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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursdays Things In a Row


                           Fire wood that is not needed because Spring is here at last !



                  Purple clover in more then one row spread through out the grass !



                       The picket fence Papa built for between our two sheds !


                  Rows of wood chimes making a pretty sound in the breeze !


                    And rows of Daffodils that have opened for spring with a bright yellow smile !

                       Until next time Hope you all have sunny day !Sun

                                     Country Gal


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Great pictures of the same kind of day that we are having too! I hope you've enjoyed your Thursday!

Julie Marie said...

Beautiful photos!... do you call wild violets clover? whatever you call them, yours are beautiful!... and I LOVE your new header pic of Miggy!!!... xoxo Julie Marie

Faye Henry said...

Your photos are beautiful, Elaine.. Do you mind telling me if you took the ones of the purple violets this Spring.. We don't even have grass yet.. smile..
You must be much more south than New Brunswick..

Red said...

Your daffodils are the only sun I'll see today! Pretty fancy picket fence. My complements to the carpenter.