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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wishing A




We would like to thank you all for another wonderful year here with us. Your visits and comments have been amazing , we are very happy  to have so many wonderful blogger friends to share the goings on in our neck  of  the Woods Country Cove . I would also like to thank you all for your comments of concern whilst I have been under the weather since boxing day . I am on the mend and we are  looking forward to another year of sharing , laughing and support with such wonderful folks as yourselves .

                                                               Country Gal ,

                   Papa,Miggs & Harley          






Monday, December 28, 2015

Well… That’s Christmas All Done


We had a lovely Christmas  and it was wonderful to see the kids but I was  as sick as a dog , figures after a year of not seeing them they come down here for Christmas and I was ill , still am a bit ! boxing day morning I woke with the room spinning like mad  I had no balance at all and Papa had to help me to get about I have never had this before , it would of  been explainable  if I had been a drinker of alcohol  but I dont drink the stuff and boy did it make me sick . So needless to say the time they spent here with us I was down and out . I still feel a bit loopy and spiny at times , we figure that I had  a  bad  case of vertigo wich is an inner ear infection really  or the tummy flu but it didnt affect my tummy with any pain . My head is still heavy feeling like a head cold  and I am still a bit  off balance . So after all this time of  waiting to visit with the kids I end up sick  , they were all good about it as I sat in my jammies in my chair in the living room so I could at least hear, see and talk to them  .  I am hoping I dont have to bother seeing our family Dr and it just goes away cause  as this time of year it is hard to get in to see our family Dr and that means  I have to see another Dr who knows nothing about me  that drives me nuts . I figure if it happens again  I will just go to the hospital at least I will get in faster to see a Dr there especially if I am that sick again !  I hope not though  I have never been ill like that before !  Any who hope you all had a lovely Christmas with family  and no one got sick .  Even sitting here infront of the computer writing this and looking up at it makes me feel a bit woozy , but I will try to get  around to all your lovely blogs over the next few days and read what you all have been up to  .

        The weather  has finally turned   cold and is very windy here  and some what of the winter we know ,  A big storm heading our way with lots of snow for up north and freezing rain for us down here , it is gona be a mess , so for those  fellow Ontarions out there  please take care and be careful on the roads if you have to be on them .  As for me I will be taking it easy recovering from what ever this sickness is in my jammies  under my blanket watching movies .

                                                                                Until next time

                                                                      Country Gal

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning


                                               Merry Christmas all !

                             Christmas  Eve day was lovely mild and sunny !

                                             DECEMBER 2015 (7 of 73)

                            Miggs was helping us wrap the last of the gifts … ok she was taking off and playing with paper roll lol !

DECEMBER 2015 (9 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (11 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (13 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (16 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (12 of 73)

                                               Miggs had great fun !! we had a good laugh to !! Silly girl !!

Then by the evening  I saw the moon  it was our Christmas Eve  moon it wasnt the full moon . The  full moon is set to appear in the Christmas day night  sky , for the first time in 38 years. The full moon is the last of the year, and is the first to occur on Christmas Day since 1977 - and there won't be another until 2034. The moon was soo bright here last night the light reflected off of my lens .

                                     DECEMBER 2015 (36 of 73)

                   We went over to Papa’s mum and dads for the evening and exchanged gifts and had a nice visit  to !

This morning Miggs and Harley woke and ran down stairs and Miggs went to see her stocking as she had been doing every day to see if Santa paws had been , and to her surprise he had ! 

DECEMBER 2015 (38 of 73)DECEMBER 2015 (39 of 73)DECEMBER 2015 (40 of 73)

                     Then Miggs got her stocking down and went to investigate what Santa paws had left her

DECEMBER 2015 (44 of 73)

                                                     Then Miggs found a toy bunny in her stocking so she had to have a chew of that !

DECEMBER 2015 (46 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (54 of 73)

            Look Miggs Santa paws left you some treats to ! YUMMY !   she said , can I have them now Papa ? ! Sure can !

DECEMBER 2015 (55 of 73)

  Hang on Miggs Papa will get the bag open for you !! Oh boy oh boy she is saying here and being impatient  as she trys to help Papa open the bag !

DECEMBER 2015 (62 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (64 of 73)

                                                                              Nom a Nom a Nom !

DECEMBER 2015 (67 of 73)

                                   Please  Papa my I have more ! WOOF !! I am sitting pretty for another one !

