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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Just A Little Note


Hello every one . I am still around , just have been fighting an ear infection so not been feeling up to much .

We  got word the other day  that Papa’s Grandma his dad’s mum  is not doing well she is in intensive care  since last week  so Papa and I made the three hour trip up and spend most of the day with her yesterday  . Yes I did ask if it was ok for me to be near her as I have an ear infection the Dr’s basically said  how to put this , the poor old girl is on so much meds and morphine that it is just a matter of time   Papa’s Grandma is 94  and hasn’t been able to live a normal life for years as she has been ill and fighting the good fight and has told us many times  that that’s it  she wants to go   as she feels she isn’t  or hasn’t  been living the last few years of her life like she wants . It sounds cruel here but I think for her it is better that she reaches for the heavens and the man upstairs now realizes she needs peace  , dignity and a  freed  sprit .

We love you Grandma and will miss you , we will never forget you  for you will always be in our hearts and memories !


                        This is Grandma  3 years ago at  her birthday party  laughing and enjoying family   !

                   May you have peace soon Grandma  and do all in the after life of the heavens that you didn’t get to do in this one !.

                                                                Country Gal

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Went Out Into The Fields Today



To see what I could find ! Ok got that song in your head yet lol not exactly the same words but you get the gist of it lol ! Yes I went out in the fields again today , the weather was amazing sunny with bright blue sky’s  a few white puffy clouds and cool breezes .  I noticed every time I want to take photos of butterfly’s , bees and flowers  it is always breezy and trying to capture them in between each blow of wind is a bit tricky I might add to lol !  This field is right beside our house .

AUGUST 2014 (24 of 46)

I am pleased to see our Monarchs have returned in more numbers this year ,so far I have counted 30 since the beginning of summer and that is a lot compared to the past year or so as the numbers of them declined . I had 5 out there with me today all fluttering about from wild flower to wild flower  but they didn’t want to get together for me so I could take more then one at a times photo , oh well guess ya cant have everything can ya !

AUGUST 2014 (25 of 46)

                        Lots of these little butterfly’s around in the field as well as the white Cabbage moths  all so pretty !

AUGUST 2014 (36 of 46)

I then became surrounded with all kinds of butterfly’s bumble bees, grasshoppers and moths and the sound of crickets  .

AUGUST 2014 (40 of 46)

I then walked around more as I already had these little guys lets say caught on film lol  and looked around for other things I could find !

AUGUST 2014 (10 of 46)

          Fungi growing out of an old tree stump .. I love photographing fungi with all it’s different shapes , textures  and sizes  !

AUGUST 2014 (27 of 46)

                                                           Oh the Queen Ann's lace is so dainty and pretty !

AUGUST 2014 (43 of 46)

                         I love how there are lots of cute little wild flowers in the fields mixed in with the grasses  !

AUGUST 2014 (42 of 46)

I then looked wayyy up at the top of the trees and noticed this little leaf, the only one that has changed already !

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 46)

                                            I guess he is ready and waiting to fall now  ha ha get it fall lol snort  !

AUGUST 2014 (46 of 46)

                              Even though it is a weed I find Golden rod to be soo pretty in a field of wilderness !

AUGUST 2014 (20 of 46)

                 Then on the way back to the house I saw this interesting weaving of webs in my garden by the driveway so of course I thought cool I have to get a shot of this lol  !

                                      So that was my walk in the fields again today a place where I can spend hours in lol

                                                                 and usually do with camera in hand of course   !

                                                                             Until next time my friends !

                                                                                Country Gal

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Walk On The Wild Side



    The weather has been a bit on the wild  side that’s for sure  , it was feeling like fall not that long ago and now it  has heated up quite a lot for today  any ways very humid breezy and sunny  temps have hit 27°C feels like 40 or 81°F feels like 100  this is the hottest day so far for us this summer .  Yesterday I was out taking photos of some of  the wild we have here , the wild  fields ,  flowers , butterfly’s  and bugs ,  this time of year really brings every creature out and about as they all get ready for fall  all though today doesn’t feel anything like fall that’s for sure  !

AUGUST 2014 (9 of 63)

         Lots of these Grasshoppers around this year !  Between them chirping and the crickets it can get pretty noisy lol but it’s a noise I like !

AUGUST 2014 (11 of 63)

                               AUGUST 2014 (32 of 63)

                              Fields full of Queen Ann's lace and purple or pink  Thistle and Clovers that grow amongst it  all !

AUGUST 2014 (14 of 63)

AUGUST 2014 (23 of 63)

                                AUGUST 2014 (27 of 63)

   AUGUST 2014 (29 of 63)

                                 Lots of butterfly’s and bugs enjoying the  wild nectar with lots of Golden Rod every where !

