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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Day Sun Rise


The sun rise this morning was beautiful for our first day of spring !  YIPPEE !!! Spring has Sprung .

It is to be sunny and a high of  24°C or 74°F .  Some people say the first day of Spring is the 21st and some say the 20th I have always known it to be the 20th so for me today is the first day of Spring !



                          Miggy was watching a stray cat across the field !


                  This forest  is at the top of our valley ! It circles around most of our valley !


                                           I just love the colour of the sky  here !



DSC_5345  Miggy and I will spend the day outside of course and go for our walk soon . Miggy is all better now Kennel cough all gone for good , she is back to her old self !

                               Papa is feeling better today and has gone to work .

  Waiting for my Daffodils to pop open they are almost there maybe some time today they will open !

      Until next time hope you all have a wonderful spring day which ever day you make it !

                                  Country Gal


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful photos!

fernvalley01 said...

24C is a spring day fro sure!

Anonymous said...

It is quite a transition on the sunrise. Nice photography.√

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Stewey said...

Happy first day of spring! Nice photos!

Crystal said...

I sure love the color of the sunrise! My calendar says today is spring so I am going with that :)

Patsy said...

Oh happy spring day!

Red said...

Like the sunrise shots. They're also hard to do.
What's this 74 F and spring? I don't get many summer days at that.

Ellen said...

You pictures are breathtaking. The sky is awesome. Give Miggy a hug and kiss from us here in Arizona.