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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gone To The Birds

It has been quiet here the past week and the weather has been  pleasant and mild with sun and cloudy period days   . Our snow has all gone and we have a mix of green and brown through out the yard .
Miggs and I have still been enjoying our walks and some time out side this past week . I had a wonderful few days photographing our birdies in the yard , sometimes it is hard to get them to just stay still as they are so active this time of  year lol .


 The chickadees are so curious at times but I haven't been able to get one to eat from my hand yet.

         This little White Throated Sparrow in the cedar was watching me closely .

                     Mr Downy was busy hammering open a seed on the tree trunk .

               Little Dark eyed Junco was trying to keep a hold of the branch in the wind .

                Awe the little White breasted nuthatch such a acrobat traveling upside down the tree trunk
       Our Red bellied woodpecker we named Charlie was busy feasting on the suet . Funny how this is named a red bellied as clearly it seems he has more red on his head then his belly lol .

   The male Northern Cardinals really stand out this time of year .  I can hear him saying to himself ,   If I can just reach this berry  .
         The female Cardinals  also stand out amongst the green of the cedar hedges .

          Not as many Morning Doves about now but we do get the odd one or two sticking around  .

                 Well that's about it like I said its been quiet here , we are to get rain this afternoon and a bit over night then the weekend is to be sunny and still mild .

                                                                Until next time

                                         Country Gal

Friday, November 15, 2019

Finding Beauty In The Dull Of The Cold

 Well lets start off  with the weather as we Canadians have to always be prepared for changing weather and it is usually the most talked about subject  lol .

It has been cold, snowy, damp and gloomy with the odd pop of sunshine but on the + side we will be getting warmer temps arriving as of Sunday for a few days all above freezing and some well needed sunshine  , I feel we will be having weather that's  constantly swapping from cold to warm I just hope it doesn't cause flooding in the area again  like it did last year  .

I really am not a fan of the cold snowy damp weather but there are times I can find some of it's beauty under all the white .

                                            I also can find beauty with in doors as well .

                  And on certain nights when the full moon appears like it did on Tuesday

          The full moon rising over our valley  I am so clad it was a fairly clear night but it was cold ,

                     Then I went our later in the evening as the full moon was at high peak .

 Then the next morning as the sun was rising in the east this very same moon was setting in the west .

 So even though the cold damp snowy weather keeps me in more it does has its beautiful moments to take a few quick photos of .

                                                                   Until next time

                                       Country Gal


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

We Have Snow

 Yup it has come early for us for the first time in many years and quite a bit of it to , we aren't used to getting this much  this early or having it as cold either in the lower part of Ontario Canada but it has made for a new canvas for photography and as always a challenging one at best .

 Before the big storm we did get a little bit of snow and it was mild and Miggs was enjoying the calm and sun but then after that day it was cloudy and the sky s were letting loose with snow .

 Miggs is now sporting her new winter coat not the fur kind as her fur hasn't grown much or thickened up like it used to as she is getting older so she now happily and proudly wears this coat and its looks so cute on her , it even has a zippered pocket to carry  her poopy bags in lol !

 The birdies have been flocking about the feeders filling up on all that's available and we have more ground feeders of Juncos then we have ever had this year just before I took this shot there were so many Juncos I could not see the ground  .

 Every year all though I don't really like the thought of cold and snow arriving when the snow finally does I see the beauty of it as it gently covers and caresses the land .

                               And how the snow sparkles in the sunshine is soo pretty to .

I have still been seeing Robins about as well as they sit in the crab apple tree and feast on the berries , this Robin decided to sit outside our window on the wire all puffed up .

So I guess this snow is here to stay unless we get a wacky warm spell one never knows with Canadian weather .

                                                     Until next time


Monday, November 11, 2019

We Will Remeber !

                                                Thank you to all for our freedom .


                 Lest We Forget !


Monday, November 4, 2019

Its Now November ?!

Wow ! November already ! the months are just flying by aren't they?!

The weather has been a mix of all sorts as this is the time of year for it to be quite wacky lol . Yesterday was a lovely sunny with cloudy periods type day and the temps weren't to bad either the winds were chilly but all round a good day as Papa myself and Miggs were able to get out and clean up hopefully what will be the last big piles of the leaves as most of our trees are now bare .

                                            The sky's were soo pretty yesterday to .

 And after all our work and fresh air yesterday when we went in for lunch  Miggs was tired from supervising and snuggled beside her sister Harley and had a afternoon nap .

This morning was cloudy and windy but mild , through my window just as the light of the day appeared the Bluejays were in good spirits playing about in the yard .

Yes the leaves in the back ground have fallen after we cleaned up but its just the last little bit that we had left on one tree .

I left a few of my plants with seeds that the birds like to feast on and that the bluejays have been enjoying as they goof about the sunflowers wobbling and balancing  to and fro on them lol .

                                                   They are quite the characters to watch .
I have seen the Juncos about in our cedar hedges foraging but they always seem very skittish for a while when they return then after a while they realize me with my camera are just another snap happy photographer and will not hurt them lol !

We had our clocks turn back one hour yesterday  , it takes me a little to get used to it  though and I don't like how dark it is now either in the mornings or how early it gets dark in the evenings , our province is and country is in discussions about getting rid of day light saving as not all our provinces in the country of Canada do it .

           Well things have slowed down here for now  but in the next few weeks it will get busy for us as the Christmas festive time approaches  .

                                                               Until next time

                                     Country Gal