AUGUST 2014 (21 of 63)

AUGUST 2014 (31 of 63)

                                           With lots of wild interesting  looking plants that grow every which way !

AUGUST 2014 (19 of 63)

                                            I love the wildness of the fields so fresh in scent and sight !

AUGUST 2014 (28 of 63)

                                                                     With all it’s mix of colours and wonder  !

AUGUST 2014 (33 of 63)

                                          With the odd nosey Chipmunk watching me on an old tree stump  !

AUGUST 2014 (52 of 63)

                                  And a little bunny hiding under the brush wondering whether to stay put or run  !

I love nature and all that comes with it , the wonders and awes of it all , the pretty colours and scents a field  has after a rain or  the sound  and smell of the grasses blowing in the fresh breeze on a sunny day  , the sight of a sun rise or sun set over a wild field , to see and hear all that the wild has to offer be it in our yard , valley or fields  . I love it all !

                                                          Ok so she isn’t truly wild but her fur can be at times lol !

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 63)

                      I would like to thank you all so much for your kind words and support for me as I go through this  little medical mystery  roller coaster , I am feeling much better today , one day at a time I say , one day at a time lol !


                                                                       Until next time my friends !

                                                                        Country Gal

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Bit Of This & That




Hope  you all had a good weekend .

We did mostly , For the past week I have been on a roller coaster of health issues  and been dealing with that , I had been suffering with chronic aches and pain for quite some time and had a hard time with it. I don't talk much here about my aliments as I find I want  more positive things on my blog mostly and I sometimes find I don't like to complain or whimper of my aches and pains lol  kind of a place here where I can forget all about it and just focus on the good stuff the stuff that makes me happy and like to share it all  but today I will let all that slide lol … so I finally got into see a rheumatologist a month ago and have been back and forth with him for a while now , well he said that my symptoms are a mystery to him as I have some that are Fibro like and  some that are rheumatoid  like but I guess I don't fall into their categories so he is stumped but he is at least working with me and these pills I am on will give him some idea as to what type of Arthritis I may have as there is a lot of different types  , I am the guinea  pig for now or lab rat lol I am on a med that is helping my aches and pains as there are none now and I don't feel like a rusty tin man in the mornings when I get up  . I feel strong and normal but it is affecting the right side of my face , see many years ago I had got Bells paulsy  and it had left the right side of my face damaged or in medical terms paralysis  in the muscles , tendons and nerves and yes one reason I do not like facial photos of me is because the cameras pick up the droop of the right side cause my right eye is smaller then the left as well  ! Ok so the meds are making all this in my face feel like I have Bells paulsy again , Saturday I went through hell with shooting never pain in my face and I was out for the count all day ! Papa was great in getting me things and making sure I was ok and comfy , These meds I am on are steroids  so I started on a high dose and are now dropping the dose day by day to find a happy medium with me and them for everything  and I am keeping a medical journal of all that goes on whilst I am on this medication .  So that’s what I have been dealing with amongst other things like two days of de skunking last week with Miggs  it is slowly dissipating but not fast enough for me  and of course  the every day stuff that I do enjoy lol .

                                                                   On  a  nicer note :

Papa has been great through all of this , truly my rock . He has just finished a project he was doing for our friends D & D H ,  I will call them here   Mr DH works with Papa   , it is of a wreath in a box for Mrs DH’s  mothers grave as the old one was a bit worn by the weather !

                                              AUGUST 2014 (1 of 13)-2

                                                       This is the old one it is pretty but needs some TLC !!!!

AUGUST 2014 (3 of 9)

                       This is the new one Papa made  from scratch  all new material , He also made a stand for it so it does sit off of the ground !

AUGUST 2014 (6 of 9)

                                  I think it is lovely , Papa you did a fine job and I know D&DH  will love it !!

                                         Got some fresh Cucumbers from our in laws veggie garden . YUMMY !

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 5)

                       And we also have some little cake treats we picked up at the bakery . also YUMMY !

AUGUST 2014 (3 of 5)

Yesterday Papa and I just puttered as I was feeling a bit better as I am today , face still a bit sore but I will survive as I always do lol  . Here's to another lovely start of a lovely sunny cool fresh morning filled with birdies singing and crickets chirping and Miggs and I off for our walk !

                                                                    Until next time my friends ! Have a good day !

                                                                          Country Gal

Saturday, August 23, 2014

To Our Misty


AKA  Miggy, Miggs , Monkeybutt , Miggus , Miggymoo ,  Missymoo , Missy , Booboo  , yes she has a lot of nick names   lol !

                                                         She is our fur baby our best buddy and our sunshine every day !

                                                      HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY

JULY 2014 (36 of 49)

                                                                 Extra treats today for our Miggs .

