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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today we have nothing much going on. The sun is shining,birds are singing the air is cold and crisp. Papa and I are just puttering around doing our own thing. No need to go to town for anything or have anything that has to be done right away. We don't have very many Sundays like this as we are usually busy every weekend both days.

Miggy is doing well, getting more mobile each and every day thank goodness . Harley is being Harley just laying around as usual. All is quiet at Our Country Cove.

                     So we leave you with a lovely spring poem that Papa found for me.


                                                    The Rules of Spring

                                      This spring, you must follow these rules
                                                In order to have success.
                             This spring, you must not break these rules,
                                       Or you will be trapped in stress.
                                  This spring, you must roll in the dirt
                                        And smear some on the doormat.
                                    This spring, you must get soaked in rain.
                                           All you heard was a faint splat.
                                 This spring, you must get green grass stains
                                       On the jeans you’ve had two weeks.
                                       This spring, you must watch baseball,
                                         But you cannot stand such freaks.
                                        This spring, you must hear birdies sing
                                              Before everyone awakes.
                                     This spring, you must feel weather, warm
                                          No more hints of soft snowflakes.
                              This spring, you must scrub your house clean
                                      And toss half the things you own.
                                This spring, you must spin the time forward;
                                            An hour of sleep long gone.
                                     This spring, you must miss school a week,
                                           A great freedom called Spring break.
                                       This spring, you must have striking fun
                                              Swimming in the still-cold lake.
                                      This spring, you must intently watch
                                            The season for all these things:
                                           Dirt rolling. Rain splashing.
                                          Grass staining. Freak watching.
                                           Bird singing. Snow melting.
                                          House cleaning. Sleep loosing.
                                           School skipping. Sun dancing.

                                         By : Sarah Mangan

colonial era wildflowers


                               Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you all have a great day !

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Muffy's Marks said...

Your daffodil picture is absolutly award winning. It looks like something I would see on a calendar. Kudos.

Gail said...

A wonderful poem, I agree with it!

Have a terrific Sunday.

Faye Henry said...

Hi Elaine.. I so love your poems and pics..
I called my Mom and Sister up and shared the I'm a Starling with them.. They loved it as much as I...
Blessings for the week...