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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frosty Morning


The temp dropped last night and we woke to frost ! I looked out my front door and noticed my Daffodils had drooped . So I took a photo through my screen door !


                                      Then I decided to go out and take photos !


                I do like the look of frost on everything , especially in photos !


                        I love the way the frost twinkles like stars in the sun light !


                      Poor Daffodil was being held up by a twig ! They don't look so good !


                                 Miggy was having a ball whilst I was taking photos !


  Always with the tongue , she even sleeps with her tongue sticking out just enough to see the pink of it !


Has the feeder all to him self. yes that's duct tape on the feeder , it cracked at the bottom , it will do another year .


                                        Mr Robin suppin up his breakfast !


                                 He had just noticed I was there !


                      My  Lilac bush trying to bloom but the frost is holding it back !

We are to be having cold weather for the next few nights , all the summer type weather we had last week had forced  things to bloom and start to grow way to early and now I fear this cold snap will kill them all! I hope not !

The sun is shining and it is warming up the land . Miggy and I are going to go for our morning walk . I have house cleaning to do then I will be able to enjoy the rest of our day !

                        Until next time hope you all have a good day ! Open-mouthed smile

                                   Country Gal


MTWaggin said...

Hope you don't end up with any hard freezes that kill the budding and blooming. Mig as always is a cutie pie! Love the shot of the robin with his worm.

Muffy's Marks said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I hope your beautiful daffodils survive.

fernvalley01 said...

Spring is teasing us all it seems

Patsy said...

I hope you want lose any thing with the cold but I bet they can take it. Great photo's.

Ellen said...

Poor sweet daffodil. This may sound strange, but I'll be praying for your flowers. After all, they ar God's creatures too!

Red said...

Most of this stuff can handle quite a bit of frost. Now this morning it doesn't look very healthy.

Anonymous said...

Sure was cold this morning. My flowers are really not even up. The daffodils did come up and have now disappeared.

Pat said...

That looks like hoar frost. Cool shots. I love the one of Miggy running with the rope in her mouth!

Ms. ~K said...

Yikes, frost on the daffies!!!
I always enjoy my visits here!
Hugs and belly rubs to Miggy,

Tanya@takesix said...

Your poor daffodils! Hoping the sun warmed them up some. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your forsythia!

Nellie said...

We have already covered the blooms on our dwarf peach tree a few weeks back when the warmth had triggered their early blooming, and there was some cold weather that came through a couple of nights.

Meg said...

Beautiful! Glad to see Miggy is feeling better!


Crystal said...

Nice frost shots! I too like the look of frost on stuff, makes it look so pretty.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Elaine, we had some chilly temps the past couple of nights as well, but no frost. Our daffodils peaked last weekend and hopefully any still to come will be able to survive. No gardening or planting being done here until after our Easter family visiting.

Alica said...

Those are some great pictures of the detailed! I hope your lilacs still bloom...that would be a shame if they freeze. :(

Gail said...

Diamonds in the grass.

Hope none of your fruit trees were hurt by the frost.

Carol............. said...

It does look a bit chilly and you've captured some great pictures!

Nezzy said...

I've sure been holdin' my breath in this frost holler. I never plant 'till after May 15th down here and my lilacs are in full bloom!

Wonderful pictures as always sweetie, I especially love the lilac bud shot.

God bless ya and have a delightful day sweetie!!! :o)

Beth said...

what a beautiful morning. just gorgeous. lately when we wake up i smell a skunk & i'm afraid of getting sprayed ... how yucky that would be. what we enjoy by living in the country. ha. ha!! (: