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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gone To The Birds

It has been quiet here the past week and the weather has been  pleasant and mild with sun and cloudy period days   . Our snow has all gone and we have a mix of green and brown through out the yard .
Miggs and I have still been enjoying our walks and some time out side this past week . I had a wonderful few days photographing our birdies in the yard , sometimes it is hard to get them to just stay still as they are so active this time of  year lol .


 The chickadees are so curious at times but I haven't been able to get one to eat from my hand yet.

         This little White Throated Sparrow in the cedar was watching me closely .

                     Mr Downy was busy hammering open a seed on the tree trunk .

               Little Dark eyed Junco was trying to keep a hold of the branch in the wind .

                Awe the little White breasted nuthatch such a acrobat traveling upside down the tree trunk
       Our Red bellied woodpecker we named Charlie was busy feasting on the suet . Funny how this is named a red bellied as clearly it seems he has more red on his head then his belly lol .

   The male Northern Cardinals really stand out this time of year .  I can hear him saying to himself ,   If I can just reach this berry  .
         The female Cardinals  also stand out amongst the green of the cedar hedges .

          Not as many Morning Doves about now but we do get the odd one or two sticking around  .

                 Well that's about it like I said its been quiet here , we are to get rain this afternoon and a bit over night then the weekend is to be sunny and still mild .

                                                                Until next time

                                         Country Gal


Linda said...

Haven’t seen the white throated sparrow for a few weeks, think they have gone somewhere warmer. The song sparrows have been around though, Love seeing all your feathered friends.

Sallysmom said...

I love the White Throated Sparrow's song.

William Kendall said...

You've got quite a bit of bird company.

Susan Zarzycki said...

Great photos! I have not been so lucky photographing our back yard birds.

Linda said...

Beautiful shots Elaine...