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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Bit Of Sun, Snow & A Lot Of Fun


The sky’s promised  some sun today and that they did early this morning  and into the late morning . So as I love the look of the early morning sun I took a few photos .

JANUARY 2015 (1 of 66)

JANUARY 2015 (6 of 66)

JANUARY 2015 (15 of 66)

           Then I took Miggs for a walk and Papa  did the snow blowing , when we got back from our walk Miggs wanted to play so Papa finished the snow blowing and played with Miggs in the snow . I was watching them and giggling as it was cute to see them both playing in the snow then I said hang on I need my camera , So I popped in grabbed my camera and had fun  taking photos of Miggs and Papa playing in the snow whilst it was snowing a bit and  as the sun popped out every now and then ! 

                WARNING PHOTO HEAVY !! I am so pleased at how good these photos  of them turned out ! More to add to my Papa and Miggs folder lol !

JANUARY 2015 (21 of 66)

This is Papa’s I'm gona get you to Miggs as she stands her ground teasing whether to give Papa her rope ball or not lol !

JANUARY 2015 (23 of 66)

                                                 She likes to take off when you go to reach for her toy lol !

JANUARY 2015 (25 of 66)

JANUARY 2015 (27 of 66)JANUARY 2015 (28 of 66)

                                         Miggs was trying to trick Papa into which way she was going lol !

JANUARY 2015 (33 of 66)

          This is Miggs shake, shake move to try and get Papa to let go  as all the fur of her mane like neck fly's lol

JANUARY 2015 (41 of 66)

            Papa gets her close him and gives Miggs a kiss on the head as she relaxes and lets go of the rope ball lol

JANUARY 2015 (42 of 66)

                                               Please Papa throw the rope ball ,I give you my paw !

JANUARY 2015 (44 of 66)

                                       Ready ? Papa is saying to her , Look at her concentration on that rope ball !

JANUARY 2015 (45 of 66)

   Go get it  Miggs !!! as she dashes after it lol ! Then she came back with it and teases Papa again with it lol !

JANUARY 2015 (46 of 66)

JANUARY 2015 (47 of 66)

             Papa is pooped out now, time for a rest Miggs !  I took lots of  photo series of this fun time with Papa and Miggs  .

JANUARY 2015 (66 of 66)

Well all done for now Miggs Papa is tired and time to go in for a bit as we have been out all morning . In the bit of sun , snow and having fun !!!! It has clouded over and we are in watching movies all cozy now  .

                                                    Joining in with Karen at My Little Home and Garden for Sunlit Sunday .

                                                                                           Until next time

                                                                                    Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Well that's good exercise for both of them!

Jane and Chris said...

Too cute!
Love the apples and jug shot.
Jane x

Pamela Gordon said...

Fun pictures Elaine! It looks like a nice morning there. I like the photo of the apples on the table. Have a good evening.

Deb said...

That last photo is simply adorable, Elaine. Frame-worthy, I'd say. Deb

Michelle said...

Love seeing that bit of snow. I am sure Miggs enjoyed this playtime!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What fun (and really good) photos that I can't help but smile at as I looked at each one--Even that squirrel looked entertained from its comfy seat! :-)

Anvilcloud said...

Nice photos all, and nice series with dog and man.

Janneke said...

That was really fun in the snow together. Great you had the chance to make so many pictures of the two of them. Last picture is most adorable.
Have a nice new week!

Crafty Gardener said...

An awesome series of photos and it sure looks like Miggs and Papa had a fun time in the snow.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello, greetings and good wishes.

Fantastic photos. I loved the game played by Papa and Miggs. Very entertaining.

Best wishes

annmarie said...

Great post - thanks for sharing your fun!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sunlit shots and the series with Miggs are fun!

Cristal @ Dapple Design said...

It looks like a very good day for a romp in the snow. I especially like your squirrel photo. Nice of him to pose.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you have a lot more snow than we do. Love all the photos of Miggs and Papa.

I am finally back to blogging.


EG CameraGirl said...

Miggs has a lot of energy! Fun to see. Hope you have not had too much snow dumped on you yesterday and overnight!

Lisa Tucker said...

wonderful photos and memories!!Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed it!

My Little Home and Garden said...

The string of photos featuring some playing in the snow are great! I like the action you caught in the second one.