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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Bit Of This & That




Hope  you all had a good weekend .

We did mostly , For the past week I have been on a roller coaster of health issues  and been dealing with that , I had been suffering with chronic aches and pain for quite some time and had a hard time with it. I don't talk much here about my aliments as I find I want  more positive things on my blog mostly and I sometimes find I don't like to complain or whimper of my aches and pains lol  kind of a place here where I can forget all about it and just focus on the good stuff the stuff that makes me happy and like to share it all  but today I will let all that slide lol … so I finally got into see a rheumatologist a month ago and have been back and forth with him for a while now , well he said that my symptoms are a mystery to him as I have some that are Fibro like and  some that are rheumatoid  like but I guess I don't fall into their categories so he is stumped but he is at least working with me and these pills I am on will give him some idea as to what type of Arthritis I may have as there is a lot of different types  , I am the guinea  pig for now or lab rat lol I am on a med that is helping my aches and pains as there are none now and I don't feel like a rusty tin man in the mornings when I get up  . I feel strong and normal but it is affecting the right side of my face , see many years ago I had got Bells paulsy  and it had left the right side of my face damaged or in medical terms paralysis  in the muscles , tendons and nerves and yes one reason I do not like facial photos of me is because the cameras pick up the droop of the right side cause my right eye is smaller then the left as well  ! Ok so the meds are making all this in my face feel like I have Bells paulsy again , Saturday I went through hell with shooting never pain in my face and I was out for the count all day ! Papa was great in getting me things and making sure I was ok and comfy , These meds I am on are steroids  so I started on a high dose and are now dropping the dose day by day to find a happy medium with me and them for everything  and I am keeping a medical journal of all that goes on whilst I am on this medication .  So that’s what I have been dealing with amongst other things like two days of de skunking last week with Miggs  it is slowly dissipating but not fast enough for me  and of course  the every day stuff that I do enjoy lol .

                                                                   On  a  nicer note :

Papa has been great through all of this , truly my rock . He has just finished a project he was doing for our friends D & D H ,  I will call them here   Mr DH works with Papa   , it is of a wreath in a box for Mrs DH’s  mothers grave as the old one was a bit worn by the weather !

                                              AUGUST 2014 (1 of 13)-2

                                                       This is the old one it is pretty but needs some TLC !!!!

AUGUST 2014 (3 of 9)

                       This is the new one Papa made  from scratch  all new material , He also made a stand for it so it does sit off of the ground !

AUGUST 2014 (6 of 9)

                                  I think it is lovely , Papa you did a fine job and I know D&DH  will love it !!

                                         Got some fresh Cucumbers from our in laws veggie garden . YUMMY !

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 5)

                       And we also have some little cake treats we picked up at the bakery . also YUMMY !

AUGUST 2014 (3 of 5)

Yesterday Papa and I just puttered as I was feeling a bit better as I am today , face still a bit sore but I will survive as I always do lol  . Here's to another lovely start of a lovely sunny cool fresh morning filled with birdies singing and crickets chirping and Miggs and I off for our walk !

                                                                    Until next time my friends ! Have a good day !

                                                                          Country Gal


Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Sorry to hear about your health woes. It's hard to find the right balance and we feel that it will never happen, but when it does, it is such a relief. I do hope you come to some happy medium soon. Take care x

Willow said...

What a nice gesture your guy did with that new and its beautiful.
Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling up to par, hope your feeling better soon.
Glad you and Miggs are getting out and about .

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health struggles. I do hope that everything turns our well for you as you work with your doctor. In the meantime, I also hope that all the joy you experience in your wonderful part of the world brings you comfort.

And that wreath in a box is stunning!

Jane and Chris said...

Elaine, my right eye droops...we should stand together for photos!
Jane x

Patsy said...

So sorry you are feeling so much pain, best thing to do was see the doctor.
We can't post all happy then we would not be real.
Hope your day is a good one. Give Miggs a hug for me, or maybe not.

Tea Norman said...

Enjoyed reading your blog entry. Hope you feel a lot better next time.

Anonymous said...

Take care. It is hard when medication for one things affects something else. I have osteoarthritis and it depends on the day as to how I feel. I find that time when I first get up is awful ... have to sit and stretch to make my lower back feel better. And it certainly limits my bending and lifting in the garden. That is why it took me so long to get the mulch down, can only life one or two bags a day and then I'm done in. Like you I do't talk about the ailments, but concentrate on the good things. That is how we get through the day isn't it?

Linda Kay said...

Meds! Even when a doctor prescribes the right one, there might be a reaction from some other one, it seems. In any case, sorry you are struggling, and I think you are free to write whatever you want on your blog...we are all here to lend an ear(or an eye) to support you. Take care, and keep walking. Great therapy.

Amy at love made my home said...

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been doing well, I hope that you will feel some positive effects from the meds soon and that they will work out what is wrong and can treat it. You are right, it is no fun at all having these sorts of things and I can understand that you don't want to talk about it all the time, but please don't feel that you cannot mention it as we are all here to support you and everyone else too. Take care of yourself. xx

William Kendall said...

Medication itself can be a trial. I hope things get sorted for those ailments soon.

Michelle said...

I do hope thing get worked out for you very soon.

Faye Henry said...

Sure hope you will be getting everything worked out soon, Elaine.. Health issues seem to be the order of the day the older we get,eh?
The wreath is lovely and gotta love those fresh veggies.. Take care, my friend.. xo

Linda said...

Hi Elaine....
Sorry you are suffering...
Good to get it off your chest...
Linda :o)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl .. I am so sorry about your health issues .. I hope they can find a medication that will work better and have you feel more comfortable. I have a lot of different conditions and I am on a lot of different medications for them. It is a roller coaster even when they think the know what is wrong ad what to prescribe.
I am on steroids for Addison's ... if you find your hair is getting frizzy or kinky, that is one of the side affects .. LOL , something to have a giggle over?
Take care .. if you feel like talking about it all drop by.
Joy : )

Anvilcloud said...

Sorry about all of your discomfort. Sometimes, you just have to 'talk' about it, and that's fine.