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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunrise At The Cove


I was up before the crack of dawn yesterday . Miggy  woke me up , she usually is the lazy one in the mornings so I decided to get up  and sit on the front porch  with Miggy  , I with my cup of tea and watched the sun rise . The air was crisp and chilly .


                                                   The sunrise was soo pretty !


            I ran in to get my camera and took a few shots as it was rising  ! this is my favourite  one !


        Then I went around and took photos of the sun rise shining on other things !


                                            Miggy realizing she got up to early !

                    I just love the color it has when it shines it’s orangey glow on everything !


                               It was very busy in our yard as the sun was rising !


                 Lots of birds feeding off the ground and fluttering from feeder to feeder !


                                                  Even the bunnies got in the act !


      These guys are always under the feeders eating seeds , so much for them just eating grass and veggies !


               The other bunny ran away when I got closer but this little guy struck a pose for me !

    So this is some of what goes on in our yard as the sun comes up , yes we do have late risers as well like the squirrels and the hummers they appear later in the morning !

                                         What goes on in your yard as the sun comes up !

     I think the cooler weather has just been teasing us as today is to be really hot and humid again  and we haven’t had rain in a long time so we are in need of that again .                 

                                 Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                          Country Gal

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoying The Day


Yesterday was a nice day with warm sun and cool breezes . After Miggy and I went for our walk I decides to sit quietly with my camera and take photos . Now when I say sit I mean more or less squat down under the tree that the birds like to occupy and feed from their feeders . This tree in our yard has berries on it so they love to scoff them down as well .


    I was practically underneath this little guy  above photo looking up ! They will get so close to me as I am photographing another how close you ask ? with in inches of my face ! The hummers here seem to like to perform for the camera and zoom all around me as if to say NANA ! you cant catch me ! They are very nosey to !


                               This little guy was more interested in the cone flower !


I love photographing hummers they are quite a challenge and they love to play with you !



                Our Nuthatch has returned there are two of them , guess fall must be a round the corner !


Butterfly up in the tree warming in the sun! Did you know butterfly’s have to warm their wings in the sun so they can fly ? 


                              I have to take a photo or two of Miggy whilst I am out there !


                                           Mr Dove keeping an eye on me !


                                                                                    Lunch time !


This is the tree the birds like and as you  can see I have lots of feeders there . I finally couldn’t squat down and lean against my shed any more as my legs felt like they were in knots as I was there like that for an hour or so ! Then I got my little stool over there on the left of this pic as my chair I use was in the van and at Papa’s work ! Once I got my stool in place I sat for hours just watching and observing the birds and taking photos . I must have been there for hours , that's me , I can sit watch and take hundreds of photos of them for hours !DSC_2161


        This is how nice the day was weather wise cool breeze warm sun ! The nights and mornings are becoming chilly and dewy now !

                       Praying  for all who are getting hit by the big storms in the states stay safe !

                                        Until next time Hope you all have a nice day !

                                                       Country Gal

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A This & That Day !


Yesterday we had rain all day that was much needed , all though it made the weeds in my garden grow more  , pulling my hair  now  AAAAAA !!!!!!

Miggy and I went for our walk  early this morning then I puttered around trying to get a jump start on my fall clean up with some things in the gardens . Some of my plants are done now and I spent the morning in the back garden as it is more shaded in the back garden now then it is earlier in the summer , pulling some of the dead out to give room for other plants to spread through to the fall ! And weeds HOLLY MOLLY there were more then I thought , so ya know I had to get rid of them all !


Then I did some washing and hung my comforters out to dry on the line as the temps weren't to bad and there was a nice breeze,  perfect for drying laundry on the line !


