Sparrow above  is searching for that perfect nesting materials .

          Our hummers are back as well as our House Wrens to  so now our spring and summer birds have returned mostly , now waiting for the Cat birds to show up . Over the years through out the spring and summer months I have counted and recorded 40 species of birds that occupy our yard and that doesn't include the odd new birds that stop here  lol ! I love it .

Gardens are coming along well , I will be going to get some of our favorite annuals to fill in the spots of the gardens and for my hanging pots soon .

But in the mean time the butterfly's and bees are enjoying the spring blooms

 It is a welcomed rainy on and  off  day here today  but the rest of the week  is looking sunny . My Patio Porch is all set up so Miggs and I have been enjoying what I call our outdoor summer living room from sunrise to sunset and enjoying our chiminea fire place as well .  In the evenings down by the river in the forest the Coyotes have been howling  , they will be moving on soon as they travel from our valley through the fields down to  lake  Erie to Port Burwell provincial park . I love hearing them howl and yip.

Well that's about it for me for now I hope your spring is coming along and you are able to get out and enjoy it all .
                                                             Until next time .

                              Country Gal


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Coming Along Nicely


Happy May 😃

Things have been coming along here well with Miggs .

I would like to thank all those who wished Miggs well and for a speedy recovery .  

 Miggs is getting her stitches out on Friday and all has healed very well and she has bounced back soo well as she always has after all the surgery's she has had in the past   , so soon she will be back to frolicking and rolling in the grass laying outside and going for walks and as the weather gets warmer going to her favorite place a 5 min drive down the road from us the dog beach . But today she is not happy as she is a bit sad and wants to be out side as the weather has warmed up and is cloudy with sunny periods. I feel bad for her as to her she feels great and doesn't  really understand why not yet other than to do her business supervised  but I think today I will make an exception and we both can stay out a bit longer each time just cause the weather is that much nicer to .

We have a few more spring birds returning , flowers trees and bushes budding and gardens filling with green and blooming flowers and we had out first grass cutting last weekend and will definitely  have to do that this weekend as well lots of rain makes for lovely thick green grass lol !.

Our Oriels just arrived this morning and was happy to be at their feeders that I had out and ready for them as they have a long journey .

I saw a male and female at first but now there are three males and two females so far .

I also have the hummer feeders out and ready as they will be arriving soon to , hey buddy wrong feeder lol !

                              This guy figured he would check out the chiminea lol

                     Then I caught a glimpse of this little bunny , we have many about .

             Little bunny you better not be eating my flowers you cheeky thing lol !

Our youngest son James and his partner are coming down this weekend for a visit and we will be celebrating his  24th birthday  over the weekend with us but his birthday isn't till next Tuesday May 7th so it is an early celebration . The weekend weather is to be wonderful sunny  summer like temps WOOHOO !

I hope all the flooding that's been happening in the north east of Ontario and in the east coast of Canada subsides and all are safe and can some what start to get back to normal . My prayers and thoughts go out to all of you .

                                                                Until next time

                        Country Gal