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Monday, March 26, 2012

Holly Molly It’s Cold !!!!!


By late afternoon yesterday the weather changed from chilly gloomy to warm and sunny  that was good. I was able to open the windows  and have them open all night , well  HOLLY MOLLY  did the temps ever drop during the night , I woke up this morning freezing . I quickly got out of bed BRRRR !! closed all the windows and cranked the furnace on . Boy oh boy that wakes you up quick !!! I checked the temp it was down to -1°C or 29°F the wind is making  it feel even colder ! Mother Nature is on the rampage again !   Hope my spring flowers will be ok in this cold snap . Watching all the birds puffed up with their feet tucked up under them looking cold , I feel as though I should knit them some woolly socks  poor little guys !


                           Even the Bunny’s and Squirrel's look cold this morning !


                           Even Miggy looks cold  but she likes it !


          At least the sun is out . I hope it warms up through out the day ! Strange weather once again  going from mild winter temps to  summer temps to winter temps again !

                                          Hey where did Spring temps go ?

                                   Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                       Country Gal


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Finally, I am able to get on your blog. Oh my, 29 this morning? Ya'll need to come hang out here until it warms up in your part of the world. It has been in the 70's and 80's here for about theree weeks now.
Your pictures are great!

Anna said...

Happy Monday, Very cold here in my neck of the woods. Hugs, Anna

Gone Country said...

I'm not so sure we're going to have very many days of Spring temps. We've had a few but it's been unseasonable warm with some even downright hot days here. I'm missing the Spring weather!

Have a great Monday and I hope it warms up for ya'!

Pat said...

A lot of people were spoiled with that burst of warm/hot weather for March! Now it's cool/cold again! Strange weather!

Nellie said...

We expect to be cooler here overnight, but nothing that will bring damage to the spring growth. Hope you have had nothing harmed by the cool down.

Patsy said...

It is very unsettling here to.

Stewey said...

Happy Monday! It's cold here,too, but it's sunny :)

Erika @ My Road to Savings said...

Oh that's not fun :( Last week we had more normal spring weather (rainy and in the 50's), but today it is back up to 80 again. It seems everyone is having crazy weather this year. Stay warm and hope you have a wonderful day :)

Red said...

There seems to be extremes in our weather. It also seems to be unpredictable.

Faye Henry said...

Hello my friend.. It is cold and rainy here.. Such a change from last week.. Oh well, guess we have to go with the flow.. smile..
God bless...

Gail said...

Sweaters in the morning and sweating by afternoon, spring is so unpredictable.

I am hoping our fruit blooms hold and we have a good crop.