Well  Miggs was all happy and had some of  her treats  and played with her bunny she got in her stocking . As for Harley well she wasn’t as excited  but she did like her treats Santa paws left in her stocking !

DECEMBER 2015 (65 of 73)

                                                                  Mum whats this stuff !! Meow !!

DECEMBER 2015 (68 of 73)

           So when all the excitement of Miggs calmed down Harley had a treat from her stocking and then went and investigated the rest of the gifts !

DECEMBER 2015 (72 of 73)

So now we are just relaxing enjoying the day with eachother  &  watching movies , I will be cooking the small turkey we got for Papa and I with ham and all the trimmings for supper whilst we wait for the kids to pop down later this evening after their  Christmas day  at home ! Weather is still mild  with cloud  and the odd pop of sunshine and we are still green here , no sign of any snow till next week .

                                                                            Until next time !

                                                          Hope you all had a lovely Christmas Eve and Day !

                                                                   Country Gal

Monday, December 21, 2015

This & That


WINTER  will be here as of  this evening at 11:48 pm  so tomorrow will be the first official day of WINTER ! Late dawn. Early sunset. Short day. Long night. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. Meanwhile, on the day of the December solstice, the Southern Hemisphere has its longest day and shortest night.     Instead of the cold and  snow  we usually have we have warm temps and pouring rain .  The rest of the week is a mix of sun and rain and mild , very strange weather  for us but at least it isnt freezing cold .

Over the weekend I bought this tin of cookies and  OH MY I cant stop snacking on them . I remembered them from years ago from a store we used to shop at called Marks & Spencer or as we called it Marks & Sparks  it was a British store that importated all things British from cloths to food and even linnens , now that store is no longer  it had shut down years ago over here . I had found these and the tin jogged my memory  to back then  and  you will never guess where  I got them , wait for it …. at Walmart  yes I said Walmart they had hundreds of these tined cookies and  I had to have a tin and now, well lets just say a lot of walking is to be done lol !

                 DECEMBER 2015 (3 of 3)

            With a cuppa tea or two OH MY they are soo good I had forgoten what these tasted like  and now I know and remember  and please some one stop me lol  . Good thing we aren’t burried in snow and I can still get out and do my walking cause I would have to be carried out at this rate lol  talk about a chocolate covered cookie overload  WOW !!  oh well once a year for a day ot two wont hurt now will it lol !

Any who rainy day for us here so off I go to do some wraping of gifts and organizing foods for the holidays  . Our kids are coming down this Christmas and will be here a day or two so that will be great . They are all grown up and have lives of their own and other sides of familys to do Christmas with but this year they are here .  So we will have a house full .

      I will be taking the rest of the week off from posting so I will  thank you all for popping by  and we wish you a safe and


                                          MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL


                                                   Country Gal ,Papa,Miggs & Harley

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Up & Running Again


Well .. I am up and running with the new Open Live Writer and windows 10 and all is working good so far  thanks to Papa helping . It still has it’s flaws and bugs to be worked out of Open Live Writer     and lots to learn and investigate but windows 10 works wonderfully  . The only beef so far I have with this new  Open Live Writer is it doesn’t have spell check  and there are times I need that as I do forget how to spell some words but I will muddle through it .

Any who , Papa and I went and did some Christmas shopping today and we were happy we got all we set out to get , until Papa saw this cute Christmas decoration , I kind of humed and hawed at what I saw on the box but when we got it home and Papa set it up  ,well , I fell in love !

DECEMBER 2015 (9 of 9)

            Our very own  little  Christmas country carriage lamp. Isn’t this soo cute ? It looks great on our hearth by our wood stove !

The weather has turned cold and  we have  had the odd snow squall here and there and the sun has popped out every now and then . Other then all this it is pretty much quiet . Got the news that all our kids will be here for Chriatmas so we will have a house full so looking forward to seeing them and catching up . It can be so hard to see them as they all are adults and have their own busy lives but thanks to texting , calling and Facebook we stay in touch .

       Well that’s it for me I will be busy with learning the new  Open Live Writer or as they now call it OLW and the new to me Windows 10 which has soo much more fun stuff to it.

