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Friday, February 18, 2011


The weather is warm today   +8  that's about 48 degrees, that's warm for us considering it has been in the minuses for quite some time. It has been raining on and off and is as foggy as heck but most of our snow is gone and it’s nice to  see green grass woohoo mind you it is mucky and muddy but again I see green grass woohoo ! All the birds are chirping , chatting and squawking up a storm out there cause of the warm weather it’s so noisy out there I have to come in for some peace and quiet ! Right now I see the sun trying it’s best to peek out from the clouds and the fog, come on, come on, just a bit more yayayayayaya made it !Oh Mr sun, sun, Mr golden sun ,please shine down on me !SunNow the sun is smiling upon us Smile and the clouds and fog are disappearing WOW that was fast , it must know its a good day for us today ! I love the sun so warm and bright and makes everything better !

The best part of today is we are going to get our Miggy later this afternoon WOOOHOOOO ! Miggy’s coming home , she’s our sunshine Dog faceSunwe cant wait to see her and get her home all comfy cozy were she belongs with Papa & Mama , I think even Harley will be happy to see her even though she really doesn't have or want much to do with Miggy ,Harley pretty much ignores her except when Miggy comes up and noses her to play whilst Harley is napping on her scratch post , it will be good to get our Country Cove back to normal !


                                      Hope you all have a wonderful Sunsunshiny day !

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Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Welcome Home Miggy! So happy to read she's doing well ... they're like our children and when they're injured or sick, it's awful.

Rob said...

A missing dog leaves a big hole in a family.

Lorilee said...

I'm glad to hear that Miggy is coming home. We've been having warm weather all week. It has been cloudy and windy. I am ready to wear shorts again!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you got your Miggy home safe and sound and are spoiling her! :)

Heritage Farm Village said...

so glad your sweet miggy is coming home, good luck with rehab!