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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old Man Winter Air Is Still Around


Miggy and I were up early again this morning , more like Miggy got me up cause she wanted to see Papa off to work at 6 am . After we said our goodbyes to Papa Miggy went out to do her business and I  got the kettle on for tea and watched a show I record  called Coronation Street or better known as Corrie . After it was over I got dressed and Miggy and I went for our walk . Old man winter just won give will he . The winds are blowing and are so darn cold yet the ground , gardens , trees and bushes are all ready to greet spring but old man winter just wont budge ! We started out with a pinch of sun me here thinking great a sunny day then poof its gone behind a low lying cloud  DARN IT !!!!  Now the sun is trying soo hard to shine through . The winds are cold making it  -1°C or 29°F so they say believe me it feels a lot colder then that !  We live not far from the north shores of lake Erie so we get the lake affect winds  but we had a nice walk regardless of the cold winds !


                         Miggy looking  a little wind swept ! Now that's a bad hair day !


Miggy doesn't mind the cold . I have a hard time getting her to come in during the day ! But it makes her happy and she has a nice warm bed under the porch by our kitchen door that she likes to cuddle up in .DSC_4681

                                     Or she just naps in the sun like this .

                          I am impatiently waiting for SPRING !

As I finished writing this post  the sun has just won over the clouds and has burned all the low cloud away !  YIPPEE !!! I can handle a sunny day cold or not !

                                Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                                     Country Gal


Patsy said...

Good for the warm sun to shine and give us hope that spring is sure to come.This morning a Robin is working on building her nest close to the house.

Red said...

You get the winds off the lake so it's a damp cold...very uncomfortable. Me I just get wind and every once in awhile it's a chinook and it's rally peasant.

Rose :: Fine Craft Guild said...

that dog must make you smile everyday.

thank you for sharing at the Wednesday party on our blog.

Honest Abe said...

We are supposed to get up past 50 today and at 5:30 AM it was already 50. I did notice leaves here and there on the honeysuckle yesterday. I see the maples are budding out and will shed most of that in the production of billions of winged seeds. This year I am determined to let some of them grow into mighty trees.