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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoying The Day


Yesterday was a nice day with warm sun and cool breezes . After Miggy and I went for our walk I decides to sit quietly with my camera and take photos . Now when I say sit I mean more or less squat down under the tree that the birds like to occupy and feed from their feeders . This tree in our yard has berries on it so they love to scoff them down as well .


    I was practically underneath this little guy  above photo looking up ! They will get so close to me as I am photographing another how close you ask ? with in inches of my face ! The hummers here seem to like to perform for the camera and zoom all around me as if to say NANA ! you cant catch me ! They are very nosey to !


                               This little guy was more interested in the cone flower !


I love photographing hummers they are quite a challenge and they love to play with you !



                Our Nuthatch has returned there are two of them , guess fall must be a round the corner !


Butterfly up in the tree warming in the sun! Did you know butterfly’s have to warm their wings in the sun so they can fly ? 


                              I have to take a photo or two of Miggy whilst I am out there !


                                           Mr Dove keeping an eye on me !


                                                                                    Lunch time !


This is the tree the birds like and as you  can see I have lots of feeders there . I finally couldn’t squat down and lean against my shed any more as my legs felt like they were in knots as I was there like that for an hour or so ! Then I got my little stool over there on the left of this pic as my chair I use was in the van and at Papa’s work ! Once I got my stool in place I sat for hours just watching and observing the birds and taking photos . I must have been there for hours , that's me , I can sit watch and take hundreds of photos of them for hours !DSC_2161


        This is how nice the day was weather wise cool breeze warm sun ! The nights and mornings are becoming chilly and dewy now !

                       Praying  for all who are getting hit by the big storms in the states stay safe !

                                        Until next time Hope you all have a nice day !

                                                       Country Gal


MTWaggin said...

Nice shots of the hummer with the cone flower. I so enjoy the photos of them in their element not necessarily at a feeder. What a lovely day.

Crystal said...

neat shots of the hummer, I sure like them too they are so funny and so quick

Lois Evensen said...

You got some fantastic shots. Love the hummers. :)))

Faye Henry said...

Oh my, Elaine.. You need to enter these in a contest somewhere.. smile.. So lovely..
Blessings, my friend..