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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Quiet Changes In Season

It has been a quiet  Fall start for us even when all others were having nasty storms and tornados up north and east of us we had some wind and rain but that was about it for us  . My prayer's go out to the folks in the Ottawa area who had  losses  last week from the storms .

Here the weather was rainy and chilly then it got humid again and cloudy and now it is clear and chilly with sunshine . Each morning is chilly and dewy now and the air is fresh and becoming a bit more crisp . The leaves are slowly to change and fall . Our fall  birds have returned , Woodpeckers , Nuthatch, Blue Jays , Pine Siskins , Chickadees, and we have the  Northern Cardinal's all year  and still waiting for the Juncos to return . I have seen a few Robins about but they are becoming less as they head to the south the Turkey Vultures will be leaving soon to  and the Crows are active and noisy flying in groups/ flocks or as it is called a Murder of crows I still find this phrase odd but did you know why this phrase is used and where it came from  here's a did you know tid bit  A group of Crows is called a “murder.” There are several different explanations for the origin of this term, mostly based on old folk tales and superstitions such as Crows are an omen of death. Crows are scavengers associated with dead bodies, cemeteries and battlefields,  Funny where some phrases come from and how they are carried out and used over time . Any who  the Canadian Geese are flocking from place to place as they go from one area to the next for food ,

The land is changing  and the critters are busy gathering and stocking up for the winter .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (8 of 18)

SEPTEMBER 2018 (10 of 18)This little guy I call Theodore loves to play amongst our wood piles in the back of the sheds , lots of hiding places back there for him . SEPTEMBER 2018 (6 of 22)

I had a flock of Northern Flickers stop by and chow down on the lawn as we have sandy soil and it provides lots of ants for them to munch on , munch away guys .  I tried to get photos of more than just one at a time but they just did not want to cooperate with me  and most didn't want to look at me either , they are very skittish .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (11 of 22)SEPTEMBER 2018 (19 of 22)

Miggs has been busy patrolling the yard  but has been having a few problems with her back leg she had operated on at the beginning of the year as she has bad arthritis  in the knee and the damp cooler weather triggers it and she gets very sore and can walk on it properly so she has been taking it easy and when the sun comes out and the air warms up a bit she feels a bit better and can move around better to .  She is on meds for the rest of her life for al her aliments but  she has her  good days and not so good days .

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SEPTEMBER 2018 (1 of 18)SEPTEMBER 2018 (12 of 18)SEPTEMBER 2018 (13 of 18)

The Cabbage moths have been  quietly busy collecting as  much left over nectar as they can before they take their journey south  as have the bees .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (4 of 18)

The land is changing and so is nature and that means new things to photograph and enjoy .  I like to walk about with camera in hand and quietly just take photos of what ever catches my eye .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (11 of 18)

                                   Like this forest floor through the cedar trees as the sun peeks through , such a quiet spot .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (14 of 18)

                                                                            Before I cleaned out the bird bath .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (15 of 18)Sunshine beaming down in between the maple tree , it leaves are still green but before we know it they will be yellow and all on the ground .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (17 of 18)                                    The clouds have been soo pretty as they float by suspended in the air like they are in 3D Last

SEPTEMBER 2018 (18 of 18)And this well this is just one of our garden picket fences that has different coloured pretend bird houses every 6 pickets all around our big old tree.  I take photos of all kinds of things just because lol .

Well that was a winded post sorry for that hope you weren't to bored and if you got this far in it thankyou for hanging in there .

                                                                                                  Until next time

                                                                                                   Country Gal

Friday, September 21, 2018

Last Day Of Summer Goes Out With A Bang As Fall Sweeps In .

Well this is the last day of summer and it is going out with a bang . The heat and humidity is awful here ,the winds are blowing but not cool as they to are warm and the sun is shining for now so it adds to the heat and the humidity .

This last day of summer is also sending us a bad rain  storm with high winds  that could become so gusty and damaging later this afternoon into the evening so I have been busy this morning preparing for that just incase .

Miggs and I went for our walk this morning and man oh man was it muggy out at 8am in the morning  YUK! They say that after this last day of summer storm we will be into  cool  fresh fall weather which is I believe the first time in years we have had fall weather on the first day of fall which is tomorrow Saturday 22nd , I am looking forward to the cool down and to be able to open my windows up to fresh cool air .

The yard has been a combination of busy and not busy , some flowers that are still in bloom have had bees all over them just covered in pollen .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (3 of 9)

The  Monarchs for the best part have been flittering through as they are on their journey south toward the tip of lake Erie as they cross over it  as well has lots and lots of the yellow and white Cabbage moths . The birds have been taking cover during the day from the heat and like to feast early in the mornings and later in the evenings . Our hummers have now migrated and so that is all our summer birds gone on their journey south as well.  Some of our fall birds have returned as others will slowly return as the fall season gets deeper into the next month or so.

