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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Look Who’s 6 Today !


                     Our Misty  AKA Miggs , Monkey butt ,  Miggy moo ,  Boo Boo lol   .  Yup she is 6 years old today . 6 years ago we got this tiny pup that took our hearts then and still does to this day  with her big doe  teddy bear eyes and her  propeller tail wag  and many characters she has .  Miggs was a feisty thing as a pup full of energy and still is and she just loves every one she meets and loves to meet new friends ! Miggs loves going to dog parks , dog beaches , going to see horsey friends and  she loves to play fetch all though  she does fetch but we have to chase her to get the toys lol but all in fun  and her game and we love to play . Miggs loves her daily walks and to cuddle with her teddy  or one of her many stuffed toys she has or her sister from time to time and loves to cuddle with Mama & Papa  ! Miggs has been a very vocal girl from day one and will talk to you when the time is fitting for her . She loves her treats and will do any trick for them .


       She had gone through so many different looks as she grew we never knew what type of dog she would look like , when she was a few months old she looked like a Shepherd  then as she got older she looked like  a Schnauzer then she looked like well who knew at this point lol .   As she grew and got bigger and her features matured more she took on the look of a Bearded Collie and Wheaton Terrier by her coarse shaggy coat  and  with a bit of Golden Retriever by her body shape  then maybe a Husky as she puts on weight and her coat thickens up  in the winters and how she  loves to lay in the snow for hours , then we also figured she had to have hound in her as she serenaded the neighbourhood if Papa and I had left the house with out her even for just an hour  , we have heard her and yup she sounds like an old hound dog lol !




               Our Harley didn’t know what to think or make out of this pipsqueak  but they turned out to be good friends .

MARCH 2014 (5 of 22)

APRIL 2015 (3 of 22)

JULY 2014 (11 of 41)

December 2013 (8 of 8)-2



                                  She loved playing in the leaves as a tiny pup and still does to this day !


OCTOBER 2014 (24 of 50)

Miggs has always loved posing for the camera to and she will actually roll and moan and groan at you to get your attention  if the camera is not pointed at her  as she is watching to see if I am looking her way and believe me I have literally thousands of photos of her  and each time a different yet funnier character shows in them  , she really is quite the fun dog  and she knows how to make us laugh as she loves to be goofy .She really is a wonderful photo subject , even if she is upside down lol 

OCTOBER 2014 (40 of 57)

APRIL 2015 (38 of 64)

               Miggs loves the dog beach and likes to meet others and make new friends where ever she goes !


miggy meets horse (1 of 1)

   Miggs is our best friend our sunshine every day . Back in 2011 Miggs had reconstruction knee surgery and she was laid up for a few months whilst in recovery and she was a trouper and always soo happy  we thought she would have problems walking or running  but nope all is good even better and you cant even tell by the way she runs , jumps , plays and chases the critters in the yard and all the long walks she does with me . Miggs is a star and the star of this blog from the day I introduced her to all of you  and can you see why ? what a happy go lucky , fun loving  girl she is  she loves to play and supervise in any project we have going to lol !.

OCTOBER 2014 (44 of 57)

Miggs loves to snooze on her swing on the patio porch and has always slept with her tongue out right from a tiny pup !

MAY 2015 (11 of 38)-2

                                              A Miggy collage of her ever changing looks over the years !

Miggy Collage over the years


        We Love you , from Mama , Papa and  Harley




Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Oh my, how she has changed through the years- but always looks happy and content. Have a great day Miggs.

Anvilcloud said...

What a super collection of portraits of the birthday girl.

eileeninmd said...

Awww, Sweet Miggs! Happy 6th Birthday, Miggs!

Margaret Adamson said...

I do love your Miggs. She is special and you are very fortuntate to have her.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Miggs!

Gail said...

Happy Birthday, Miggs!

You have done a great job with this dog. Many do not think to socialize a dog. Good job, Mama and Papa.

Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday, Misty!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday to your Miggs! I enjoyed all your photos of her, she has changed over the years:)

Primitive Stars said...

Happy Birthday Miggs, you are one sweet girl, smooch!!! Blessings Francine.

The Furry Gnome said...

Sounds like the same kind of mixed mutt that Roxie is! In those early pictures she even looks a little like her.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I really love the photos of your girl and seeing how she morphed into the beautiful dog she is today that is full of character and spunk! Happy, Happy Birthday to your girl Miggs, who has truly captured the heart of people like me!!!

Linda Kay said...

Happy birthday to my very favorite bloggy dog! Have a great day Miggs.

William Kendall said...

Happy Birthday, Miggs!

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday Miggs!!! Hope you have a great day! Love the photo of her in the leaves! xx

Jen @ The Light Laughed said...

Hard to believe that the cutie Miggs was once such a small puppy.

Happy B day Miggy!


Pamela Gordon said...

Happy birthday to Miggs! What a sweet pup and you have so many cute pictures of her over the past 6 years. I hope you have a great day!

Janneke said...

Oh, I almost missed this wonderful post about Miggs growing up over the years, she is such a cute funny dog. Great pictures and a belated Congratulations with her 6th birthday.