For Those of you who use live writer for posts to your blogs and are tempting to switch to the new Open Live Writer as the old Live Writer has been shut down for good , to get to the new Open Live Writer  go to this site / addy and  down load  this site is from one of the programmers of the Open Live Writers  and he has the info here which is his blog http://www.hanselman.com/blog/AnnouncingOpenLiveWriterAnOpenSourceForkOfWindowsLiveWriter.aspx

Now there will be a bit of a problem as they havent sorted the bugs out yet go figure ! so when you have down loaded the Open Live Writer you will need to go to this site/addy  and follow it’s insntructions as all will be  fixed .http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2015/12/fixing-open-live-writer-errors.html

The fix site has lots of the info  so you can get to, to get through this transition . Thanks to Papa who helps me so now I am trying to pass on this info to those bloggers who use Live Writer to help them . Good luck hope all works out !

                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                          Country  Gal

Friday, December 18, 2015

This & That

WOW ! We had sunshine yesterday for the first time in almost a week and did we ever enjoy it . The birds were singing Miggs and I played in the yard went for our daily walk and just enjoyed .

                            Miggs has such expression on her face and really knows how to have fun to lol !

                                She enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temps yesterday to !

                       Caught the tail end of a flock of Geese flying over the valley !

      Even though the clouds rolled through it was still nice to see the sun . I do love dramatic clouds .

 Mr Robin was busy collecting crab apple berries  , I cant believe their are still a few Robins hanging about !
   I was able to get my photo on finally as it was a nice day . Today it is cold with the odd pop of sun and big clouds that look  full of snow in them rolling by so we will have to see if we get any all though if we do it wont stay as the land is still warm , so warm some wild flowers are still in bloom .

                         The wild Asters in the field beside us are still in bloom , amazing !!

            As are my English Daisies , never have I seen out door flowers bloom  this time of year !
 The talk is , that by Christmas eve we will be warm and rainy  , I guess we will get snow in January at this rate , oh well it is what it is as they say .

                  The birds may be confused with the weather but certainly don't seem to mind it either !
     It will be a busy week for us here as Papa and I get things wrapped and prepared for some of the kids to come down over the holidays  still waiting to hear from others as to whether they will be coming or not but either way we will be prepared with extra food and goodies .
P.S I cant wait for Live Writer to be up and running again , so much easier to do  my posts and photos all from the same place all at once then this blog template lol !

                                                             Until next time .

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Still Green Here

It's not beginning to look a lot like our Christmas here at all . The land is still  warm and mucky  and the temps are strangely warm as well   and we have had more rain then sunshine  really has been BLAH !!. I have been away from blogging since Monday as it has been quiet here and not much to photograph either  and still waiting for Live Writer to get their act together with blogger  or vise a versa lol !
I looked back on this time last year in my photos and this is pretty much the same weather only then we had sunshine ,

  I said to Papa the other day that we need snow for Christmas at least a dusting would be nice  then I said our tree outside with the lights on needs some snow  he said we could  get snow spray and paint it  , I said NAH ! I need snow all over for photos  we would need a lot of that snow spay for what I want it to look like lol  and for Miggs to do this .

 Miggs does this every winter with the first snow fall and we didn't get this till mid January last year !
Oh well I guess I will have to wait for snow now to get my winter photos , then when we do after a month of snow I will want it gone  lol   !
  Some bloggers are already deep in snow and down right cold   could you send some snow our way here please ?! cant believe I am asking for snow  I must be ill or something lol !   Um just a little snow will do !!
                                                                         Until next time .


Monday, December 14, 2015

Mild , Gloomy , Quiet Weekend & Windows Live Writer Down

It was a mild and gloomy weekend . Papa and I did some shopping on Saturday picked up a little turkey for our Christmas dinner the big  ham Papa gets from his work and then we just puttered about all weekend .
I am finding I am in a blogging slump  as there really isn't much going on here and seems not much to photograph either  , the birdies have been quiet and not at the feeders as much again  as this mild spell has kept the bugs  about  still . I cant stand being in a photo or blog slump drives me nuts lol !  Also Windows Live Writer that I use to post  through to my blog is down as they are launching a new Open Source Live Writer to the  blogging world and blogger hasn't jumped on board yet even though they said they would .  Here is a link for those who like me use the Windows Live Writer to do your posts by that tells all that is going on with Liver Writer just incase you didn't know ! xhttp://www.hanselman.com/blog/AnnouncingOpenLiveWriterAnOpenSourceForkOfWindowsLiveWriter.aspx 