SEPTEMBER 2018 (1 of 2)

Because of all the humidity the early  mornings have been foggy and the grasses wet which as soon as the sun comes out that makes it more humid  as all that moister rises .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (2 of 2)

  And that also can create some amazing dew drops on spider webs causing them to be seen easier .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (4 of 10)And when the fog breaks and the sun does burn through it all the sun rises are magnificent over the valley .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (1 of 1)-3The clear late evenings as the moon rises has been amazing as well , this is from Tuesday evening and there will be a full moon come this Monday 24th  hope it is clear then to .

Well as we prepare for one season to end and another to start I will now be on my way here as we hunker down for the summer to go out with a bang later in the form of a storm and say goodbye to it and to say hello to Fall  as it sweeps in after the storms with its cool fresh air .

                                                                              Welcome Fall

                                                                                   Until next time .

                                                                                       Country Gal

Monday, September 17, 2018

Nearing The End Of Summer

Sad Crying face the summer is almost over as this is the last full week of summer . The weather has been very hot , humid and dry  seems like summer is going out in style and giving her last YURAW !
As of September 22nd it will be another pretty season, Fall as I call it or Autumn as others call it .  I have been busy in the gardens getting a head start on some of the plants that have finished trimming them and preparing them for their dormancy whilst other flourish before and during the new coming season . I can see the changes within the land and the wildlife .SEPTEMBER 2018 (5 of 10)The bees are collecting as much nectar as they can and are busy  bouncing from one flower to the next of what's left in the gardens and in the fields of wild flowers  as are the butterfly's .
SEPTEMBER 2018 (6 of 10)SEPTEMBER 2018 (6 of 18)
The grasshoppers have been chirping like crazy and taking lots of well deserved brakes in the heat .
SEPTEMBER 2018 (3 of 10)The summer birds  have all taken off on their long journey now and we get the odd straggler stop off for a rest and bite to eat as we are on the migration path and get all kinds of birds this time of year in our yard that don't always occupy it on a regular basis . Like this little Tufted Titmouse , we don't get them here in the yard but do get them about the valley but they are very elusive until I spotted this one stopping off way up on the sprue tree.
SEPTEMBER 2018 (10 of 18)                                                        Some of our trees are slowly starting to change now to .
SEPTEMBER 2018 (10 of 10)This one here has quite the mix of colour . Talking about mix some of these photos are taken with my big camera and others my smartphone which is some times easier to cart about then my big camera especially when Miggs and I are on our walks  .
I hear and see the farmers up on the top of our valley through the trees  with their big machines that harvest is well on its way and lots of signs  for fresh produce at the local  farms for sale . Love me some local farm fresh food YUMMY !
                                            It is time to say goodbye to summer and hello to Fall /Autumn .
                                                                                        Until next time .
                                                                                           Country Gal

Monday, September 10, 2018

Happenings As The Seasons Begin To Change

The  happenings  as the summer season is winding down here now and the next season of Fall/Autumn slowly creeps in . We have lots of rain today and chilly winds .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (16 of 40)

For the most part our summer birds have flown the coop per say and have headed south , our hummers are still hanging here fueling up with as much as they can handle before they take off soon on their journey .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (28 of 40)

                                                      Our fall birds have returned as others stay here all year .

One  early morning last week as the sun was rising  I was outside  as I usually am on sunny warm mornings and had a wonderful time watching the birds about the yard and was chatting away to them and taking their photos . Thank goodness the neighbor's cant hear me chatting to them or they may think I am bonkers lol ! I do talk to the animals though  .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (29 of 40)

                                           I am glad to see our nuthatch has returned , these little guys are so cute .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (34 of 40)

              We have quite a few Cardinals about both adults and Juvenile's like this on in the photo above  they stay all year .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (31 of 40)                                            Our little Chickadees are back in full force to , such sweet little birds they are .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (1 of 1)-4The fields are full of Goldenrod and wild Asters and are busy with all kinds of pollinators to buzzing about collecting as much as they can  .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (1 of 1)-3These little wild daisy flowers are my fave with their pretty white  flowers ,pink and yellow centers all together . We have lots of them about the field to .

Whilst some plants in my gardens have come to an end and the few I have left are still in bloom the Goldfinch snack on the seeds of some of them.

SEPTEMBER 2018 (3 of 7)

                Our Blue Jays arrived a week ago and have been elusive to the feeders and yard  till now.

