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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Miggy was born August 23rd 2009 on a dairy farm. She was one of 9 pups. Her mother pushed them away and the owner couldn't look after them all so we got her at 6 weeks old which is to early but I didn't want her to go any were else . We picked her up on October 7th 2009.

223  Because of all this she suffers from separation anxiety and we have to put her in a large cage when we go out because she is a chewer and will take her feelings out on our things  for being away from her .She does well in her cage with her bone to chew and we are never very long. We try to take her with us as much as we can.

Our Miggy loves to sprawl and stretch out on her couch. Its an old couch so we don't mind .DSC_0001          She walks up to the couch and just parks her dumpy on it and sits there.


She likes to curl up in it as well when she is cold which is very rare she’s always panting and we don't keep our house hot ,as a matter of fact our house is an old drafty farm house by old I mean it was built in 1895 before it was a farm house it was an old school house. Miggy usually ends up oozing  off  of her couch literally cause she's still half a sleep and  tootles over on to the hard wood floor in the kitchen cause she is to hot . She is a funny dog, lots of expressions with her big brown eyes and the way she tilts her head and perks her ears when you ask her something, when she wants something she sits in front of you  and puts her paw up on your lap and stares you right in the eye then has a pitiful look in hers .If you pretend to ignore her she puts both paws on your lap and sits right up on her hinds right in front of you. When she loses her ball under the furniture she makes a sound like Chew Boca from Star wars, she grumbles just like he does ,so now I can get her to just do it by saying let me here Chew Boca and she does it. She also has this thing about having her stuffed animal in her mouth and pushing the ball around the house with it , its funny to watch . She shakes a paw then will give you the other, then a high 5 and then both paws for high 10,  she walks on her hind legs and dances with you or on her own for a treat ,she says please with a quiet woof and if you say pardon she does it louder  , she asks to go out by a woof  and to come in. When she comes in if she is mucky or snowy or wet from rain we have a towel down and as soon as she gets in the door we say on your towel and she jumps on it and sits down waiting for us to dry  and clean her off  with the second towel .   She gives one front paw then I say next and she then gives me the other, then I say back paws and she stands for me to clean them and if she is really mucky we have to dry her face, belly and the back of her legs that are so furry we call them her knickerbockers cause  she looks like she is wearing  knickerbockers ! Her true name is Misty but she has many nick names and she responds to them all, they are :  Miggy moo, Miggs, Miggus , Monkey butt, Miggy mutt nick, and Booboo and when she's out side running like a mad dog we say “crazy dog” and that makes her run faster.When we want her to follow us we just say “ lets go” and she runs full speed to us. She is very routined and she tells us when its bed time and  sits on the stairs till we say ok night nights time .I have a bird clock in the kitchen and when it chimes  the Canadian Goose sound at 5 o'clock  in the evening she  tells me its her dinner time , we call that her sup sups  time. After she has her dinner she comes in the living room and literally wipes her face  by rubbing it on the carpet one side at a time and it looks like she has put her entire body in her dinner the way she does it full body wipe at times lol  she will also do it if you tell her to .She loves going in the truck and all you have to say is “truck ride” and she goes nuts and jumps in. She is our sunshine and our best friend , she loves to play with Papa and myself  fetching and running and she is a big suck and loves to cuddle up with us. She loves to go boating and to the beach , swimming , fetching sticks and going for walks and loves to play with her doggie friend Shadow . Miggy and Harley our cat tolerate each other but when Harley hears Miggy asking to come in she meows to let us know . They some times play but Harley is a typical cat and doesn't want to be bothered. I could go on  more about her  but I think I have already lol .Miggy is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever had .She’s smart and very loyal ,very loving and she loves people and always wags her tail like crazy upon seeing them. When Papa comes home from work she goes ballistic with excitement that he is home.

                                                      We love our Miggy





                                            She’s our Country scruff  and our sunshine !

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From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

She has the most beautiful eyes. What a wonderful dog. I love how our dogs love us back.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, who couldn't love a face like Miggy's - what a charmer she is. As for separation anxieties, friends of ours have a dog that is so used to her routine that she has started having "accidents" because their schedules have chenged in recent weeks. They are hoping these habits can be eliminated with some retraining. And they do not go out for long periods as well.

fernvalley01 said...

What a lovey and lucky dog! so glad she found you guys as her folks! Winston comes in wet ,I just say sit , then "roll over rover " so I can dry his other side and feet. With Skeeter ,it is a big game , "we are gonna steal your dirt!"

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

LOOK at those eyes! Oh my ~ adorable

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Ooooohh I am in love with Miggy!!! Thank you so much for visiting me at my blog today, meeting Tess and entering Miggy in her doggie bloggie giveaway... please come back and post another comment for Harley who I see on your sidebar!... it is for all of God's precious little creatures, not just doggies... what a wonderful home you have made for them!... signing up as a new follower!... xoxo Julie Marie

Gail said...

Who wouldn't love that face!!!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a sweet face she has, her eyes are just gorgeous.
I once had a similiar looking dog named Lucy, a gentle-spirited dog, afraid of her own shadow.
Miggy is well-loved that is obvious !

Janet said...

Miggie is adorable, too. We used to have a little dachshund named Nippy. When they look at you with their big eyes, you give in to anything.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Miggie is a beautiful girl and a very lucky girl to have such an interesting life and people who understand her!