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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I started blogging  May of 2010 and have 192 posts, WOOHOO !  I didn’t realise this till earlier today when I was doing a few small changes. I some times find it hard to post something every day, I mean there's not always something going on or nothing to thrilling worth telling lol I could just ramble on about nothing but even then I get bored of hearing my own thoughts lol the odd photo maybe here and there but words some times just aren’t there and Papa says that's unbelievable were I am concerned lol he says I always have something to say lol. I can be very out spoken when I want to be, always tell it like it is and very blunt, sometimes a good thing and some times not. I used to enjoy creative writing when I was younger and could write for ever but these days I seem to have a writers block or its just my memory is going  and forget it all by the time I start to type hahaah ! Ya that's it, I call  that a sometimes moment not quite ready for the phrase senior moment yet, don't rush me on that one , I am already finding myself forgetting things , like when you know you need something specific in another room go there and by the time  you get there  your  like , okay what did I come in here for DUH! I hate that when that happens cause then I find myself chatting to my self about it all out loud, come on I know you all do it from time to time, or try to put the milk in the cupboard  and catch yourself at it or go to give the cat the dog food and the dog the cat food ya ok to much info there lol ,I  can’t be the only one that has done that or find myself doing it more often then I’d like to admit I maybe brave enough to admit some of it but hey no skin off my nose if I declare insanity some time or other. I am a thinker and sometimes my brain goes faster then my fingers here, that could be dangerous. I mean I never really claimed to be all there anyways  or my heads just in the clouds and it’s to foggy . What ever works I say. I mean I am surprized I remember my head if it wasn't for the fact that it’s screwed on, oh wait is it? Yup we're  good ! Sorry got side tracked, my mind wonders sometimes and my fingers follow . So as I was saying before 192 posts , that's not  to bad if I must say so myself , ya ya ok so I sometimes give me a pat on the back,  heck someone has to, Papa cant do it all the time lol. Here’s to hopefully hundreds of more posts, I cant guarantee they will be all that and a bag of Dorito's but I will try  !  mmmmmm Dorito’s  ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What was I sayin Oh yeah sorry got carried away there !

                                        Hope you all have a memorable  day ! hehe !

                                            Red roseCOUNTRY GALRed rose


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You have done well to post that many times. I find I can only post about once a week. I try not to be on the computer to much because I won't get anything done. I tend to procrastinate and in no time the house is in a shambles. Also working full time leaves me with just a limited amount of free time.

fernvalley01 said...

Congats on coming so far. And post what you wnat , when you want ,I am sure we will love it