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Monday, March 14, 2011


The sun is shining and the temperature is cool but nice. Miggy and I went out for a bit of a walk around, well I walked she hoped , but we both sat for a bit on the front porch just soaking in the morning sun and its warmth. I was so nice to hear all the birds chatter, chirp and sing with joys of spring in the air. Poor Miggy wanted to so badly go and run and frolic in the yard but she still cant right now as her knee cant take the unevenness of the ground just quite yet.But she was able to at least give the fresh air a good sniff, sniff. We changed the clocks forward for spring yesterday and its nice to have the sun set for now at 7:30 in the eve then slowly set later and later .Talking about clocks, I love the sounds of birds so much  I have a bird clock, it chimes a different bird sound every hour and the sounds are identical to the real birds.


I haven't seen my daffodil bulbs sprout yet but I am sure they will in a week or two. I am just happy that the sun is out for today and tomorrow and the temp is to be warmer. I have to take Miggy back to the vets later this afternoon to get her leg re wrapped . She is coming along very well . Any who I haven’t much else today I will try to see if I can get a video of the birds and all their lovely sounds tomorrow morning to post here.

                                            Hope you all have a wonderful day !

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Tiggeriffic said...

Yes, it's so wonderful to hear the birds singing.. This is the time of the year I get out my baby monitor.. That way I can hear them inside my house ...It's a wonderful sound.
The sun is shining here in Iowa and it's 33 degrees.. That is a nice temperature.. Snow has almost melted and that is good..
Have a tiggeriffic day ta ta for now from Iowa:)

fernvalley01 said...

I will start to appreciate the benifits of moving the clocks ahead soon.As soon as I wake up properly.I never do tolerate the change very well

West Side of Straight said...

A week of two before daffy's sprout through! How lucky for you! We are probably a month behind you! Still so much snow here! But today was nice, and it is suppose to be warmer yet this week! Our road had to be plowed out today - windy weekend blew drifts across, so cars couldn't get through. Our SUV could tho.
Have a great week, jo

Gail said...

Sounding like Miggy is progressing well.
Enjoy the warmth.