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Monday, November 4, 2019

Its Now November ?!

Wow ! November already ! the months are just flying by aren't they?!

The weather has been a mix of all sorts as this is the time of year for it to be quite wacky lol . Yesterday was a lovely sunny with cloudy periods type day and the temps weren't to bad either the winds were chilly but all round a good day as Papa myself and Miggs were able to get out and clean up hopefully what will be the last big piles of the leaves as most of our trees are now bare .

                                            The sky's were soo pretty yesterday to .

 And after all our work and fresh air yesterday when we went in for lunch  Miggs was tired from supervising and snuggled beside her sister Harley and had a afternoon nap .

This morning was cloudy and windy but mild , through my window just as the light of the day appeared the Bluejays were in good spirits playing about in the yard .

Yes the leaves in the back ground have fallen after we cleaned up but its just the last little bit that we had left on one tree .

I left a few of my plants with seeds that the birds like to feast on and that the bluejays have been enjoying as they goof about the sunflowers wobbling and balancing  to and fro on them lol .

                                                   They are quite the characters to watch .
I have seen the Juncos about in our cedar hedges foraging but they always seem very skittish for a while when they return then after a while they realize me with my camera are just another snap happy photographer and will not hurt them lol !

We had our clocks turn back one hour yesterday  , it takes me a little to get used to it  though and I don't like how dark it is now either in the mornings or how early it gets dark in the evenings , our province is and country is in discussions about getting rid of day light saving as not all our provinces in the country of Canada do it .

           Well things have slowed down here for now  but in the next few weeks it will get busy for us as the Christmas festive time approaches  .

                                                               Until next time

                                     Country Gal


Linda said...

Hello elaine....
We had that storm early Friday morning, blow thru the cottage...110km winds...15 foot waves...basement flooded...neighbours flooded...very devastating indeed...hope you didnt experience that!!!
Haven't posted for ages...no time...but still on Instagram...
Hoping you are well...
Linda :o)

Linda said...

Already I don’t like the darker evenings, It was a rainy start to the day. We have lots of bluejays in the garden lately.

The Furry Gnome said...

Yes, it's November!

William Kendall said...

Miggs and Harley obviously get along.