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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Just Recived Some Great News

More happy days ahead . We just received great news from our daughter Leila and her dairy farmer hubby Dan that we are to be grandparents again, WHOOHOO! They are expecting their first child , Leila wanted to get past the first few months before she told us and now we are looking forward to another grand baby . 


Our Son and daughter in law David and Cindee have our first grandchild a sweet little boy Colton and he is growing like a weed , he is now 5 months old and such a cutie pie . They come down and visit us once a month and keep us updated via messaging and video when they are at home .

Isn't he such a cutie and a very happy little guy to . We are Grammy and Papa to Colton and we just love having them visit and now we will soon have another little one to come and visit 🌝


We had our Christmas a week early with David,Cindee and Colton it was wonderful .
David /daddy and Colton 
Colton had just visited Santa for the first time at the farm .
                                                        Papa and Colton having a cuddle .


                                                    Colton has started foods now and he loves it lol . 

This is our daughter Leila and her dairy farmer hubby Dan  with Colton  as Leila and Dan came down to visit for the day .

 So lots to look forward to in days and months ahead with our little family . As for the weather  here it has its moments  , a bit of snow cold days then mild and rainy . I have been getting outside here and there to take photos and get some fresh air and enjoy the birds at my feeders , Spring is in 9 weeks and I am soo looking forward to it all . 

                                                            Until next time :


                                         Country Gal


Monday, January 10, 2022

A Shock To The New Year

It has been a while since I have done a post . We have been saddened and heartbroken by the passing of our young pup Summer . She had a blood infection back in October which we had no idea how she got it as we never let her wonder out side on her own and was always watching and with her either walking her on her leash or playing fetch in our yard and the times we took her to play with her doggy friends we were there watching to . Well the blood infection was under controll and all seemd gone and was fine in the weeks of her being on medication so all was going good then sudenly on boxing day she had a turn for the worst and had developed seizures so back to the vet we went . The symptoms she had were the same as Menigitis in dogs which in all my years of having dogs have never heard or seen anything like this . Summer was at the vets on heavy meds and kept having to many seizures and nothing they gave her helped to stop them and our vet said that to do more tests which would of been very expensive and hard on her as they would have to put her in induced coma for may not find anything , so Papa and I decided to let her go peacefully and with dignaty so she can be the dog she should be in heaven playing having fun and loving all . We miss her so very much and are so heartbroken that this suddenly happend as Summer was only one and half years old . We miss you so much our Summer Time Little Wolf and are blessed that we had you in our lives and as a member of our family . We will always keep you in our hearts and memeories for ever.