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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

We Have Snow

 Yup it has come early for us for the first time in many years and quite a bit of it to , we aren't used to getting this much  this early or having it as cold either in the lower part of Ontario Canada but it has made for a new canvas for photography and as always a challenging one at best .

 Before the big storm we did get a little bit of snow and it was mild and Miggs was enjoying the calm and sun but then after that day it was cloudy and the sky s were letting loose with snow .

 Miggs is now sporting her new winter coat not the fur kind as her fur hasn't grown much or thickened up like it used to as she is getting older so she now happily and proudly wears this coat and its looks so cute on her , it even has a zippered pocket to carry  her poopy bags in lol !

 The birdies have been flocking about the feeders filling up on all that's available and we have more ground feeders of Juncos then we have ever had this year just before I took this shot there were so many Juncos I could not see the ground  .

 Every year all though I don't really like the thought of cold and snow arriving when the snow finally does I see the beauty of it as it gently covers and caresses the land .

                               And how the snow sparkles in the sunshine is soo pretty to .

I have still been seeing Robins about as well as they sit in the crab apple tree and feast on the berries , this Robin decided to sit outside our window on the wire all puffed up .

So I guess this snow is here to stay unless we get a wacky warm spell one never knows with Canadian weather .

                                                     Until next time



Anvilcloud said...

Silly robin. :)

William Kendall said...

Miggs looks pleased.

Here the snow came in on Remembrance Day afternoon.