Those pink shoes there are my gardening shoes and boy where they mucky after I was done gardening  and so were my hands , I love the feel of dirt on my hands and feet from  gardening , ok I’m weird ! but I am a Country Gal after all , so any who, the garden was still damp from the rain yesterday , so I hosed them down , yes hands and feet to ,  then I sat on the porch had a nice cold drink with Miggy passed out beside me, then I realized it was already lunch time ,WOW ! time fly’s I said to Miggy , it’s lunch time already , well Miggy perked her ears to that and I went and made some lunch . Miggy and I had lunch on the porch , she gets a cookie, whilst the laundry flapped on the line , my radio softly playing my fave country station , birds chirping , breeze blowing, Cicadas buzzing  and the sun shining and my feet, back and legs sighing in relief  AHAHAHA !!!

            After lunch Miggy and I sat for a bit then ventured indoors as it was getting humid !

                              Making meat sauce this afternoon for spaghetti  for tonight's supper !

        Papa will be home from work around 4:30 and the evening will then be, supper , dishes , putting laundry away, making Papa’s lunch for tomorrow,   and then put the kettle on for our cup of tea at 8 pm  relax and read some of your wonderful blogs  till its time to go night , nights !

                             So that's our day today pretty much a simple country life .

                             Until next time . Hope you all have a good day !

                                            Country Gal

Monday, August 27, 2012

Horse Event !


Yesterday Papa and I went to the horse event at the Saddle Club that we are members of to take more photos ! 

We were going to set up our screen tent but  didn't seem to be very many people there when we got there so we didn't bother setting it up instead we just set up our table with our lap top and extra monitor had our papers with our info and showed the DVD Papa did with his choice of music of the last few events  and let it run whilst we were out taking photos !

Then as the day went on more and more spectators showed up  but only a few riders were there as this time of year lots of the riders have bigger shows to go to ! This Saddle Club just started so its small . Papa and I have ideas we are going to suggest to the club to help them grow , like advertise more  and we can use our photos and get some sponsors on board !

The humidity was awful but thankfully there was a breeze that made it bearable for all !


        This lovely lady and her horse Misty are awesome  , She is 80 years old and rides wonderfully ! The women to the far right of the photo below is the judge ! The original lady that judges here was at another show and she some times rides here as well !


We have a new club member below and she and her horse are just new to each other !

DSC_1784                         This lady above and below photos is also a dog trainer and a judge at dog shows !


DSC_1860              This young girl is the daughter of friends that also ride in these events . I cant put names but she is 12 years old and rides like a pro and her horse is Trigger !


                                  This is her dad who also rides like a pro with his horse Eddie !


              He wants  lots of photos from us of his wife , himself and daughter .  His wife who is another good rider wasn't there this weekend !

We had quite a few people stop and watch our photo DVD we had going , they took some of our business cards , that's a good sign and some even want to order their photos !

There are two show rings and as one event is going on they set up the other in the next ring and it goes like that all day ! Papa and I do a lot of walking from one end to the other to take our photos and it’s soo worth it ! I just love watching and photographing these beautiful powerful animals in action with their riders !

Again Papa and I took lots of photos of each event and had a good day and I always get to cuddle a horse or two whilst there   Open-mouthed smile !

Some of the riders I cant show their photos because we haven't yet been able to see if they would like to sign a model release form so we can use their photos ! Next time we will !

             All of these riders , horses and staff are very kind and friendly a great bunch !

                                        It was a great day despite the heat !

                                    Until next time hope you have a good day !

                                           Country Gal

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hot, Humid & Getting Ready !!


The weather is still hot and humid here during the day , it makes it not so nice to be out and about . Early this morning whilst it was cooler Papa and I set up our screen tent to see if it is still usable since the last time we have set it up was 5 years ago when we went camping ! It’s a fairly good size , 12 by 12 . It only takes 5 minuets to put it together and can open up from the front and back  !

                                                   Yup screen tent is in good shape !

                        Old photo from when we went camping so long ago !  I was cooking lol !

