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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Goodbye To October & Welcome November !

 I cant believe October is already on its way out for this year WOW ! The months are just flying by .

 Our weather has been chilly rainy and down right gloomy , perfect for setting the mood for  Halloween all though I don't think to many kids or parents will be taking on the high winds we are to be getting this afternoon through the evening on top of  all the rain and cold to go out trick or treating.

 I have seen a few of these webs hanging about the yard , and no I did not make them for Halloween actually garden spiders made these   , mysterious how they knew these would be fitting for this time of year .

                                     I found this guy in one of them just hanging around  .

 When the weather is less then desirable and keeps me inside  I do enjoy creating on my computer when its a  celebrating time of year .

 November 1st  ,  now the rush for Christmas will be starting for most . All the Christmas movies will be starting on the Women's Net work channel and Hallmark channel as well and some will be brand new  , I like watching them  .

 Our gardens have all been put to bed now and the birdies have been busy at the feeders we just have a  bit more of raking up leaves this coming weekend as the winds will be high for this afternoon and evening then all the trees will be bare .

The warmth of blankets , a crackling fire , cups of tea , hot chocolate and bowls of home made soup and stews are well enjoyed this time of year  and the smell of  scented sandalwood and cedar candles fill the house with a warm soothing cozy smell and the odd apple cinnamon crumb pie in the oven MMMM !!   I do love the cozy smells of the seasons , don't you ?!

                                So I will say Goodbye To October & Welcome November

                                                         Until next time


                            Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Lovely webs!

Hill Top Post said...

Wow, I love the webs. Those are some talented spiders, those Orb Weavers! I have tried photographing webs but never have much luck, except when there's a dense fog. I do love the cozy smells of the seasons. Bring it on...

Henny Penny said...

We had a windy stormy Halloween evening too. It was weird. Those spiderwebs are amazing...and you are a great photographer! I'm scared to death of walking into one of those big webs with a spider in it and we have lots of them here in the woods. Isn't it funny how the scent of something can change your mood? One day this week I was feeling as gloomy as the day looked. So I lit a candle called "pumpkin chai". The house started smelling so good and I felt better. I always enjoy your posts.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We had our first frost this past weekend - Welcome November! I don't know where October went either, but it left us with a bad storm that knocked our power our for about 12 hours. I was ready for it, but we were a little worse for wear.

And the spider webs truly are works of art! I wonder if the spiders think of themselves as artists? :-)!!