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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been going crazy not being able to go out and do my photography for 2 weeks because of poor Miggy and her leg , but today she wanted to go out with me and sit to enjoy the morning sites and sounds. It was nice , sunny and a bit cool but fresh. The air carried the sounds of nature as it all echoed through the coolness. I also was able to get video with the sounds around us . Papa will help me with posting the video later as I am not to sure how to do that I am a bit illiterate were that stuff is concerned .


                                                 The colors just caught my eye!


            Bird on a wire , hahaha !           My favourite bird the Robin !



                                                          Canadian Geese in flight !


They usually do their rounds every morning and evening then settle in the river just down from us.




                                                      Miggy enjoying the sun  and fresh air!


                                     All having breakfast in the morning sun !


                                                 MMMMM Yummy !


                                     “   Cant seem to crack this seed “!!!!!!


               A starling, me darling, the misses, meself and the boys. One of my favourite old poems ! Me mum and I used to recite it together.

I'm a Starling Me Darling

We're starlings, the misses, meself and the boys,
We don't go round hopin', we walks.
We don't go in for this singing all day,
And twittering about, we just squawks.
We don't go in for these fashionable clothes,
Like old Missel Thrush, and his spots,
Me breast isn't red, there's no crest on me head,
We've got sort of, hardwearing...dots.
We starlings, the misses, meself and the boys,
We'll eat anything that's about,
Well anything but that old half coconut,
I can't hold it still. I falls out.
What we'd rather do, is wait here for you,
To put out some bread for the tits,
And then when we're certain, you're there by the curtain,
We flocks down and tears it to bits.
But we starlings, the misses, meself and the boys,
We reckon that we're being got at,
You think for two minutes, them finches and linnets,
You never sees THEM being shot at.
So the next time you comes out to sprinkle the crumbs out,
And there's starlings there, making a noise,
Don't you be so quick to heave half a brick,
It's the misses, meself and the boys!
Poem by Pam Ayres

Well that's all I have for today, I may go out again later when it is even warmer and see what I can photograph then , so that Miggy can get some fresh air and sun again.

until tomorrow when I can put a few short videos on.

                                          We  hope you all have a wonderful day !

                                                Red roseCOUNTRY GAL Red rose


fernvalley01 said...

A beautiful morning! and a great poem! Did you take that pic of the Cardinal ,just for me?LOL

Patsy said...

Great photo's!

Tiggeriffic said...

The starling poem was just perfect.. no more words to write ~ this poem tells it all in describing the Starling...
Great post this morning and enjoyed seeing the pictures.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:~)

Faye Henry said...

Oh Elaine.. I loved that poem.. Those birds always bug me for they are soooo greedy but now I think I like them...
Thank you so much .. I have never read that poem before...
Your pics are lovely as always...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoyed the sunrise photos, Elaine, and glad you and Miggy could get out for awhile.