Restoule June13_21 002

    So we took it down and put it in the van with a table and chairs as we are going to our horse club tomorrow to take more photos of horse and rider in the events and we decided to set up the screen tent  there  to keep us shaded and others whilst they browse our set up  as it is to be hot again tomorrow . They have hydro there so we will have our lap top hooked up to a monitor  with a slide show of our photos , cards , print outs and  info of our photography  . Some of the club members have seen our photos of them and want to order some photos from us  either framed or unframed , on a DVD or how ever they would like them done, this will also give others a chance to see our work !     What a great way to spend a day with nice people , beautiful horses and photography !


                                Some of the riders like to warm their horse up before the events !

                                    Until next time stay cool and have a great weekend !

                                                 Country Gal

Friday, August 24, 2012

Refinishing Tables


We got these two nice end tables from Papa’s mom & dad . Papa wanted to refinish them and put a design on them and change the draw !


                                                This is what they look like as is !


                And this is what one looks like now . He still has some staining to do and touch ups !


                 The top is an inlay of leather . Papa decided to leave that as is !



                                       This below is the design he put in on .


               The photos don't really show how lovely of a job he did with the detail and refinishing !


                                                            Papa it looks great !

             I will be taking photos of the two tables once he has refinished both and stained them !   

              He does a great job with all of his wood work   and comes up with awesome ideas !

                        P.S  Thanks to all of you for Miggy’s birthday wishes on yesterday’s post !

                                      Until next time   , hope you all have a good day !

                                                       Country Gal

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Misty AKA Miggy



Three years ago  we brought this fuzzy little girl home with us from a dairy farm . She was one of 8 brothers and sisters and was the cutest one and she sat under my chair whilst  there and leaned into my leg , looked up at me with those still teddy bear eyes with a blue huge in them  and that was it  we fell in love . The blue huge she has in her eyes gave her the name Misty , Miggy is a nick name she really likes .   She cuddled in a blanket on my chest and snuggled her nose on my shoulder and into my neck on our way to her forever home with us .

 MISTY 065

This bed now is way to small for her ! But then it was way to big for her . Isn't she soo cute ?


                               All though quite tattered she still has this toy today !


                       And still loves to bug her sister  and now vice versa !


                       Also Miggy still loves to sleep upside down !


The wonderful thing is she hasn't changed a bit in her character very loving and always happy to see others and friendly to all  . She still loves to sleep upside down , still leans on you , loves to play with her toys , cuddles up with us , loves to get belly rubs and to be mauled by the kids and us and loves to go for walks and car rides  .

                       You are our sunshine  Miggy   Happy Birthday  we love you !

                                            Now get out of Mama’s garden lol !

                                                   Country Gal

Wednesday, August 22, 2012




        To  the  most  wonderful  hubby  in  the  world   . You are my  shining star , my  best  friend  my  soul mate  my everything ! The love of my life !


                                         I love you with all my heart and soul  !

                                Happy Anniversary Papa !

                                          Red heart   XXXXXOOOOORed heart

                                    Country Gal

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just Around The Corner !


The nights and mornings are cooler the air is fresh and sweet , Veggie gardens are filling our plates and bowls  with yummy colors , flavour's  and treats !


             The cherry tomatoes are from our neighbours who happen to be my in-laws and the cucumber from a guy at Papa’s work !  Don't they look YUMMY ?

I got this cute little jar from my mom in- law for looking after their dog whilst they are at work !


          DSC_1714                      The cooler weather has brought back the Blue Jays who hoard at my feeders !


       DSC_1725           It also brings out the critters more to feed and store for the winter , which in turn makes it a fun game for Miggy to chase them as they scoff down the seeds !

                                         Miggy stays busy all day treeing the squirrels !



   And telling them off  even though the feeder is for them , helps keep them off the bird feeders !


                                  Then returns to the patio with a proud look on her face !

             Fall is around the corner on September 22nd and will all be busy with Harvest ,decor and new colors, as the leaves are already changing and starting to fall and getting the fire wood ready for those chilly days and nights  !

                                       Until next time hope you have a great day !

                                            Country Gal