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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WOW ! Flooding Everywhere !

We had tons and tons of rain and lots of snow still had to melt and the temps reached a record breaking 16C or 60F all in a day yesterday and the rivers are flooded and ice jams all over . Our river here the Otter river has also flooded , main street in our valley village is all flooded out as the river runs along it and are the houses that are on the river bank . Pics here are  courtesy of one of our neighbors .

 This above pic is our main highway 19 that goes through our little main part of the village it stems from the river at the back all the way up the road and all across the little parquet to the right of the pic.
And streams down over a block through all the houses and yards on the river banks  , the river is behind this house. Back in the 1800's a flood washed out this lower part of our valley village and it was evacuated for months . History seems to repeat its self I think .

                  We just had a few puddles all over our yard and our lawn was gushy and squishy.

                                          Things are starting to dry out in the yard now .

 We did get a small flood in our basement or rather the crawlspace , these old farm houses dont have basements per say lol ! from the over flow around the house as it was just so much snow melt and rain in a short period of time  but we are on much higher ground then our poor neighbors in these photos and Papa was able to get our little flood under control  and now we are drying our little crawlspace basement out thankfully our new  furnace and water heater are ok  , to top it off  we lost power for a while to so we had to do what we could till the power came back on which thankfully was only off for a few hours . Time to invest in a sump pump and weeping drainage so this never happens again .

On a happier note I heard a Robin and a Red winged  Black bird earlier today and Spring is  four weeks away WOOHOO ! and Miggs well Miggs is doing better and better each day getting stronger and able to walk better each day as well so  another WOOHOO ! 

We enjoy our little walks about the yard more now that she can walk better , still has to be on leash and we are going for our little walks up the road to the corner by the field about half a block that is  as much as we can get out there weather permitting  , after we get home Miggs rests and I massage her leg and shes good to go for the day .

Weather is to be sunny tomorrow and warm up a bit so all this wet will have time to dry out more but the temps are to drop over night tonight . I hope all this water around our valley village doesn't freeze. 

                                                                  Until next time 
                                                                              Country Gal 🌼




William Kendall said...

Yikes on the flooding. Our temperatures didn't quite go that high, so we've still got a good part of the snowpack around, and I doubt we're done with snowfalls yet.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We had lots of rain too and rapid melting. We don’t have the flooding you do, hope it subsides soon.

Anvilcloud said...

We had lots of rain but it didn't get as warm here. I didn't hear of much flooding