 Windows Live Writer  is a blog publishing application developed by Microsoft and is much better then the bloggers template for posting . They are going to open source live writer and improve it Open Source means
denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. It will be known as OLW Open Live Writer .
OLW will run side-by-side with your existing Windows Live Writer installation. Open Live Writer installs VERY quickly and updates itself automatically. Live Writer is used world wide  by professional and hobbyist bloggers like my self  .
I so prefer using Live writer to the blogs posting template , live writer has more stuff to it and can make ones posts look so much better and it also has water marking for your photos which I prefer  as well  .
 I see the sun trying it's best to shine through the clouds this morning  hope it does , our week ahead  it looks good though seems like more sun is to be shining and the temps still mild . Why I just peeked out the window and looked at our out door thermometer and I could t believe how warm it said it was  13C or 55F  WOW!!

 I am glad to see the sun is actually shining  makes it so much better when the sun shines , don't you think ?
 Any who We are off for a nice walk Miggs and I  as the temps are warm and the sun is shining
WOOHOO !. Oh look blue sky's to  YEAH !!

       I  Hope I can get out of this blogging , photographing slump and window live writer get fixed or I will have to  take the plunge and switch to Open Source Live Writer  or OLW as they  call it for short  and hope blogger gets on board with it all soon to  and get back to it  !
                                                             Until next time
                                                             Country Gal

Friday, December 11, 2015

Quiet & Mild

Yes it has been quiet here and mild this week . The temps have been strangely wonderful why today it is 11C or 52°F with sunshine , few clouds and windy today to . Most of the weeks temps have been 10C or 50°F  which for this time of year for us is warm but I will take it  in stead of freezing cold and snow  any day that’s for sure . The feeders have also been quiet as this warm weather has been keeping the birds from them as I have seen bugs about still so maybe the birdies are gobbling them up for now lol !
I have been busy tidying and de cluttering things in the house and  enjoying walks with Miggs , who right now is enjoying the warm winds and sunshine out on the front lawn  snoozing  lol .

  Lovely to see my Geraniums are also liking this warmer weather to as they are blooming now  after a  month or two of rest !

We are still very green here and even some of my English Daisies are still spreading and blooming in the center garden there , yup that is all the green you see in the left side of the garden !

 Nature seems to be confused with this mild spell  I am loving it  but I  would like to have a bit of snow over  Christmas  then after it can all melt I am ok with that !

 Well that’s about it for me  have a few more things to do then relax for the weekend as it is to be mild cloudy and rainy .
             Heads up  to Windows Live Writer users  for blog posts , it  is on the fritz again  so I had to go through blogger posting  template which I do not like  .. come on blogger get your act together with Live Writer .
                                                       Until next time , Have a good weekend all !
                                                                      Country Gal

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh Mr Sun , Sun, Mr Golden Sun !



I am sure you have that tune in your head now lol ! Yes we have sunshine this morning and a welcomed sight it is after days of no sun . I was so happy to see the sun shine I had to take photos so I can look back and remember what it looks like as I am sure it will be hiding again soon !

There was a bit of  fog down in the valley over the river during  the morning dusk   as the air was still damp and the land was warming up all whilst the sun was rising on the horizon in the south east !

DECEMBER 2015 (3 of 20)

                            I saw this from my kitchen window so yeah know me lol  I had to get out there !

DECEMBER 2015 (6 of 20)

  Then the sun started to rise higher and stronger and I could hear nature waking with happiness  like I felt to see the sun  !

DECEMBER 2015 (10 of 20)

                                                            All the birds were singing and feasting .

DECEMBER 2015 (11 of 20)

                                       Mr Robin who is still here was chirping like crazy  from the tree tops !

DECEMBER 2015 (15 of 20)

                            Charlie one of our Red Bellied Woodpeckers was busy cracking a seed  open in the tree !

DECEMBER 2015 (16 of 20)

                                          Mrs Downey was busy I think doing the same thing lol !

All were happy like it was a spring day happy which the temps are spring like here 9C  or  48°F and the winds  are warmish as well , with sun shining and temps like this no wonder we are all  happy here  lol !

                                     Even Miggs is happy we have sunshine and nice mild temps !

DECEMBER 2015 (17 of 20)

DECEMBER 2015 (20 of 20)

Her look here was saying What ? did you say walk ? Yup that is what I said Miggs  so off we went for a long walk .

                         It may rain later this afternoon but right now I don't care we have sunshine Sun!!   Smile 

                                                                           Until next time .

                                                                   Country Gal