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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Is Almost Here & This & That

Well Hello my fellow bloggers its been about a week since I have posted last,  My how time does fly by lol.
I have been busy in my gardens ,puttering about and well enjoying it all . The weather the past few days has been wonderful but it is a rainy day here today so I took the opportunity to sit down here at my PC and do up a post.

 Lets start with Mr Toad . We have been getting lots of toads and frogs about even though the days have been nice and sunny the nights have been dewy and they seem to love to come out and hop about , this guy was on our patio mat and I could not resist in taking is photo , after he posed for me I went and put him in our pond garden , he seemed to like that very much .

Also we have been getting a lot of fungi every where with the amount of moisture and damp air .

But the day times have been wonderful and sunny and our gardens are finally caught up with the late spring we had.

          We officially welcome SUMMER  June 21ST , Friday that's tomorrow or if your reading this and it is tomorrow WOOHOO !
 This weekend for us is to be sunny and comfortable temps , I have been waiting for this season as it is my favorite  😊
Miggs and I have been enjoying our daily walks early in the mornings and then we putter and I take photos either with my big Nikon camera or my smartphone for quick pics  for the rest of the day from sunrise to sunset  , it will soon be the lazy dog days of summer , well ok it is for miggs already lol !

I just realized that last month was my blogs anniversary or as I call it Blogversary I started May10th 2010 WOW!  9 years ago doesn't seem possible , I have reached so far 1859 posts  and it is hard to try and not repeat photos or posts as we are very much home bodies and don't go out and about much lol . But my blog has lasted this long thanks to so many changing seasons the fact that nature is so much fun and beautiful out Miggs is a star and last but not least my followers , with out all you I wouldn't of gotten this far  THANK YOU !

                                                                Until next time .

                                                            HAPPY SUMMER 
                                         Country Gal


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Goodness Me, Its Been Awhile, With Some Of This & That

Hello friends , it seems I haven't posted anything in ages lol at least two weeks .  Well that's because I have been busy in my gardens until my knee started giving me problems and has limited me to how much I can do for the time being  which also limits me to wondering about taking photos , plus the weather has been so out of whack as well , sunny and warm one day rainy and chilly the next windy as heck to  lol.

But on the nice days I have been able to take advantage of and hobble about doing my best and Miggs has been right by my side the entire time , bless her .

 Even though my knee has been bothering me and limiting my walking I have a brace on it to help support it so I can get about so Miggs and I went down to our river and enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of the this amazing river we have just a few minuets  walk away from our house .

 Our river flows out to lake Erie and has lots of silt in it as  the banks  become flooded  a few times a year but the wild flowers are beautiful on the edges of the banks .

And the bird songs are soo pretty as they echo in the forest surrounding the river .

Our gardens are blooming wonderfully and each day I see blooms popping open every where .

 I find these days I am using my phone camera more as it handy and takes pretty good photos but when I want to get down to real serious photography I use my big Nikon with my fave lens a telephoto zoom 55-300mm lets me get close with out getting to close especially when it comes to skittish subjects  lol . .

 Unlike our Miggs on the odd sunny warm day we have had here , who well  , just doesn't  have a care in the world lol !

 Well that's about it for me for now I will try and post a bit sooner then every two weeks all though I can imagine this time of  year all of you are out and about enjoying your lovely weather , gardens and taking photos 😊

                                                       Until next time

                              Country Gal