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Thursday, May 13, 2010


I started getting into photography about 25 years ago . Back then I used a Minolta 35mm when you had to take your film in to get developed or do it yourself. I took thousands of shots back then. My hubby has been doing photography for 10 years using digital cameras. I stopped photography for some time due to not having much time on my hands, but now I am well back into it. I started up again now that digital is the thing. I had a point and shoot at first for some time and took some great shots, but just not happy with it,my photography bug wanted more lol so I bought a Nikon D60. I am still learning all its features but just love what it can do and how clear and sharp my photos are. My hubby has been teaching me the tricks of the digital trade as he  has the Nikon D90  and we both have plenty of different lenses to choose from between the two of us. Between the two of us we are what I call the SNAP HAPPY COUPLE lol. Both of us enjoy nature photography and hubby also enjoys his Astro photography of the stars ! I also enjoy photographing old buildings in black and white, I find that black and white photos of them tell the story and the history of the old buildings, takes you back into time when you look at the pictures. The only problem is, I need to carry my camera everywhere with me for I always see great shots to take when I dont have my camera, shots that you just need to take there and then cause they wont be there if I run back to get it lol the kind of shots that are the moment shots ! Hope all you picture takers out there have a wonderful snap happy day !

My camera - Nikon D60

The difference between the two camera's 
are his has video, 11.2 AF and live view!


Hubby's Nikon D90

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