SEPTEMBER 2018 (7 of 7) The only noise  we have had this past week is from the builders across the road from us that are putting in the footings and foundation for a house . All interesting and a bit exciting to watch , well for me it is lol ! I have met the owners of the soon to be house and they are a very nice retired couple who moved here to be closer to family that live in this valley village we call home . The house they are having built is called a modular home and it is put together in a factory and trucked piece by piece to the property and put together on the foundation . Modular homes come in very different types , colours , floor plans and styles and you can customize with the builders to and are becoming more and more popular down this way .

   Well that’s about it for me , in the coming days as the weather picks up again as  we are in for more summer like temps and sunshine I will be busy with the end of summer clean up in the gardens and yard and enjoying a campfire/ chiminea fire or two as well like we did over the weekend .


                                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                                                         Country Gal

Monday, September 3, 2018

A Day Trip To Pinery Provincial Park

Papa Miggs and I went to  Pinery Provincial park on Friday and had a blast . We have a park pass that we share with our neighbor's / friends Mr & Mrs H  as they are so very kind to let us use and we can use for all provincial parks in Ontario  that we want to tour and enjoy every one of them as we will be buying our own pass next year and years to come  .  This is a long post so I hope you enjoy and don't get to bored by the end lol !

I took photos from the van on our way there as we were driving on the highway .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (7 of 55)

Miggs just loves road trips and often snoozes and watches things go by from the windows to .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (19 of 55)

                                                        As Miggs was snoozing I took photos of the scenery .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (11 of 55)

SEPTEMBER 2018 (15 of 55)

We have lots of wind turbines  in our area , Papa’s Steel company  has a division for these massive turbines .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (25 of 55)We also have lots of wonderful farms/barns in the area to with Amish and Mennonite communities .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (27 of 55)SEPTEMBER 2018 (26 of 55)

SEPTEMBER 2018 (30 of 55)SEPTEMBER 2018 (31 of 55)

                                                             I love the different types and looks of barns .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (24 of 55)

                                           Taking photos from a moving van is challenging and one I do so enjoy .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (23 of 55)

                                  Almost harvest time for these fields . The goldenrod has bloomed everywhere now to .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (33 of 55)

                                                 We arrive at Pinery Provincial park that is off of lake Huron .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (34 of 55)

We get to the gate house show our pass and they hand us a booklet with all their info and places to explore .


                                                                             And off we go for our adventure . SEPTEMBER 2018 (35 of 55)

          We went for a nice hike in the woods that has beautiful tall pines hence the name Pinery hehe !

SEPTEMBER 2018 (36 of 55)

SEPTEMBER 2018 (38 of 55)

                           I love taking photos of Papa and Miggs walking together especially on a forest hike .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (39 of 55)

                                                            SEPTEMBER 2018 (42 of 55)  

                                                                           Look up, look wayyy up into the pine trees !

Pinery’s natural features are staggering – 2,532 ha (6,330 acres) in size; over 757 plant, 325 bird and 60 butterfly species to name just a few groups; a globally rare Oak Savanna ecosystem; freshwater coastal dunes; habitat for endangered species; and the largest protected forest in southwestern Ontario.

The recreational opportunities in Pinery are equally diverse – 10 km beach; 10 nature trails; a 14 km bike trail; 38 km of ski trails; canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding; fishing; cycling; and one of the largest year-round interpretive programs in Ontario.

It was a lovely hike and the paths were perfect and large enough for both bikes and people to pass on . 

SEPTEMBER 2018 (45 of 55)

They have many looks outs over lake Huron from the trails end , it was a beautiful sight to see and  the weather was perfect not to hot or humid with cool lake breezes .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (53 of 55)SEPTEMBER 2018 (52 of 55)                                                                     So we rested for bit and enjoyed the views .

                                                                            Then it was time to head back .

SEPTEMBER 2018 (55 of 55)And go for a swim on one of the two dog beaches they have there . Miggs loves the water and we love playing in it with her and relaxing on the beach . 20180831_135123

20180831_135201After we had a nice play and swim in the water we went for a walk along the beach , I love drift wood and this one was huge .

40511284_2629525940606716_1245886604304711680_n                                            After we got back to our spot on the beach, we sat  and relaxed 40446775_2629525973940046_3755962047246893056_n

                                     and watched all the other people and doggies playing and had a few 4 legged visitor's to .

It was a fun day and we will be doing it again as the Autumn/Fall season gets closer  for all the wonderful  colours and go back to Pinery as we didn't get to see all it has to offer , like the dunes and a few of the nature shops  .Next year we hope to get to many more of our lovely provincial parks but we did stop for ice cream there before we left the park and Miggs loved that  to.

               All the way home Miggs snoozed , Papa and I were pleasantly tired and fresh aired out from our fun day at

                                                                                             Pinery Provincial park !

                                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                                                  Country Gal