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Friday, August 15, 2014

Cooler Days


   Windy          Partly cloudy               16°C or 61°F  .  That's what our weather has been the past few days , this morning it is only 10C or 50F  strangely cool for this time of year here but great for gardening . Because of  the cool weather some flowers have come to an end already whilst others are in full bloom so I have been spending time in the gardens taking out the dead and deadheading the rest  and even planning for next year  gardens .AUGUST 2014 (29 of 38)

                         These are our back gardens  , even the little bit of cloud in the photo makes it look chilly lol !

AUGUST 2014 (1 of 24)

                                                  The front gardens below are doing well this year again !

AUGUST 2014 (1 of 38)

                                             I trimmed all the Hostas  stalks off as they were all done and looked scraggly !

AUGUST 2014 (3 of 38)

               I like to take photos of the gardens  each year as each year they seem to be different , some times better and some times not and it helps me archive what plants look good where and what they were .

AUGUST 2014 (33 of 38)

AUGUST 2014 (20 of 24)

     AUGUST 2014 (23 of 38)                      

                         Around our birch tree I have a few Balloon flowers growing and some ground flock !

AUGUST 2014 (24 of 38)

AUGUST 2014 (20 of 38)

                                  Miggs barking at George the Crow as he sits in the birch tree squawking at her .

AUGUST 2014 (21 of 24)

                            Our little  garden by the driveway yup that's our old sign Papa made when we moved here 5 years ago I think it needs a do over  , a bit to weathered it is now lol !

AUGUST 2014 (31 of 38)

                  There , our  cozy little Woods Country Cove home where I spend my time gardening taking photos and enjoying the wild life we are so lucky to have  . Speaking of wild life the deer have been out and about  more now that the temps have cooled right down  , I am still trying to get their photos as every time I see them well ya know the drill  see something ya always want to get photos of and when ya see it  of course you don't have your camera with you, murphy's law I say  I blame it on Murphy  who is he anyways lol  , any who this time I am taking my camera with me when Miggs and I go for our walks as this time of year things are changing and shifting around getting ready for the true season of fall weather even though it feels like it now lol maybe they are getting confused and think it is fall now I know I am  confused  with this cool weather lol

I noticed the Blue Jays  & Chickadees are back here already  they are just a few of our fall and winter birds , and the    starlings are gathering in flocks on tree tops and on the grounds pecking like mad  and this morning I heard the geese flying around on their  flight paths testing them when the time comes to take off for the season . The Robins have been scares for a few weeks to but now are back one last time before they migrate well some of them  do and the Hummers and Orioles are feasting like crazy on my home made nectar . It all goes so fast the summer season , I love fall though with all the colours but not yet I am still in summer mode lol !

                                                     Until next time my friends ! Have a good weekend !

                                                                             Country Gal


Jane and Chris said...

Where'd summer go,huh?
Jane x

Pamela Gordon said...

It is noticeably feeling like fall here especially in the evenings and mornings. Your gardens are looking very pretty. I hope you have a nice weekend and it warms up.

Patsy said...

I can't thank fall yet but it is getting cooler here.

Amy at love made my home said...

It does seem as though the weather is starting to change again, but I am still trying to hold on to it being summer for now!! xx

Anonymous said...

It certainly has been cooler. I trimmed all my hosta stalks a week or so ago, got too messy looking. You will get those deer photos soon.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I've noticed that some of our trees are beginning to turn and we have already started our autumn pruning. All summer I kept saying that everything was so early. Have a wonderful weekend. x

Michelle said...

Our weather here in Kentucky has been unseasonable cool for this time of year. Maybe an early fall for all of us.

William Kendall said...

I wonder if Miggs and the crow understand each other.

We've had rain most of the week, and much cooler like you. I've had enough of the rain for awhile.

Anvilcloud said...

It has been an unreasonable summer, but your flowers don't seem to have minded.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the always lovely tours of your flowers and yard, Elaine. And, it was also nice to see your home and Ken's workshop. Looks like a wonderful place to live.