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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WOW ! Humid & Sticky


Each day it seems to be getting more and more humid . It has been very  foggy in the mornings as the air cools a bit over night then heats up fast as day breaks  but makes for interesting sunrises and sun sets  as the sun try's to shine through the steamy muggy air .

                                                                Yesterday’s sun set !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (8 of 10)

SEPTEMBER 2015 (5 of 10)

   Miggs and I have been able to get out in the mornings but come 11am  we are in for the rest of the day in the cool it is way to humid out there  .

So  , September already eh?  This summer has gone by soo fast  . Long weekend coming up for us here as Monday is Labour day and all are off, then  come Tuesday all are back to work and the kids are back to school  . I remember the first day back to school after the summer vacation , all the kids excited to see what teacher they have who is in their class and my favourite the ride to and from on the bus . We have the bus pass us every morning here and every late afternoon , brings back memories every time I see it and hear the kids on it when the windows are open .

                The gardens are slowly coming to an end as some flowers die off and others are still thriving .

AUGUST 2015 (19 of 51)

AUGUST 2015 (42 of 51)


         But this humidity is brutal for them and for us , funny thing is humidity is moister is it not?  and one would think they would be hydrated enough with all the humidity we are having but the sun takes care of that by drying it all up as it all rises to the sky  , so I have to water them every other evening .


Miggs stays in the shade on the patios where it is cooler in the mornings and watches the yard . We have a lot of feral cats about the yard and valley still have done for years  as they try to peg off the birdies at the feeders but Miggs chases them off . I feel sorry for the cats but they are being fed by neighbours so they aren’t going hungry  , there must be at least 9 generations of them out there  and our Harley is one of them and the in laws have two and my sister in law has two as well .

AUGUST 2015 (8 of 18)

Well that’s about it for me , things are pretty quiet here as the heat and humidity continues and being out there just wipes me out  , at least the birdies have their shaded water fountain  to drink and cool off in  and food to snack on and hedges to  take cover from the sun as well as the hummers have plenty of shaded sugar water in their feeders  and we can stay nice and  cool inside ,  so all is good   here at Woods Country Cove .

                                                                                   Until next time .

                                                                         Country Gal


Elizabeth said...

Your flowers are beautiful ! It is hot here in Florida! I am so happy that September is here that means nicer weather is on the way!

William Kendall said...

Harley has the right idea... stay indoors!

Hopefully this is the last hot spell of the season.

Pamela Gordon said...

I love getting heat and humidity in September. Summer's last blast! :) Your flowers are still looking beautiful. Our neighbour drives a school bus and it arrived in his yard today. School doesn't start until next Tuesday here. I wasn't on a bus route when I attended school so walked with friends and siblings all those years. I was nice and trim in high school! LOL Have a good evening.

Martha said...

These are such lovely images you have taken. It is very hot and humid here, too. I can't wait till it cools off. This sticky weather is so tiring!

Faye Henry said...

Come to the East Coast, Elaine.. We had a bit of heat on today.. LOL.. Love your pics, as always.. xo

The Furry Gnome said...

Same hot humid hazy weather here.

Jane and Chris said...

Harley does not look impressed with the heat...our bunch have ice cubes in their water to keep cool,and a large fan on the go. I don't mind the heat at all,but then, I don't have a fur coat!
Jane x

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Your garden blooms are gorgeous and Miggs is very wise to lie in the shade.

Janneke said...

Very wet here at the moment on the other side of the world, it is not really cold yet but we have a lot of showers and first signs of autumn are everywhere. I like the look of Harley, haha.

Linda said...

We seem to have more birds returns ng to the feeders. Another humid day so I'm working on some computer stuff. Stay cool

Amy at love made my home said...

Such a beautiful sunset!!! xx

Judy said...

Enjoy your last taste of summer...because fall is just around the corner! It is beginning to feel like fall herein the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for paying me a visit over at My Front Porch!

sweetbriardreams said...

Oh I HATE humidity, especially now that I am of a certain age and the radiator in my body has bust and doesn't know when to cut off. It won't be long before you can be comfortable again. Take care xx

RURAL said...

We've been hearing that it's so hot there, you poor guys. Oddly enough it's so cold here after all of that heat that the furnace is coming on.

Go figure...although it's supposed to warm up next week.


eileeninmd said...

Hello, we have lost some of the humidity but it is still hot. Beautiful sky shots and your flowers still look lovely. I always enjoy seeing your Miggs. Stay cool and have a happy week ahead!