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Friday, September 11, 2015

What A Nice Change !


In temps that is . Oh I am not complaining , just happy it is a lot cooler . The past day or so the mornings have been dewy and down to 8C or 46 F  that is chilly compared to what had been . I love the fresh cool air the smell of the land in it and the feel as I breath it in deep . The morning sunrises have been lovely yet different every time depending on the temps and the atmosphere .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (5 of 63)

Miggs and I have been loving this cooler weather for our walks means we can go the distance and not be hot , tired though by the time we get back as we walk for an hour or so .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (30 of 63)

                                                Snoozing in the morning sun when we get back from our walks  .

                                           Then Miggs gets her energy back and is in the mood to chase squirrels !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (8 of 63)

                                 This is her WHAT, WHO,  WHERE !!! look or  DID I MISS IT MUM ??? lol silly dog !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (11 of 63)

                                     I SEE HIM MUM HE IS ABOVE ME IN THE TREE , WOOF !!!

SEPTEMBER 2015 (16 of 63)

                                                     I WILL JUST LAY HERE AND STAY ON GUARD  look she has  !

                               Whilst Miggs was on guard I was watching this little fellow on the coneflowers !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (44 of 63)

                                    I can see you little Goldfinch !!!! as he hides behind it taking a bit here and there !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (47 of 63)

                                                          Good stuff eh ? as he looks at me munching !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (48 of 63)

              I watched  him for quite some time and took lots of photos but then he was done for now flew up onto the garden pergola wiped his beak off gave himself a shake,  looked at me one more time and off he went !

Then clouds rolled in and we had some much needed rain this afternoon and it has been raining on and off since ! I love photographing rain , puddles and rain drops !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (51 of 63)

                              The rain sounded so nice and was soo fresh smelling as it gently came down !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (55 of 63)

SEPTEMBER 2015 (58 of 63)

                                          Then after it stopped for a bit I went and looked for rain drops !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (57 of 63)

                                       Miggs enjoyed drinking the rain puddles  , she loves rain water !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (50 of 63)

Just before Papa came home from work  and we were on our way in for the day I saw wayyy up in this 60 foot tree across the field a fairly big bird sitting up top and was wondering what type of bird it was as I  already had an idea but just wanted to confirm it so I got closer and closer hoping he would stay put and hoping my 55-300mm telephoto zoom lens could possibly pick up at least some shape or feature of this bird to identify it at the distance I was from him  . All though it is farther then I would of liked it to be and higher up , I took a chance any ways .

                                                                             It is a Peregrine Falcon .SEPTEMBER 2015 (63 of 63)


We have a lot of these pray birds  here but they aren't seen much as they stay  deep in the forests , even I have mistaken them for hawks now and then  but as I have learnt that with the Falcon it’s head is smaller  as is the body then a hawks and the beak is stubby with a hook at the end of the top of it , I was able to get a closer look at the photo in Lightroom so that was cool lol !  Papa and I went out for supper at a nice little restaurant in the small  town of Port Burwell  off the north shores of lake Erie only a six minuet drive from us called The Lighthouse , to have a lovely English style fish and chips   YUMMY !  It was raining so I didn't get any photos of the place I will next time .  Any who I am off now as I have  cups of tea to make watch my  Coronation Street we fans call it Corrie St and relax for the rest of the evening with the windows open  listening to the rain and feeling the fresh cool breezes blowing in  . It is a nice change from sweltering  humidity .

                                                                        Until next time .

                                                                    Country Gal


Deb said...

Loved your photos, Elaine. The gold finch shots are wonderful. I remember the days ol Kane would accompany me wherever I went and the walk was never long enough for him but now he just goes for short walks and can't be outside in the heat at all. I miss the 'younger' days but I'm thankful he is still with us. He just finished a chicken with potatoes and veggie dinner. lol Yes, he's spoiled. Before we moved we had a special spot we went for fish and chips once a week. Delicious english style. We haven't found a spot where we are now yet but we'll keep looking. Nothing better, :) Rain is on it's way for the weekend and cooler temps. Hugs for Miggs & Harley. Enjoy, Deb

The Furry Gnome said...

Yes, give me the cool temps of early fall any day!

Martha said...

I love your photographs! They are awesome. And I'm also loving this cooler weather. I'm very happy that the high heat and humidity is gone!

Gail said...

The light in the top pictures is magnificent and love the rain shots too. You are becoming quite the professional.

We are cooler for two days, in the seventies. We had a small rain and the plants were dancing with joy.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, lovely pictures, love the Coneflowers with the Finch eating and of coarse beautiful Miggs. . The Lighthouse food sounded yummy, really nice to go out sometimes. Cooler weather here, I am loving it.Blessings Francine.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, awesome shots of MIggs, the goldie and the cool falcon. Love the raindrop images. A great post and wonderful photos. Have a happy weekend!

Anvilcloud said...

Nice series of pics of a good day. Yes, cooler is nicer.

William Kendall said...

The goldfinch shots really stand out well.

I'm happy for the cooler weather. We're getting the rain at the moment, though to be fair, we have needed it.

Linda Kay said...

Your photos are wonderful again today. I'll bet Miggs, being a bigger dog, does enjoy the cooler weather!

Janneke said...

It seems we have the same kind of weather as you have, love the chilly September mornings. The pictures of the goldfinch are wonderful. Miggs is always favorite, I love his expressive face.

Linda said...

Great sighting of the falcon. If only my eyes would see that far... but they will soon, after some cataract surgery. It was wonderful to open the windows this morning and listen to the rain. I've got lots done in side today so it has been an overall good day. We had a pair of cardinals with their young under the feeder this morning in the rain. I'm hoping the photos come out good.

Amy at love made my home said...

The mornings sound wonderful!! xx

Buttons Thoughts said...

Beautiful photos as usual, Oh this weather up and down thing is getting old:) Enjoy the cool I here the heat is coming back. Hug B