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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miggs Snoozing


The temps are cold and the wind is blowing as the sun pops out every now and then through the clouds . Miggs and I went for our walk this morning and I heard a familiar sound for this time of the year , a flock of Tundra Swans flew over head , they are here for their migration , I got photos of them last year in flight but ya know me , I will have to get photos this year as well  lol  then  Miggs and I played out in the yard for a bit !

I came inside  started the wood stove and Miggs , well , she wanted to stay out side as she likes being out during the day ! The morning went past as I was reading all your wonderful blogs  then I went to check on her to make sure all was ok and this is what I saw.


Miggs fast asleep on the swing , one of her favourite places to nap when she is out side !


I took these photos of her through my kitchen door window . I had to walk quietly through the house  as she can hear the old farm house floors crack and creek when we approach the door . I got  my camera from the computer room where I keep it on my desk  .  I tip toed to the window with my camera in hand and was able to take these photos with out her knowing  or hearing me!

    I have an old bed of hers out under the porch by the kitchen door , her old puppy bed , she still insists sometimes curling and squeezing up in that as well ! Funny girl !

                                Until next time hope you all have good day !

                                          Country Gal


Jane and Chris said...

I've been taking photos of my cats snoozing today too! It's a miserable weather day here.
Stay cosy.
Jane x

Paulette said...

Miggs is the cutes dog, love the photos.

DeniseinVA said...

Oh she looks so comfy, wish I could curl up right next to her.

Muffy's Marks said...

bum~ Sleeping on the job, when she should be guarding the house. Awwww I still love her!!!

Gail said...

Sweet Miggy!

Patsy said...

Miggs likes the cool days with the sun beating down on her, I bet.

Faye Henry said...

Ahh.. that is so sweet.. What a dear dog you have..
She sure is loved, too.. xo

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Now this is the perfect way to spend a warmer afternoon...very smart dog!

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine...Glad I didn't miss out on seeing that cute napping Miggy! : )

Rambling Woods said...

It looks like the perfect place to nap..I envy Miggs..Michelle

Meg said...

Oh sweet Miggy. I love how much your Momma loves you and shares you with us so we can love you too, from afar! Such a lucky girl!!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elaine Miggs is such a cutie ... even though I am a cat person .. I think I am a little in love with your furry "kid" here ! LOL
Yes .. we had a hard frost last night and I turned the new heat unit on this morning .. I still can't wrap my head around how it works but I am glad it works the way it does !!
Kepp warm and keep sweet pictures like this of Miggs!

Honest Abe said...

I like the idea of her sleeping. Dogs must be all the same. Our Pepper Jax loves to be outside. It was 25º here this morning and he wanted to stay out longer.

Buttons said...

Oh how I wish I could sleep like Miggy.
The answer about the weed is no but I am sure my brothers could supply it if I needed it. Long story. B

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Wow, I can't believe these were taken from the inside, they are great! I so badly want to visit your area. One day, I am going to do just that! You always make it sound so beautiful!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I think we have Snow geese gleaning the fields here. They are so huge,hope that they stay that way.

Miggs just knows the best places to sleep...