                                                          Luv Mama , Papa & Harley xxoo

                                                                          Country Gal

Friday, August 22, 2014

Silly Me


I did do a post earlier today  but  with everything that has been going on with Miggs and the skunking and the constant baths and cleaning the stink out of the house  it is our Anniversary today  and it  totally slipped my mind lol  oops lol ! Good thing Papa understands lol !

                                                        To my best friend and my soul mate !

                                         HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PAPA !

                                          JUNE 2014 (1 of 1)

                                                                     Red heart Luv   ya  Honey xxoo

                                                                     Country Gal

Slowly Creeping In


Regardless of the humidity we are having and the cool down we had I can see and feel signs of fall slowly creeping in . The fields are changing ever so slightly , the trees are showing faint shades of changing colour , the Sumac trees are changing ,

AUGUST 2014 (35 of 70)

AUGUST 2014 (37 of 70)

the mornings are foggy and nights are cooler , the air seems fresher  breezier , sun rises and sun sets are changing as well ,  corn , pumpkins ,  Gourds and apples are to soon be harvested  , wild flowers are out in full force , Rag weed and Golden Rod are filling the fields and road sides  , Queen Ann's lace is everywhere strutting her stuff and slowly changing .

AUGUST 2014 (28 of 70)

                                                             Even the burning bush is slowly changing !

AUGUST 2014 (4 of 70)

Our Chickadees  and Blue Jays have returned  singing and squawking ,  Starlings are flying in huge flocks landing in the fields and on lawns feasting preparing for their long journey singing their songs  as they sit on the hydro wires and tree tops , crickets are out in full force day and night , Robins are hanging about more singing  ,not sure who will stay or go as some have stayed back later then usual , Canadian Geese are flying their paths as a test run , Crows are hanging about more ,  all is getting ready for the seasonal change  .

                                                 The Orioles and Hummers are in a feeding frenzy!

 AUGUST 2014 (2 of 70)

                                      Chipmunks are busy stuffing their faces and storing the food they collect !

 AUGUST 2014 (24 of 70)

            Yes ma'am, mother nature  is changing our land once again  preparing for the fall season , I do like fall with all the fresh air, cool breezes and fantastic show of colours , the smell of wood smoke in the air and fresh baked pies and corn on the cob , pumpkins everywhere and all  is so YUMMY ! ! As some of  mother natures summer beauty  comes to an end her fall beauty is starting to flourishing !

                                                        Fall another wonderful pretty season to look forward to !

               P.S   Miggs is doing fine after her run in with the skunk , still a bit stinky but it is getting less and less each day ! At least now if ever again hope not to soon we now have the remedy to douse her in right away !

                                                                     Until next time my friends ! 

                                                                      Country Gal

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Here Kitty, Kitty !


No Miggs that’s not a kitty kitty that’s ah ah ah  skunk !!!! oh no Miggs what happened  ?!

Just before we turned in for the night  last night we let Miggs out to do her business and Papa heard her in hot pursuit of something , him thinking it was a stray cat as it usually is .. well  not this time !  he realized what it was after it had sprayed .. oh man it’s a skunk he yelled , the windows were open and it was right by the kitchen sliding door  that was also open, he thinks it was under his van that he parks under the car port and boy did it waft everywhere so the windows got closed quick but not quick enough still a bit of a smell through out the house ..  so , Papa still  calling Miggs to get her away which didn’t work she was to interested in this black and white cutie lol she got skunked . First time ever for her to, well it got her good as it was a humid night she was panting as she was pursuing this skunk and it got her right in the mouth and the underside of her neck  so she came running in finally shaking her head sneezing  and spluttering  slobber all over the place ,  poor dog  well we didn’t have anything to properly get the stink out so we did what we could  washed Miggs right away and especially her eyes to rinse them with luke warm water in case of any spray that may have gotten in them . I had lots of towels to wash late at night to get the stink out , thank fully they are all good and stinky free now .

My mother in law came over this morning with this stuff that is amazing . She uses it for her dog that has been skunked a few times lol . She is getting more for us today as she is going up to town lol !AUGUST 2014 (2 of 2)-2

I washed the smelly area of Miggs and her electric collar that got skunked badly and so far Miggs has no powerful odor just a hint on and around her mouth which I don't want to put anything on or around her mouth just in case   , waiting to see if the electric collar has any smell to it as it has to air dry after wiping it down with a saturated cloth of the stuff , I am sure the electric collar will still work as Miggs rolls in wet grass with it on  so here's hoping  for both lol !

                                        Living in the country , there really isn’t a dull moment is there ?

AUGUST 2014 (3 of 3)

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 3)

                Tired from her night of skunking and getting bathed and this morning of washing  it all out with this amazing stuff  lol !

                                                                           Until next time my friends !

                                                                                  Country Gal

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday



                                                                            AUGUST 2014 (1 of 63)

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                                                                            Country Gal