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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Just Recived Some Great News

More happy days ahead . We just received great news from our daughter Leila and her dairy farmer hubby Dan that we are to be grandparents again, WHOOHOO! They are expecting their first child , Leila wanted to get past the first few months before she told us and now we are looking forward to another grand baby . 


Our Son and daughter in law David and Cindee have our first grandchild a sweet little boy Colton and he is growing like a weed , he is now 5 months old and such a cutie pie . They come down and visit us once a month and keep us updated via messaging and video when they are at home .

Isn't he such a cutie and a very happy little guy to . We are Grammy and Papa to Colton and we just love having them visit and now we will soon have another little one to come and visit 🌝


We had our Christmas a week early with David,Cindee and Colton it was wonderful .
David /daddy and Colton 
Colton had just visited Santa for the first time at the farm .
                                                        Papa and Colton having a cuddle .


                                                    Colton has started foods now and he loves it lol . 

This is our daughter Leila and her dairy farmer hubby Dan  with Colton  as Leila and Dan came down to visit for the day .

 So lots to look forward to in days and months ahead with our little family . As for the weather  here it has its moments  , a bit of snow cold days then mild and rainy . I have been getting outside here and there to take photos and get some fresh air and enjoy the birds at my feeders , Spring is in 9 weeks and I am soo looking forward to it all . 

                                                            Until next time :


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zAzA said...

Grandchildren are the B E S T :-}

Lois Evensen said...

What precious images! Your grand baby is beautiful. Congratulations on the next one, too!